Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cardinal O'Malley Rebukes Pope for Wanting Evidence Before Conviction

Many moons ago, Boston Catholics were relieved to hear Cardinal Sean O'Malley was appointed to the Boston see. Cardinal O'Malley had previously been assigned to the neighboring diocese of Fall River, whose reputation for faithfully catechizing its people was well known to us. We assumed teaching the practice of living every day in a state of Sanctifying Grace was done under the leadership of Cardinal O'Malley.

But, a few short years after Cardinal O'Malley's appointment to Boston, the catechesis was handed over to the dogs, the administration was filled with high-ranking Soros puppets from the DNC who surrendered Catholics schools and hospitals to apostates, forbade Catholic moral teaching and treated faithful Catholics shabbily.   

The Boston's Lavender Mafia finally received the traction and power Cardinal Law had been preventing. Cardinal O'Malley exhibited great hostility and contempt towards families who expected his administration to properly catechize the people we love.

He instituted a policy that priests would be removed upon ANY allegation of sexual misconduct, no matter how ludicrous.   Even if the accuser had no evidence and the accused had evidence exonerating himself.     The treatment of accused was vicious, malicious and violated civil, constitutional and canonical laws. The pastoral cruelty to accused was (and remains) exasperating.

(You may also recall that during the conclave to elect the Pope, the DNC's Soros puppets controlling Cardinal O'Malley arrived in Rome and began a public media campaign to pitch Cardinal O'Malley for Pope. It was a definite DNC politically-operated campaign in the media. The Holy See had to tell them to knock it off.)

I remember picking up the phone to call a few priests and lay leaders in Fall River to express my bewilderment at this 180 degree turnaround and asking them if Cardinal O'Malley had governed and shepherded Fall River to orthodoxy. I was consistently told that the orthodoxy had nothing to do with Cardinal O'Malley. It had preceded him. He was described as a weak bishop who would go along with the wind and it just so happened that the wind in Fall River was orthodoxy.

Given the kangaroo court Cardinal O'Malley put into practice and his treatment of accused priests, Boston Catholics were not happy to see his appointment to the Vatican's 'sexual abuse advisory board'. We had concerns Boston's kangaroo court would be instituted at the highest levels of Christ's Mystical Body. I haven't followed the internal politics of the 'sexual abuse advisory board', but a few years back when alleged victims placed on the board complained the Holy See would not implement their recommendations, I wondered if Boston's kangaroo court was getting resistance from just people in the Holy See.

When the malevolent and retaliatory allegations against Cardinal Pell manifested themselves, and Marie Collins, who quit "sexual abuse advisory board', responded by saying Cardinal Pell should have been removed years ago, my suspicions there was resistance to instituting Boston's Kangaroo Court in Rome were substantiated. Cardinal Pell had been exposing the financial corruption of malicious characters inside of the Holy See. Most educated and informed Catholics strongly suspect the allegations against Cardinal Pell were drummed up by the Lavender Mafia in Rome to obstruct justice and their removal. It fits the modus operandi of corrupt.  Frankly, he was lucky he wasn't dangling by his neck on a bridge. The people he was trying to expose are dangerous dudes.

Initial media reports on Cardinal O'Malley's influence in Rome suggested he served as one of Pope Francis top advisors. As this article notes, he and Pope Francis were in constant contact. Strangely, every time a faithful Catholic Bishop was accused of mismanaging sexual abuse complaints, Cardinal O'Malley fled into the public square to throw calumnies and slander about against the faithful Bishop.

This article also illustrates the associated but peculiar phenomenon of simultaneously defending spiritual abusers.

O’Malley was more direct in his comments on the investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, calling it “a disaster.”

Investigating 50 years of allegations of spiritual misconduct made by victims of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious came to a screeching halt. The coven of unfaithful apostate nuns were immediately enabled to continue the spiritual abuse of the multitude.

But, something strange is doing down.

Over the course of the past few days, I smell badly burned toast around Cardinal O'Malley's influence in Rome and the relationship with the Holy Father.

Pope Francis apparently told Chilean Catholics that not a shred of evidence has been presented to incriminate Bishop Barros of knowing a priest in his diocese was sexually abusing children and refusing to do something about it. He said if there was evidence, he would act upon it. But after diligent review, these allegations appear to be calumny and slander.

As I was yelling "Good for him!!!", what to my wondering eyes should appear?

Cardinal O'Malley "rebuking" Pope Francis!

"It is understandable that Pope Francis' statements ... were a source of great pain for survivors of sexual abuse by clergy or any other perpetrator," O'Malley said in the statement. "Words that convey the message 'if you cannot prove your claims then you will not be believed' abandon those who have suffered reprehensible criminal violations of their human dignity and relegate survivors to discredited exile."

Cardinal O'Malley thinks finding out if the accused is innocent or guilty and taking actions accordingly, can't be part of due process. The accused needs to be abandoned to suffer reprehensible violations of human dignity and relegated to discredited exile. This is his idea of justice.

This is definitely not a misunderstanding. This is how he operates.

As many Boston priests can attest, Cardinal O'Malley does not believe evidence of guilt or innocence should be part of the forum of justice inside of the Church. When a priest has evidence that exonerates him, the allegations are impossible - this is construed as a 'source of great pain' to the accuser making the false allegations. The priest must be robbed of his vocation, even when allegations can be proven to be false or there is absolutely no evidence to the incident took place.

Even one case of a substantiated and proven priest sexual abuser is too much. The Church ordained sexual abusers and mismanaged these situations, causing great pain and scandal. It was an abuse of power.

But the number of false and unsubstantiated allegations is overwhelming. It's over the top. And the treatment of these priests, their due process, is simply another manifestation of internal abuse of power.

It's possible I'm mistaken about the fractured relationship and power. All I can tell you is, when Cardinal O'Malley is challenged, he runs into the public square to throw you under the bus. When CJ and I, Boston Catholic Insider, Judie Brown and numerous other Catholics had to explain why he can't enter into a contract to outsource abortions or give the uncatechized the impression that a career of rabid advocacy of abortion does not obstruct one's salvation, Cardinal O'Malley took to the press to accuse us of "doing irreparable damage to the communion of the Church" and "doing a great disservice to the Church".

Rather than just admitting signing a contract to hire somebody to kill somebody else is "doing a great disservice to the Church", rather than going into the public square and saying politicians who use their power to advocate and advance killing certain groups of people "does "irreparable damage to the communion of the Church", he uses the media to accuse people exposing it.

Wasn't that the exact problem that led to protecting corruption?

Allegations must be substantiated and proven. Their credibility may not have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but information gathering has to come to a conclusion that there is a likelihood that something screwy was going on. According to Pope Francis, upon review of facts, there is no evidence incriminating Bishop Barros of enabling the abuser. To what end would a Catholic Cardinal run to the press to announce that the Church's disposition of accused persons must not be predicated upon examining credible evidence?

I don't mean to be unkind, but does he realize how absurd this is?

It's a violation of canonical law, civil law, constitutional law and most importantly, you are asking the Church to bear false witness against the accused by omission and commission.

If finding out whether the accused is innocent or guilty hurts accuser's feelings, that has to be dealt with pastorally. We don't obstruct truth and justice and mistreat another human being.

Truly bad behavior.

Jesus help us. We're a mess. A stinking hot mess.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pope conducts impromptu wedding on plane. I guess the Flying Elvises were busy.

So the problem with this, of course, is that this is yet another confirmation he wishes to teach that spouses are dispensable. The permanence of marriage is so insignificant, that one can literally get married without any discernment about compatibility, shared common goals.

Rob your family and loved ones of being present.

I get this was a convalidation, but the uncatechized are incapable of understanding the distinction, as one can tell by the secular media stories.

No guidance or catechesis or survival tools are necessary.  Rob the people who know and love you the most from advisory roles on conflicts they see that challenge permanence.  Immaturity, incompatibility, addictions.   There is no need to have a handle on what the Sacrament is and means and what you are promising when you make the vow.  It can be done outside of the Sanctuary, on a plane or in a public restroom.  Anyone who advises you differently-- be it a parent or a priest--is sourpuss who doesn't know Church teaching is the enemy of love.

And let us face it: the validity of an actual marriage under these circumstances would not survive canonical scrutiny.


Here is some information about the validity of conferring the Sacrament of Marriage outside of the Sanctuary.

In essence, it all comes down to permission, which is never granted. There are a few historical exceptions of deep-pocketed celebrities being granted permission.

This is also pertinent information on convalidation and radical sanation.

A spokesperson for the Holy See defended the validity.

Ed Peters doesn't seem convinced:

Burke also seemed concerned to defend the sacramental validity of the marriage, but misstated Catholic doctrine and law in order to do so.
“Doctrinally it’s ok because to be married the ministers are the people themselves, you just need a witness. There are a couple of other things, normally there are publications, and there are things that have to be passed over. But it’s perfectly legit and everyone’s happy,” said Burke.

Pope Francis performed on Thursday the first-ever papal marriage ceremony aboard the plane bound for Iquique, the final day of his Apostolic Visit to Chile!
Greg Burke, Director of the Holy See Press Office, said the marriage was "totally legit" and "doctrinally OK".
— Vatican News (@VaticanNews) January 18, 2018

American Canon Lawyer Ed Peters raised concern that the marriage was contrary to canonical form and may not be valid.

"Based on the reports...I cannot tell whether the ‘wedding’ that the pope put together for an unsuspecting couple satisfies Church requirements on marriage, and several other laws impacting the liceity of marriage seem simply to have been disregarded in the event," he wrote.

"As happened several times under earlier administrations, a representative from the Vatican Press Office assures us that 'everything was valid.' Such assertions by canonically unqualified and unauthorized PR staff carry, of course, no weight. Real questions worthy of real answers are still raised by this event," he added.

Peters said that "canonical form is still law for Catholics and that law goes to the validity of Catholic marriage."
The Code of Canon Law requires for marriages to be sacramentally valid that the vows of the couple must be received the local bishop or pastor or a clergyman or even layman to whom the local bishop has delegated the authority (can. 1108 §1) and must take place within a Catholic church unless a dispensation from the law is given by the requisite authority (can. 1118). The pope has the authority to dispense from these obligations.

Simulation of valid Sacrament does not seem out of the question. Will post more as experts weigh in.

More from Ed Peters.

The Pope is on his way to Peru. Could we see impromptu ordinations on a two-humped camel?

Common Core is Dead. Everywhere but the Archdiocese of Boston.

Even the pagan government recognized the stupidity of Common Core and abandoned it.

The only place in the uncatechized world that stupid can get perpetual traction is the Archdiocese of Boston.

They fill the Chancery with lay people and leaders who are alienated from Sanctifying Grace (for one reason or another), so when a stupid idea comes along, they can't see the stupidity.

The secular world has a saying - 'you can't fix stupid' - but Catholics who found their way to the Sacraments know better. We are survivors of our own stupidity. At one time or another, we've been to stupid and loved it. Every once in a while our own flaws, vices and temptations takes us on a nostalgic trip back to stupid. Only by Sanctifying Grace does our conscience remind us of what is backfiring around us and we run back to the Sacraments unchain our intellect from the effects of sin.

Sometimes we don't know how we got back to stupid. An examination of conscience comes up empty. We dig into the deep to find venial sins that may be contributing to stupid and we get them absolved. If that doesn't get us out of stupid, we recognize the principalities and powers may be at play and we bring in other prayers and sacramentals to overpower those forces.

One of my rudest awakenings was the realization that Chanceries are staffed with people who think Catholics with the sharpest skills of recognizing stupid are calling them about it because we think we are superior to them. They are completely unaware our mission is about fixing stupid. They either don't have access to the Sacraments, have abandoned them or they can't get over their inferiority complexes enough to realize that people who recognize stupid faster than they do, are the people who frequent stupid the most use the Sacraments to get out. Much more than they do. We thought we were on the same team but we most certainly are not.

We cripple ourselves when we are not aware of the spiritual world around us. But there's a problem when the government has to issue a cease and decease order on our own stupidity. And it isn't a little problem.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Romans Claim honor awarded to Lilianne Ploumen doesn't mean they support her crusades for abortion and birth control.

They can lie straight-faced.

The Vatican has said a papal honor given to a militant pro-abortion Dutch politician was standard “diplomatic practice” when someone is part of an official delegation with their head of state, and in no way was meant as a sign of support for her politics of abortion or birth control.

Remember the honor they gave to Trump?

Remember when the Holy Family honored Herod?

Oh wait...

Here's a description of the 'honor' bestowed upon Ploumen:
“the Pontifical Order of St Gregory the Great is conferred as a reward for services to the Holy See and the Church on gentlemen/ladies of proved loyalty who must maintain unswerving fidelity to God, the Supreme Pontiff, the Holy See and the Church.”

They must think we are stupid. If Ploumen advocated killing Catholic clergy, the Romans would acknowledge that what she does makes her ineligible for an award from the Holy See.

But Ploumen kills only children and robs women of salvation - victims they don't really care about. That's why they feel uninhibited to publicly display their homicidal bonding with proaborts. Ad nauseum.

That is the bottom line.

When it comes to politicians who advocate killing a certain group of people, robbing them of salvation, women and children are so meaningless to them, they are comfortable using the advocacy of the Holy See to make murdering politicians successful. That's why they are so attracted to communists like Che.

Killing poor or at-risk people decreases the surface population, helps the climate, therefore good comes from killing, it stops being a sin and unrepentant killers can go to Communion.

The Pope Francis/Roman crusades to overcome the 2000 years of the alienation of Herod and Herodias political is self-incriminating.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Wherein President Trump's Immigration Policy is more Consistent with Church Teaching than the Sitting Pope's.

Switching gears from the Romans to President Trump who has been knocking things out of the park.

The phony indignation is quite a show, isn't it. And they seem positively clueless that the endless blithering that everything we think and say is 'racist' was what led to Trump's election. Every time they pull a stunt, they dig themselves deeper into their rabbit hole.

Countless times during this pontificate, I've felt President Trump has been more helpful for the salvation of my family than Pope Francis. At times, I'd go so far as to say some of the crack pipes the Holy Father has been passing out have felt like spiritual sabotage.

This thoughtful article on immigration made the political chicanery of bishops and the Holy See stand out like a sore thumb.

I especially love these quotes from St. John Paul II:

It is important to remember the principle that immigrants must always be treated with the respect due to the dignity of every human person. In the matter of controlling the influx of immigrants, the consideration which should rightly be given to the common good should not ignore this principle. The challenge is to combine the welcome due to every human being, especially when in need, with a reckoning of what is necessary for both the local inhabitants and the new arrivals to live a dignified and peaceful life...

public authorities have the responsibility of controlling waves of migration with a view to the requirements of the common good. The acceptance of immigrants must always respect the norms of law and must therefore be combined, when necessary, with a firm suppression of abuses.

The bishops know you can't give what you don't have: I couldn't count the times Cardinal O'Malley has withdrawn benefits, services to hurting, sick and dying priests. (Information HERE and HERE)In fact, they stiffed the priest pension fund 74 million dollars.

They also screwed diocesan employees out of the pensions they earned (Information HERE and HERE).

The emperors have no clothes.

President Trump, in addressing his DACA rescission, aptly stated that “[w]e must also have heart and compassion for unemployed, struggling, and forgotten Americans.”

Richard's article brilliantly pulls together quotes from St. John Paul II that put the bishops to shame.

Some of the statements made by bishops when President Trump first announced his DACA decision minimized the severe Constitutional defect of the Obama executive order on the basis that the lives of real persons are adversely impacted in contravention of the principle of respect for the dignity and integrity of persons. So it was argued that it was not right to eliminate DACA without another remedy having already been put in its place. However, the constitutional concern is no mere legal nicety. In Centesimus Annus, St. John Paul II rightly recognized the danger of despotism, which can be properly addressed by the separation of governmental powers. He instructed that, in order to protect the freedom of all, “it is preferable that each power be balanced by other powers and by other spheres of responsibility which keep it within proper bounds. This is the principle of the “rule of law,” in which the law is sovereign, and not the arbitrary will of individuals.”

Strange times we are living in when the President of the US is more spiritually on target with Church teaching than Roman Catholic hierarchs.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Faith The Francis and the Romans Abandon

This post by Fr. H is a keeper.

I think Frank Walker may have started the term "the Francis". I took a shine to it. It's a perfect description. It isn't really about the Holy Father, God bless him -- but it describes the insipid culture he is trying to establish from the Chair of Peter as the path to salvation.

If you want a good illustration of the faith the Romans have abandoned, advance the video to 1.25 and let it rip. Spend the 15 minutes. Put it on while you're washing the dishes, preparing dinner, are on the treadmill. Do it.

There you'll find the church of the Francis and the reasons why we will fight it. Pope Francis brings to the table the internal corruption of a culture that excludes moral truth and moral reasoning. He is asking us to enshrine it as the light to embrace and follow.

Every numbnut ordained in the last 50 years is coming out of the woodwork to expose the vice that led them to their blindness to Truth and diabolical disorientation. The things they say and do scream of their own temptations and sins against the First, Sixth and Eighth Commandment. Hurling invectives towards those who decline their invitation, they compound their spiritual afflictions with sins against the Ninth Commandment.

The number of madmen and cowards in the priesthood and episcopal see is a sorrowful sight. But at the same time, the numbers that are resisting are exceeding my expectations. A lot of them are silent but they are there, just doing their thing at the local parish--sometimes a little enthusiasm than they were before the Francis. Maybe they see the writing on the wall and are making up for lost opportunities.

This situation inside of the Church indeed requires warriors who are born to stand out. The work we've done in the secular culture were kindergarten squabbles compared to the battles ahead of us. Now we face the devil in hand-to-hand combat for the freedom from sin. These are the days that separate the boys from the men.

During the Obama administration, we watched the enemy of Christianity advancing on many fronts. The Obama administration supported and funded ISIS ethnic cleansing of Christians in country after country. We watched the enemies of Christianity jockey themselves into forcing Christians to participate in doing harm to bodies and souls or lose their ability to put food on their tables. I heard many Catholics saying Obama is taking our freedoms away.

No way.

Jim's quotes from the movie Braveheart remind us that those who oppose Christ and Truth have no power to take away the freedom to practice our religion. Inside or outside of Christ's Church. I don't care who they are. They can take our ability to earn a living, feed and house our children, they can impoverish or jail us, can take away our positions, they can mock, lie, slander, threaten or even kill us. But our willingness to continue to stand up and say 'here are the list of reasons you are causing spiritual and physical harm to Christ's people and you will never force me to join you' IS the retention of freedom. If we fight a reigning Pope, so be it. Let it be done.

"Every man dies. Not every man truly lives. YOU, YOU, YOU. We all must fight for that authentic freedom and live, my friends. By God we must live. And with the Holy Spirit as your Shield and Christ as your Sword, may you join St. Michael and all the angels in sending lucifer and his henchmen straight right back to hell where they belong."

Friday, January 12, 2018

Schonborn Criticizes Veritas Splendor for Missing the Splendor of Deception

...and justice demands they come along to persuade consciences with lies!

Schonborn said the lies have made a big hit with people who want nothing to do with Christ and His Church:

Talking to the anti-Church German weekly Zeit (January 11), he admitted that with Francis a “change” has been perceptible in the Church. Schönborn believes that Francis is attractive for "many" who have "little to do" with the Church (and keep having little to do with the Church despite Francis).

That's a check mate fellas.

John 10.

Jesus answered them, “I told you* and you do not believe. The works I do in my Father’s name testify to me.

But you do not believe, because you are not among my sheep.o

My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish. No one can take them out of my hand.

My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all,* and no one can take them out of the Father’s hand

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Francis Bishop Urges Church to "Bless" Mortal Sins Instead of Absolving Them

Did you ever think you'd live to see the day when Catholic Bishops want to invent a ceremony for coveting thy neighbors wife?

What's next?

A liturgical ceremony for Thou Shalt Not Kill?

It is not out of the realm of possibility that we could see them telling bank robbers to stop by the rectory on their way home so the 'church' can 'bless' the stolen money.

And Catechist Kev brought this jewel to our attention:

"In comments to the Register last month, Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio insisted the Pope’s official endorsement of an Argentine directive on the issue did not contradict canon law.

The president of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts said it is true that “divorced and remarried (or cohabiting) cannot be admitted to Holy Communion because they are ‘in manifest grave sin.’”

But he added that there are “divorced and remarried (or cohabiting) who have the intention to change their condition but cannot. Therefore such faithful are only in objective sin, not subjective sin, precisely because they have the intention to change, even if they cannot. This intention makes a difference!”

[Kev here: this is straight out of the Fundamental Option theology on what constitutes mortal sin - it, the F.O., *contradicts* P(St.)JPII's Veritatis splendor who was trying to put the kibosh on this line of thinking]

He further noted that the relevant canon, number 915, states that Holy Communion cannot be allowed if the person remains “obstinately persevering” in grave sin. The word “obstinate” means “without any intention to change,” Cardinal Coccopalmerio said, “so these faithful can be admitted to Holy Communion because they have the intention to leave the condition of sin and therefore they are not in sin.”

He added that the “doctrine of sincere repentance” which contains the purpose of changing one's condition of life as a necessary requisite to be admitted to the sacrament of Penance “is respected” because the faithful in such hypothesised situations “are conscious, have conviction, of the situation of objective sin in which they currently find themselves.” They also “have the purpose of changing their condition of life, even if, at this moment, they are not able to implement their purpose.”

The cardinal added that the doctrine of “sanctifying grace as a necessary requisite to be admitted to the sacrament of the Eucharist is also respected” because the faithful in this case “haven’t yet arrived at a real change of life because of the impossibility of doing so, but have the intention of implementing this change.”

He said it is “precisely this theological element that allows absolution and access to the Eucharist, always — we repeat — in the presence of an impossibility to immediately change the condition of sin.”"

Do you think its possible that some priests believe you can absolve your own sins by thinking about stopping some day?

That would explain a lot.


I crack up every time I see a story about the Romans trying to hunt down the identity of Marc Antonio Colonna.

Pining for the glory days when the good ole boy network protected corruption!

Boston Catholics used a similar anonymous strategy to reveal internal shenanigans and bust the Soros-Jack Connors-DNC infiltration of the Chancery. The institutional crusade to find out the identity of Boston Catholic Insider was very entertaining.

A year or so ago, somebody told me the author of The Dictator Pope and neglected to mention they were going mask their identity. It's a good thing I didn't write about it!

For those of us whose loved ones have been robbed of salvation for the last 60 years by the corrupt cabal now in control of the Holy See, this is delish:

Monday, January 8, 2018

I've been saying this for a looonng time...

Fr. Pokorsky's article at the Catholic Thing repeats something I've been saying for a long time: When a priest claims to be “gay and proud,” he is revealing that he has assented to his same-sex attraction.

He's saying "I'm lost control over sexual impulses and have decided to let lust run its course".

He's saying "I'm sexually attracted to your husband and sons."

He's as dangerous as a priest who announces he's sexually attracted to married women.

Fr. Pokorsky proposes several duties of his bishop which are all excellent.

I'd add immediate suspension of his faculties and intense spiritual and psychological therapy.