Saturday, September 23, 2017

Breaking: Filial Correction of Pope Francis

This first step is an initiative of a theological nature that will likely lead, God willing, to an initiative of a canonical nature from those who have the mandate to act. And so it begins

Sources are reporting it was delivered to the Pope on August 11, 2017 and had 62 signatories. The Dubia Cardinals are not signatories, that correction is still pending.

It's Latin Title: A filial correction concerning the propagation of heresies.

It states that the pope has, by his Apostolic Exhortation Amoris laetitia, and by other, related, words, deeds and omissions, effectively upheld 7 heretical positions about marriage, the moral life, and the reception of the sacraments, and has caused these heretical opinions to spread in the Catholic Church. These 7 heresies are expressed by the signatories in Latin, the official language of the Church.

The letter has three parts, with the main course served in part two:

The second part of the letter is the essential one, since it contains the ‘Correction’ properly speaking. It lists the passages of Amoris laetitia in which heretical positions are insinuated or encouraged, and then it lists words, deeds, and omissions of Pope Francis which make it clear beyond reasonable doubt that he wishes Catholics to interpret these passages in a way that is, in fact, heretical. In particular, the pope has directly or indirectly countenanced the beliefs that obedience to God’s Law can be impossible or undesirable, and that the Church should sometimes accept adultery as compatible with being a practising Catholic.

The Register has a good list of the occasions the Pope has been approached with concerns and been snubbed.

This is a major development in the life of Christ's Church. Let's read it, process it, watch some fur fly.

Get the popcorn and lemonade. The circus has just rolled into town.

The Big Announcement Tommorrow in Rome

Robert Moynihan and Rorate are reporting a drama is percolating in Rome for tomorrow:

Friday, September 22, 2017

Get Ready...
A well-informed observer of Vatican affairs has just alerted me that "something important will be published on Sunday" in Rome, so I should "get ready" to take the entire day to cover and report on the "big news"...

At the same time, earlier today an alert was published on the Rorate Caeli (link) Twitter website (link), where one may read the following “tweets,” the first from August 19, the second from today, September 22

August 19 — Rorate Caeli @RorateCaeli
Oh, goodness, just got some unbelievable Vatican news now (not rumor, news)! — but not authorized to publish it at this moment.

There is lots of speculation out there. I'll throw my guess into the circus:

The erection of a counterfeit "John Paul II Institute" to spread the cancer of Amoris Letitiae theological and spiritual malpractice was a forward advance that I should think requires a response.

While I secretly hope the Holy Father is issuing clarifications on Amoris Letitae, sources were reporting a few days ago that Cardinal Burke's formal correction is imminent so my gut instincts are, its one of these two things.

Of note, over the last few days, Cardinal Burke said something to the effect that the media is getting the Pope all wrong. My instincts are there was a recent meeting and whatever the Holy Father said indicated his intentions are to articulate Church teaching faithfully. Which is all well and good - but when the results are, every time you open your piehole, or appoint an apostate to explain your intentions and all ears on deck believe you approve of fornication and sodomy as virtuous, you are failing to take ownership of that fact that you are at fault, not the press, not the listeners and not faithful Catholics who report what their loved ones are regurgitating.

Keep refreshing your browser, it's going to be an interesting weekend. LMBO.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fr. James Martin Narrative: "All I did was Tell Christians to love Gays"

Fr. Jackhole Martin took his narrative to WaPo:

All he did was tell Christians to love gays and everyone criticizing me hates gays.

He said his every thought and word is consistent with Church teaching. He's a martyr of love.

It is interesting that Martin mentions his affiliation with New Ways Ministry was the impetus for his book.

Even the USCCB condemned the excommunicated New Ways Ministry

From the time of the organization's founding in 1977, serious questions have been raised about the group’s adherence to Church teaching on homosexuality. In 1984, the archbishop of Washington denied New Ways Ministry any official authorization or approval of its activities. At that time, he forbade the two co-founders of New Ways Ministry, Sr. Jeannine Gramick, SSND, and Fr. Robert Nugent, to continue their activities in the Archdiocese of Washington. In the same year, Sr. Gramick and Fr. Nugent were ordered by their superiors to separate themselves from New Ways Ministry. Although they resigned from leadership posts, they continued their involvement in New Ways Ministry activities until 1999, when the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith declared that because of errors and ambiguities in the approach of Sr. Gramick and Fr. Nugent they are permanently prohibited from any pastoral work involving homosexual persons.

Rather than admit New Ways Ministry has been condemned by the 'legitimate authority of the Catholic Church' and therefore, his closely associated talking points are not faithful to Church teaching, he carries on about innocence while painting those calling out his theological errors and spiritual malpractice as people who 'hate gays'.

I have been targeted by some far-right groups whose actions betray a level of homophobia that is hard to fathom. These groups, a kind of Catholic alt-right, are increasingly attempting to substitute themselves for legitimate Church authority by passing judgments on which Catholics are orthodox and which are not

This nonsense is spiritually manipulative and abusive.

It's hard to believe that an elected pope would use a theologian who spouts condemned theology and give him the authority to slander Catholics who point out his spiritual malpractice.

Incidentally, Phil Lawlor has written a book about Pope Francis: Pope Francis, Lost Shepherd, How Pope Francis is Misleading His Flock.

Any person of good faith acting on behalf of Christ's Church would come to terms with the repercussions of making faithful Catholics public enemy #1 of the Magisterium. But the only thing this pope gets out of seeing faithful Catholics express the damage he's doing, is put more gas in the engine.

Truly amazing.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Medjugorje - the haunt of demons

This woman is completely full of dung.

She is faking it.

The demons howling in the background illustrate the place is in desperate need of an Exorcist.

The "New ProLife Movement" is as Dead as a Doornail

Turns out the dame who started it 'found the Sacred' in vulgarity and the profane and wasn't prolife.

How did this woman EVER get a job at FUS?

Glad she was sent packing, but I'm not at all impressed with FUS's talking points. They have a flaw in their hiring process that is never acknowledged or addressed in their response. If they don't own up to it, history is bound to be repeated.

Incidentally, I generally practice keeping the deafening silence of "Mark Shea" in Christendom, but I can't help mentioning his weird remarks in this scandal. The National Catholic Reporter is quoting him! LMBO.

Catholic blogger Mark Shea, a former columnist for the conservative National Catholic Register, called Bratten Weiss a "hero and white martyr" of the "Right Wing Noise Machine."

The Lifesite hit piece reads like the diary of a creepy stalker bent on thinking dirty thoughts about a woman he can't quit. It's replete with guilt by association tactics, out of context FB screencaps, and outrageous lies to the effect that a consistent life ethic (which is, y'know, simply a way of saying "the whole teaching of the Church") is some kind of evil plot to attack the unborn (because what is more pro-abortion than the Church's teaching?). It also manages to smear Communion and Liberation, turn aesthetic and literary judgments and opinions into evidence in a kangaroo heresy trial, darkly suggest that Rebecca is some kind of anti-Catholic mole and seductress, and viciously collaborate with Franciscan University to expose her unjust firing by that institution for the delectation of a mob.

Truly deranged.

And what's with Dave Armstrong crybabying about Bratten Weiss not being treated fairly?

Did he contact LifeSite news before giving his statement to the National Catholic Distorter for publication?!

There is no protocol that requires contacting people before opining on their own public statements in these types of situations. Ms. Bratten Weiss had a political agenda. She misrepresented herself in a Catholic school and a Catholic apostolate for the purpose of contradicting Church thought and teaching. She was deceiving and was bagged.

Fr. James Wacko Martin calls Holy Spirit a "She", Blaspheming the Blessed Mother as Being Impregnanted by a Woman.

"Hope in the Holy Spirit," Martin wrote. "Things can always improve. And the Holy Spirit knows what She's doing."

I don't think its a reasonable expectation to presume the theological dimwits to comprehend the implications, but as Church Militant points out, the blasphemy puts the Madonna into the position of being impregnated by a woman.

The chicanery of the 'Bishop McElroys' and Pope Francis's of Christ's Church is, they adopt these ghastly heresies and direct their indignation and slander towards Catholics who raise objections and complaints about the blasphemy.

By what stretch of the imagination is this man theologically-credentialed to communicate the theology of a pope?

The fact that this guy is not immediately removed illustrates the cancer of clericalism that defended and protected pedophiles is alive and well in the administration of this papacy.


Just saw this story on Martin's scandal.

The teaching that LGBT people must be celibate their entire lives," he continued, "has not been received." 

One can hardly keep up with his heresies I'll say it again - best way for this to come to a swift conclusion is the hiring of a private detective to gather evidence on the source of his obsession.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Bishop McElroy calls Fr. James Martin's Critics "enemies of the pope".

Here's something else to put on our list of things practicing Catholics no longer tolerate:

Every time a priest, bishop or Cardinal starts teaching homosexuals to abandon confession, absolution and celibacy and embrace a life of living in a perpetual state of mortal sin, when we expose their spiritual homicide of immortal souls, they pretend the whistleblowers are 'motivated' by wanting gays excluded from the pews.

If they are looking for reasons homosexuals are convinced they are unloved by Christ and His Church, they need look no further than their own destructive, maniacal lies.

Bishop McElroy is the latest poster boy for this bad behavior.

The concerted attack on Father Martin’s work has been driven by three impulses: homophobia, a distortion of fundamental Catholic moral theology and a veiled attack on Pope Francis and his campaign against judgmentalism in the church.

That very statement convicts Bishop McElroy of "judgmentalism", does it not?

Let me take a crack at this one:

Dear Bishop McElroy:

The 'concerted attack' on Fr. Martin is driven by three impulses: Every time Fr. Martin or the Holy Father (and their ilk) open their mouths, somebody we know or love digs themselves further into their mortal sin; we've watched relatives who believe them dying in a state of mortal sin for the last 50 years; and, we are finished letting you get away with it.

Permit me to illustrate the heresy you teach in your own deceptive screed:

The second corrosive impulse of the campaign against Building a Bridge flows from a distortion of Catholic moral theology. The goal of the Catholic moral life is to pattern our lives after that of Jesus Christ. We must model our interior and exterior selves on the virtues of faith, love, hope, mercy, compassion, integrity, sacrifice, prayerfulness, humility, prudence and more. One of these virtues is chastity. Chastity is a very important virtue of the Christian moral life. The disciple is obligated to confine genital sexual activity to marriage.

But chastity is not the central virtue in the Christian moral life. Our central call is to love the Lord our God with all our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Many times, our discussions in the life of the church suggest that chastity has a singularly powerful role in determining our moral character or our relationship with God. It does not.

Here, you attempt to convince lucid Catholics that unrepentant, unabsolved mortal sins relating to fornication and sodomy do not obstruct salvation, because mortal sins are subordinate to prudence, compassion, integrity, etc.

You no doubt will score some brownie points with the Holy Father and the Romans, as they are gaga for this insufferable hogwash, but the glory days of trying to sell this, uncontested, to the people we love are behind you.

If you'd like to understand what motivates us, blow the dust off of your breviary and read these readings.

God help the uncatechized people of San Diego. A liar has been appointed over the see.


Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles of the people you've trying to drag into your rabbit hole.

p.s. Like everything else, you've got this backwards: We are not the enemies of the pope. The pope named us as his enemies and is waging his war of propaganda upon us. He no doubt is surprised the cowards who sat on the sidelines and said nothing when the priest did it, and the bishops did it, and the cardinals did it, for the last 50 years, are now pointing out the spiritual homicides of their counterfeit defacto schism. What we are doing now is too little/too late but better late than never. Worthy is the Lamb.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fr. James Martin's Homosexual Monologue at Catholic University Seminary is Cancelled.

Story on WaPo

Caught in the middle of this rift is Martin. His book did not address his own sexuality, but these right-wing sites assign him labels such as “homosexualist.”

“My provincial asked me not to talk about my sexuality, and I’m okay with that,” said Martin, referring to his religious superior in the Jesuit religious order.

The seminary acted independently from the university, which hosted Martin last year.

Martin said this is the second cancellation of a talk due to the attacks. Seminary leaders told him they received a storm of messages and people screaming at receptionists over the phone. Martin is still planning to give an address in Washington at Holy Trinity Church on Sept. 30.

Let the screamfests at Trinity commence.

Catholic University President John Garvey, whose tenure has commissioned the de-Christianizing Catholic University made the following statement:

A statement from Catholic University said the seminary’s disinvitation does not reflect advice from the university’s leadership. “We regret the implication that Catholic University supported yesterday’s decision,” the statement says.

“The campaigns by various groups to paint Fr. Martin’s talk as controversial reflect the same pressure being applied by the left for universities to withdraw speaker invitations,” said John Garvey, president of Catholic University. “Universities and their related entities should be places for the free, civil exchange of ideas. Our culture is increasingly hostile to this idea.

No John, the role of a Catholic University President is not exchanging Church teaching for the ideas of people suffering from diabolical disorientation. We leave that vocation to government-controlled schools. Catholic Schools are training camps for Catholic evangelists. Get out of our schools. You have no business overseeing the mission of a Catholic university.

Zmirak has an outstanding op-ed on the theological poison Fr Martin is imposing in Christendom.

But we are not taking the ax to the root.

The pope hand-picked Fr. Martin to communicate his homosexual monologues, which include homosexual intimacy during the Sacred Liturgy.

So I hope in ten years you will be able to kiss your partner or soon to be your husband. Why not? What’s the terrible thing?

So here we are in this moment in the Church's history. We spent the last 30 years trying to dissuade the people we love from following the advice of an army of gay priests who encouraged them to act on their appetite of lust, fornication, sodomy, contraception, abortion - and the pope is sponsoring their toxic counterfeit, diabolical nonsense.

Frankly, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which one of them is the bigger jackhole.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Holy Father Gives the Class Clowns of Catholicism License to Liturgical Innovations.

After wholloping the Sacrament of Marriage, I thought he would go after celibacy, but alas he's taking the ax to the Sacred Liturgy

Fr. Z sums it up:

So, the Pope now changes the Church’s laws.  I left that part out.  As I said at the top establishes that the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments [CDWDS] will have less of a role in the creation of liturgical texts.  Henceforth, their primary role will be to approve the texts prepared by Episcopal Conferences.  That’s the nutshell.  There was a phase in the preparation of translation at which Rome was able on its own to make substantial changes to the translations prepared by, for example, ICEL (for the English language).  You might remember that during the preparation of what became the 2011 ICEL version, there was an advisory Committee under the CDWDS called Vox Clara which – though it didn’t have authority on its own – had influence in adjusting what ICEL (and the USCCB) prepared. And the Congregation indeed made changes on its own authority.   That was not well received by some.  That was welcomed by others.  The German language process also had it’s committee....

There will be great pressure on the officials of the CDWDS to rubberstamp whatever comes their way.  The results could be disastrous....

First, the driving principle in the explanatory part of the Motu Proprio seems to be the spirit of Vatican II, rather than its letter.
Second, the document reflects the effort to decentralize authority, taking it bit by bit away from the individuated dicasteries of the Roman Curia and distributing it to regional conferences of bishops...

The next problem is that the English translation of the rite for ordinations is going on.  What’s going to happen with that?  Will different conferences come up with their own versions which may or may not say the same things?  How will that be worked out of the Holy See can’t intervene in the translation process to provide for unity?

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

It's going to take me a few days to discuss. Every time I start to process his giving authority over the Liturgy to the drunks, queens and cowards that have incubated and infested Christ's elect with mortal sin, I hyperventilate. No lie. LMBO.

This guy has an uncanny knack to know exactly which efforts will produce the most destruction. The familiarity with the nature of his games brings little consolation.

Pope Says Marriage is to be Reserved for a Man and Woman

When it comes to the true nature of marriage as well as gender, there is “critical confusion at the moment”, the Pope said.
When asked about marriage for same-sex couples, the Pope said, “Let’s call this ‘civil unions.’ We do not joke around with truth.”
Teaching children that they can choose their gender, he said, also plays a part in fostering such mistakes about the truth or facts of nature.

The Pope said he wondered whether these new ideas about gender and marriage were somehow based on a fear of differences, and he encouraged researchers to study the subject.

We don't need a complicated 'study'. The ideas spun from the web of lies of the devil and our people are being thrown into web by clergy.

The research is in. The media and government schools brainwashed them with this nonsense, told them their parents didn't love them, nobody believes their old ideas and when we tried to get our priests to teach the Catechism and back us up, they either did nothing or they regurgitate the lies of the devil. After 40 years of it, the pope has joined the chorus of affirming the lies of the devil.

While I appreciate this attempt to clarify his four years of dismissing and ridiculing Church teaching, he followed up this remark by saying sins of the flesh are not mortal:

There is a great danger for preachers, lecturers, to fall into mediocrity,” which is condemning only those forms of immorality that fall “below the belt”, he said.

Really? Because we'd all like to know where these priests exist outside of his imagination.

“But the other sins that are the most serious: hatred, envy, pride, vanity, killing another, taking away a life … these are really not talked about that much,” he said.

“The most minor sins are the sins of the flesh,” he said, because the flesh is weak. “The most dangerous sins are those of the mind”, and confessors should spend more time asking if a person prays, reads the Gospel and seeks the Lord.

Minor sins are venial sins that don't result in the loss of salvation.

Sins of the flesh are mortal sins that, without absolution and firm purpose of amendment, have the effect of dying with mortal sin on your soul and spending eternity in hell. There is nothing minor about it.