Saturday, February 6, 2016

Francis To Visit Kansas To Commemorate 26th Anniversary Of Pope Michael Election To Papacy

This parody of Pope Francis celebration of Martin Luther's march from Sanctifying Grace and salvation really puts the asshatery into perspective.

Celebrating an anniversary of a false pope is exactly the same as the caccalallies of his Martin Luther happy anniversary celebration.

Saint Padre Pio, help us!

A great way to start your day.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Captain Planet's New Video

I'm sure you've all watched this by now.

In charity, I will simply say it's as nutty as gets.

I watched the child darting in and out of the waves and thought to myself, he's recruited the German bishops to march this child into heresy while yapping about her survival depending upon planting and watering flowers.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Good Grief

There is something terribly wrong with a seminary who couldn't see a problem with this sick individual.

Where did he think he was going to store the baby at the seminary?

How could his twisted mind escape the scrutiny of sharp staff and peers at Franciscan University?

Screwball is written all over him. There had to be red flags in his relationships.

Kinda scary.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

These claims are becoming more exotic than the floozies claiming JFK slept with them.

Yes. The current Pope. So the Vatican is behind this research and has no problem based on the idea is to help humankind. And in theory all that we will be doing is killing pigs.

Sometimes I will read stories about people claiming Pope Francis did or said something and think there may be some embellishment going on or omission of facts.

So when a friend of mine sent me this story with the question "Could this be true?!", my immediate thought was "Blessing a project trying to create people pigs with stem cells and embryos is so demonic, I don't see how it could be!".

I won't say I didn't google it while muttering "Dear God, I hope not!!!"

If the Holy Father contradicted Church teaching on embryonic stem cell research and took a position that scientists can now ethically engage in work injecting them into animals to experiment with prototypes of what can come out as human - one would think that would be blockbusting theological news. I only found the original article and one blog who picked up on it.

Here's another glaringly-false assertion:

While the Catholic Church has opposed research on human embryos, it endorses evolution and generally takes a liberal view on scientific matters. In fact, the Vatican’s position on “human-animal chimeras,” as the mixtures are known, may be more liberal than that of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, which in September instituted a ban on funding chimera research until it can weigh ethical questions associated with it.

Catholic Church teaching positively does NOT concur with scientific moonbattery involving human life and natural and Divine law. There is 2000 years of theology that condemns unethical and immoral activities as, among other things, divination and murder.

Here's a statement Pope Francis made in 2014 condemning scientists playing with life.

There is plenty of material we can substantiate that raise concerns about the Holy Father's trajectory. I would not get flustered about people pulling things out of their pocket in an audience and independent people claiming the Pope contradicted Divine, moral, natural law with the nudge and wink.

Medjugorje Update

A bit of a strange twist to the expected pulling of the rug from under the fraud 'seers' at Medjugorje.

The Archbishop of Sarajevo is lobbying the money-making circus be allowed to continue pick-pocketing naive Catholics.

He's hoping the ancient Roman practice of nonfeasance will allow the heretical circus to continue drawing wallets into the area.

Even Pope Francis can smell the rat, but the Archbishop of Sarajevo is not 'worried' about his attitude or the CDFs attitude.

"The Church does not hurry, but always arrives at a conclusion. I'm not worried about the attitude of the Holy Father or those of the CDF. "

I don't think the inaction has anything at all to do with delays in drawing a conclusions. Even a moron knows that the Blessed Mother is incapable of heresies, lies and contradicting the Magisterium of her Son's Church.

I've spoken about my own curiosity and reasons for my own ultimate conclusion on Medjugorje but they are worth briefly mentioning again.

I initially believed it was real until one of the seers who lived in the North End of Boston booked a parish hall with a parish secretary to receive the messages at 5pm. A few local friends had invited me to check it out with them and we made plans. When the priest got wind of it, he cancelled it because there is a regularly-scheduled Mass going on upstairs at that time and he would not permit any other event to happen during that time.

The priest's decision was sound judgment to me. I assumed everyone would agree and the seer would book it somewhere else. But people were very upset with the priest and for the first time, my BS detector went up as I found this to be inconsistent with the fruit of truth. Attendees received a message from the seer asking people to sit tight because the Blessed Mother had agreed to change to a later time and they were asking the priest for permission to proceed at 7pm.

The Blessed Mother would not have scheduled a competing event downstairs from a Sacred Liturgy to begin with, so the idea that she did not know, would cause angst against one of her priests and then needed a human to fix her blunders was nonsense.

The priest, who had been open to this apparition, backed off. Devotees surrounded this faithful priest's wagons and spewed venom at him and everyone who smelled something stinky.

I know Our Lady quite well. Childless after 8 years, my parents did the Novena to the Immaculate Conception and a year later, I was born on December 8th - the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. She has been present in my life even when I wandered from Christ. This just wasn't consistent with the fruit of her womb.

I observed the phenomenon for a few years following this event. I knew many of the devotees. All of us were no stranger to the buffoonery of luminaries in the Chancery and non-believing bishops. We worked on many projects in the past and knowing the victories of the devil in Boston, I knew we would work on projects in the future--so I kept quiet about my thoughts on Medjugorje (which was not always easy!).

A pattern began to emerge after several years of observation. When a priest would obstruct or sabotage Adoration, Rosary, Church teaching or blatantly teach heresy, everyone productively worked together to hammer away at it. Yet, in spite of many years of faithful teaching, demonstrating our love and practice of the Sacraments and love for the Eucharist, venerating Mary and spreading word about the power of her protection and intervention -- if devotees of Medjugorje got wind that someone was a skeptic, there was a fatwa against that person and their family.

There is a overwhelming inability of devotees to pursue and admit truth.

For instance, I've heard a multitude of stories from devotees about people who hopped on a plane to Bosnia and had a conversion and this then proves the seers are authentic. But when you explain that a person who hops on a plane to go to Bosnia has already been groomed by Our Lady and converted, they are just sealing their relationship with Sacraments and prayer in a retreat, there is an unwillingness to admit to sufficient facts.

It's a third-world, war-torn country, halfway around the world. It costs a lot of money to go there. It is saturated with people who are devoted to Christ's Church and the Ark of the Covenant. The itinerary is filled with Sacraments and prayer.

A person who books a flight to Medjugorje wants to get something different out of their vacation than a person hopping on the plane to Turks and Caicos. A person going to Turks and Caicos plans snorkeling and windsurfing and laying on the beach with a tropical drink.

A person going on a religious pilgrimage is seeking an encounter with Christ and His Mother, the angels and saints - and they are going to get it. They would get it if they planned an hour at the local parish to sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament every day for a month.

Yet, devotees of Medjugorje tell the conversion stories as if they kidnapped and shackled a reprobate and took them to the seer and they were miraculously converted.

When you discuss the defrocked priest who knocked up a nun, the lack of vocations of the seers with the same people who have the vapors when Pope Francis propagates some of the same disturbing heresies, they refuse to admit there is a problem with the seers.

You can't seem to scratch the surface of this deception and I never trust anything that evades truth.

Why would this bishop portray the situation as if the Holy See has signaled this is on course to be found angelic and should therefore not be disturbed?

It is absolutely not the case and everyone knows it.

Another liar that is flocked around this phenomenon.

Michigan bishop initiates chant at Mass!

Bishop John Doerfler of Marquette, Michigan, has issued directions for all parishes in the diocese to institute programs that will lead to the congregation chanting the Ordinary parts of the Mass.

Following up on the work of his predecessor in Marquette, then-Bishop Alexander Sample (who is now Archbishop of Portland, Oregon), Bishop Doerfler has called for the action to carry out the vision of Vatican II, which encouraged the use of Gregorian chant and congregational involvement in the singing.

He's a sly dog that one!

Love it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pope Francis is close to dropping the shoe on the 'papal exhortation'

One reliably informed source, a recognized moral theologian who has seen the draft, said he was "deeply disturbed" by the text as it “calls into question the natural moral law”.

Stampeding towards anathema.

From Rorate

[Abp. Paglia] said the much-anticipated document, which summarizes the Pope’s conclusions of the two synods dedicated to the family, will be “a hymn to love, a love that wants to take care of the welfare of the young, to be close to wounded families to give them strength, a love that wants to be close to children as well as to all mankind in need. "

He is not talking about families wounded by his apostate priests and bishops. He is not referring to the welfare of their victims. He's going to leave all that in place to continue luring a multitude of children into its lethal course.

Something I keep coming back to: The devil is in the details.

I don't think this is a coincidence:

An incredible cloud formation which appeared over the skies of Portugal has been dubbed the 'hand of God'.
The cloud took the form of a fist from Heaven with a hand holding a fireball as it dominated the skyline across the island of Madeira on Monday.

Obama claims he carried a Rosary in his pocket...with a poker chip and a monkey god.

Reason 1,999,999 why we don't give pearls to the swine.

'I'm not that superstitious, it's not like I think necessarily I have to have them on me at all times, but it does remind me of all the other different people I've met along the way and how much they've invested in me.

'If I feel tired or I feel discouraged sometimes then I can reach into my pocket and say "that's something I can overcome because somebody gave me this privilege to work on these issues that affect them. I better get back to work."'

When he's feeling glum, he reaches for the rosary beads to remind him how important he is and how much the Holy Father needs him to continue on with his work on the destruction of human life, the country and conscience protections of practicing Catholics who could never follow his orders to rob the village idiots of their salvation.

Some days he reaches for the monkeygod.

That's his wife's job.

Reducing the mysteries of Christ's Incarnation, three years of ministry, Salvific Death and Resurrection to a symbol of Obama's self-importance didn't do him a bit of good.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Celebrating the Loss of Salvation of Millions of Immortal Souls.

I'm sure you've all read the news that Pope Francis is going to celebrate the most famous heretic leading millions from Christ's Church and the Sacraments.

Perhaps any day now we'll be reading about how Pope Francis will concelebrate a Latin Mass with Bishop Fellay to commemorate when he fled Mapplethorpe?

Mikey says it better than I can.