Thursday, October 2, 2014

Is Cardinal Kasper Speaking for the Pope?

Over the last few days, Cardinal Burke made a few noteworthy statements about the dust up around the Chair of Peter.

Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, said in a conference call with journalists on Tuesday that he found it “amazing” that Cardinal Kasper claimed to speak for the Pope.

The Pope doesn’t have laryngitis. The Pope is not mute. He can speak for himself. If this is what he wants, he will say so,” Cardinal Burke said.

“But for me as a cardinal to say that what I am saying are the words of Pope Francis? That to me is outrageous.”

After working in St. Peter's Square for so many years, I would imagine he's experienced passive-aggressive before, so I shan't elaborate... other than to point out the obvious:

In this situation, he's hand-picked Cardinal Kasper to write his talking points into the agenda. Kasper has been giving those talking points for a year while stating the Pope gave him his marching orders.

Sure, the Pope can speak for himself. The point is, he hasn't. At this juncture, there is no reason to disbelieve Cardinal Kasper.

Even if we excluded the maligning of the faithful practice of our religion coming straight from Pope Francis' mouth, who he is appointing to his administration and who he is removing, the witch hunt of Bishop Finn while Bishop Robert Lynch who paid one hundred grand to his accuser remains unscathed, the witch hunts of the Friars of the Immaculate while Pope Francis caricatures the Jesuits, who have taught heresy to two generations of souls, as the brave 'rowers' on the Ark of the Covenant - any reasonably person can draw the conclusion that the Pope would have spoken for himself if his talking points were being twisted.

Look, I am only responsible for a handful of people. If I hired somebody to teach them and that person taught them not to discipline their conduct in accordance with Church teaching and it is a sin not to obey their desires --- and said these were MY talking points, do you think I would be mute for months while he/she pinned this crooked path on me?

Of course not.

Because we all know what that does to a moral compass for the rest of the person's life.

As to the veracity of the assertion they are my talking points, my silence would tell my children everything they need to know.

If after he was done I applauded and stood up and said it was great theology, there is no room left to continue a charade this is not my agenda.

Cardinal Kasper's authority is coming directly from Pope Francis. This show has gone on for a year and Pope Francis has been mute.

This is what is outrageous.

A pretense that a Pope wouldn't know the outcome of appointing a theologian who has spent his life leading souls to unfaithfulness to doctrine to lead his synod.

This is outrageous.

A Pope puts people in place to carry out his agenda and that is what's going down.

I finally put my finger on the way I was feeling about this whole affair. We've all seen this show more times than It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

It is the bishop who keeps arm's length from his own agenda by hiring the apostates to roll it out and then pretending the outcome has nothing to do with such an honest, faithful guy like him.

It's sneaky and bears the stink of dishonesty.

It's been over a year and a half. I'm really not exactly sure what Cardinal Burke finds outrageous.

What I find outrageous is, the Pope's silence as he empowers Kasper to do the dirty deed.

They are going to spend three years discrediting obedience to Church teaching

They are going to round up heretics and give them a podium to teach the uncatechized and let the seeds sown do the damage in every parish and apostolate. Let nature take it's course, finish the job they started at Vatican II.

For the past two pontificates, they have been busy in the dungeon breeding locusts. They are about to open the doors of Vatican City and release millions of them.

I will leave you with my thoughts on this loaded statement:

Cardinal Burke added that whatever Francis thinks about a more lenient approach on Communion for remarried Catholics, he cannot change current church teaching

While Cardinal Kasper states Pope Francis has been candid with him about his convictions, it appears Cardinal Burke doesn't know what the Pope thinks.

Putting aside the story the company the Pope keeps and those he doesn't tells, it has always struck me as peculiar that communication is so stilted that one couldn't hold a candid conversation and receive straight-forward answers to such basic questions about a Pope's intention to teach Christ's people fidelity to doctrine.

I'd have a stack of editorials from faithful Catholics to stuff under his nose and say - Is the man you appointed and empowering to carry out your agenda doing the job accurately? Your silence indicates it is. What say you?

My gut instincts are...that was done before the five Cardinals took the drastic measure to publish the book and they received no answers.

If we are to believe Cardinal Kasper - the Pope met with him and they discussed how to proceed.

That's what an administrator does when they appoint somebody to talk for them.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cardinal Kasper thinks 2000 years of Catholics who contradict him have not been listening to 'the spirit'

This interview is so loaded wih Kasper's agenda to use the synod to jackhammer 2000 years of theology, one hardly knows where to begin.

At this point, I'm going to guess those holding on to the delusion Pope Francis is not the wind beneath Kasper's wings are suffering from a bad case of willful ignorance.

I would urge you to take the time to stomach the whole article but let me give you Kasper's major talking points.

Kasper explains the 2000 years of theologians before him and Pope Francis have misunderstood what mercy is all about.

It's all been a big misunderstanding.

Mercy isn't cheap grace that takes away the commandments.

No, no, no - that would be absurd.

It's all about twisting the interpretation up into a pretzel. Why Thomas Aquinas taught us that!

Doctrine won't change. They're going to instruct everyone to stop using doctrine as the source to measure the discipline of our conduct.

Got that?

When you read doctrine that prohibits a certain conduct, that is the time to stop disciplining youself.

We must read the sign of the times. He and Pope Francis can't imagine the majority of the synod will go against the crystal ball of the current Pope.

This is what you call living "the reality of the senses" of polygamists.

You see, the understanding of the Gospel lives in the souls of people who reject the museum of Church teaching.

The Joy of the Gospel comes from your needs, not the code of doctrines and commandments.

So if you need your neighbor's car, forget about doctrines and commandments about stealing.

If you need a booty call, do not use the discernment of the code of doctrines and commandmets.

Why not use Kieran Conroy to show the Pope's see of Bishops how to execute the strategy?

Cardinal Kasper goes on to explain that the Romans have "fears" about the Pope's idioms and concrete moral construction in the new Evangelii Gaudium.

We're a paranoid bunch.

I'll tell you what Carol "needs" for Evangelii Gaudium. She needs to stay further away from these people than people exhibiting symptoms of Ebola.

Take the time to read the whole interview. It is surreal.

I'll say it again...This is going to get ugly!

Monday, September 29, 2014


This post written by Robert Royal at The Catholic Thing really demonstrates the level of trust that has been eroded by 'the Francis effect'.

No matter how bad things were through my twenty years of trying to preserve the faith for my children, even if you could get veteran Catholic journalists to privately agree Bishop so and so was a train wreck, they would never agree to expose a situation for what it was.

I used to refer to them as the armchair Catholics.

In reading Royals thesis, at first it seems like he doesn't get the gravity of the Pope's theological war, but there is no mistaking that he smells something and it's a smelly smell.

Perhaps even more surprising, we’re hearing from some sources that though Cardinal Bergoglio came into the Vatican with no firm agenda, the hope now is that he may be able to re-ignite the “Spirit of Vatican II,” which he had known as a young priest in Argentina.

Like much else in the past year and a half in the Church, it’s hard to say what any of this means. To take only the last item, there’s nothing wrong with the Spirit of Vatican II – if what we mean is the Holy Spirit, present since Pentecost in preserving the Church in living unity with God in charity. But if, as some hope, that Spirit is some radically progressive current, what can only be called a spirit of division and hubris that thought itself superior to the whole prior history of the Church – a kind of uber-Protestantism that paradoxically insisted it was being more Catholic than the pope – then we are in for some troubled days indeed.

It turns out Joan Chittister's shtick might qualify for being more Catholic than the Pope.

Royal refers to another well-written piece that gets to the heart of the serious problem with this pontificate.

I’ll get to specifics shortly. But I want to point out – hoping that I’m wrong – something I fear has already begun.

After Vatican II the Church went through decades of turmoil because of “the Spirit of Vatican II,” a spirit that contradicted the Conciliar documents and much of Christian history. But that didn’t matter. That wayward “spirit” carried all before it.

We are, I believe, close to what may become a Spirit of Bergoglio, another period of confusion based, once again, not on the pope’s actual words, but in the unbalanced emotions to which certain, casual expressions of his have given rise.

Another keen observation, the things the Pope doesn't say are as bad as the things he does:

Sandro Magister, the steady Vatican observer, claims there are now ten Cardinals who have publicly opposed the “Kasper/Bergoglio position.” The opposition is clear. But can we say the pope backs the highly controversial proposals Kasper put forward, even though the pope praised him for what he termed his “theology done on one’s knees”?

After years of observing the Vatican, I can’t say – and that’s perhaps most worrisome of all. If there’s going to be a development in pastoral practice on such a heated question as divorced and remarried Catholics, we need a clear statement from the pope himself. Perhaps he wishes to let the debate proceed before rendering judgment. But in the meantime, his efforts to reduce confrontation with the culture and proclaim God’s forgiveness to those “on the periphery” seem to have led to open division – within the Church.

How's that for refreshing honesty.

The lines in the sand are drawn and we are openly dividing.

The division has been there for 50 years.

Maybe Pope Francis thought we'd sacrifice the salvation of our children to keep the peace. If so, it was a gross miscalculation.

This is going to get ugly.

All I care about in my little area of influence is keeping people on the Ark as it plays itself out.

This too shall pass.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lydia, Oh Lydia the tattooed Catholic Encyclopydia

Eddie Siebert from the Society of Jesus (surprise) is shilling for women to flush the Catechism down the toilet and instead base judgments upon the thoughts in their own brain and desires and go to the tattoo parlor and get some tramp stamps on your skin....

..A testament to James Joyce's description of Catholic meaning "Here comes everybody," she's a fervent feminist (she cites Benedictine Sr. Joan Chittister's question, "How can you be Catholic and not be a feminist?")

Come on, I know you're as dying as I am to see Joan Chittister's tatts. (Something tells me I don't think we're talking a rosebud.)

I could be mistaken, but the Jesuit author seems to be using Pope Francis to discredit the Catechism and pass out licenses for tattoos to women.

See what you think.

Here he is talking about haughty paranoid Catholics like us who 'tend' to conclude the poor women following the advice of Jesuits are, you know... uncatechized:

Anyway, I can't really blame the nones who feel a bit of paranoia. There's that popular perception out there about some Catholics. (Not you; you're fine.) I'm talking about the haughty us-vs.-them Catholics, the ones who tend to treat nones (often the ones they love) as ill-informed and inferior (as if that will help).

Way to go Father, feed right into their inferiority complexes!

Here he is trying to hoodwink poor ill-informed and misinformed sadsacks into getting a tattoo by alleging following a desire to mark your body with a tramp stamp is the respect for dissent Pope Francis talked about on the infamous impromptu interview on the plane - a gift that keeps on giving:

Not reported as often are the many stories of Catholics who respect the consciences of nonbelievers. Remember how shocked the world was when Pope Francis openly did this at his first press briefing to the assembled group of journalists? Then there was his public letter in La Repubblica where he insisted God's mercy "does not have limits" and reaches nonbelievers, too, for whom sin would not be the lack of faith in God, but rather, failure to obey one's conscience.

That's right, says the Jesuit, Pope Francis was trying to tell women their consciences are giving out commands and one should not fail to obey your conscience when the Jesuits plant seeds to sleep around and get yourself a sleeve of tatts.

I mean really, when you think about it, I don't care what the Friars of the Immaculate or the Bishop in Paraguay did -- it could not possibly rise anywhere near the level of evil the Society of Jesus has foisted upon generations of Catholics.

As the Friars are being jack hammered, Pope Francis recently referred to the Jesuits as brave and expert rowers and instructed them to "Get in the boat and row".

After all the dung the Jesuits have taught, after all they have done to lead so many to the devil, the Pope refers to them as brave experts in theology.

This priest and the order of the Society of Jesus who is discrediting the Catechism all over the world, are the teachers who Pope Francis is telling to row and giving out the oars.

Fr. Siebert is rowing all right. He's saying as a priest, instead of informing the misinformed, teaching and converting, he's spent his life encouraging the people around them to listen to the voices inside of their heads commanding to contradict the Catechism.

Fr. Siebert says it is sinful not to sleep around and get tatts when you have the urges. He does not, he says, pass out Catholic koolaid:

Occasionally, when my holy orders are revealed in conversation with nones I'm meeting, I'll notice a flash of panic in their eyes, as though I might start to force-feed them the Catholic Kool-Aid.

Do you believe it?

Fr. Siebert thinks Catholic teaching is "koolaid" - a reference to the poison that Jim Jones handed out to kill his followers.

For whatever reason, Pope Francis doesn't seem to get what It is we all are going to 'unify' to, what action is divisive and who needs to be removed with his authority.

In the most powerful time in the history of Christ's Church, he is appointing the Sieberts to calibrate his talking points and give us instructions from his two years of nuanced and misleading statements.

That boat is going to set sail. By the Christ I will be on it, way down in the bowels of the ship where the oars go into the water.

Taking Fr. Siebert et al oars right out of their hands.

You'll recognize us. We'll be the ones without the tatts!

Dear Father, bishops and priests imposing heresy and perdition to souls do not get along with me...

Dear Father,

After thirty-something years of explaining to my children the reasons why we, as Catholics, do not accept the worldly advice and condoms being passed out at school - and that advice being discredited at our local parish, Catholic schools and in the public square by the wolves in sheeps clothing--and our children now being advised by the Pope not to make judgments about whether sleeping with schoolmates is sinful and their foregone conclusion being the pope says just go ahead and do it -- with the removal of a bishop for not going along to get along with people who teach this nightmare of an agenda to the people we love, it occurs to me that the Pope's public display of removal for not getting along with it, the Pope has fired a shot across our bow.

Seems now as clear as the nose on my face: Pope Francis appoints people to teach heresy and removes people who raise objections to the people they love being misled into error.

Am I understanding the message behind the philosophical beheadings for not going along with the spiritual homicides?

I suppose, what's a Pope to do when the devil dragging his children into mass spiritual homicides but to silence Church teaching, conflate, confound and dishonor it and when the prophets rise kill them to give witness that if we all don't go along with the strategy, he will remove and exile?

Getting along with prelates who destroy our children's souls is more important than the souls themselves in this pontificate.

What's a Catholic mother to do but sit back and watch him do it?

Having the bishops like you is, after all, much more important than ensuring the teaching of substance in the Catechism to our children.

Whaaaah. I want the bishops to like me!

Oh wait.

ps: Pope Francis held a Liturgy today to 'honor' grandparents.

Please. Do not spit on us and tell us it's raining.

If the Pope wishes to 'honor' us, let him release his captivity of the teachings of our Church so that the people we love may have them to guide their conscience.
If he wishes to 'honor' us, he needs to stand in the public square and tell our children and grandchildren what judgments to make about Church teaching.

He needs to stop appointing people who apostasize and he needs to stop demonizing, demoting, removing and deconstructing priests and apostolates that teach the practice of our religion.

He needs to zip his lips when his brain tells his tongue to pigeonhole the faithful practice of Catholicism and Sacredness of our Liturgy as the prosletizing of ancient history that is plaguing Christ's Church.

Cease and desist the manifestation of the image he's come along to save Christ's people from the 2000 years of Church teaching that alienates them from the Sacraments and salvation.

Go out onto the piazza, open his arms and say something that gets published in every newspaper in the world to let every prelate, every bishop, every adult and child know that Pope Francis is telling them what their grandparents have been teaching them from the Catechism of the Catholic Church on how to respond to temptations are indeed judgments that must be made to gain entry into Heaven.

Tell them, and in no uncertain terms, that giving to the poor is a duty but does not mitigate adultery. Tell them what constitutes adultery and the only thing that can restore us to the road of salvation is the Sacrament of Confession. Tell them work to help the unemployed and the climate and lonely people does absolutely nothing to restore a soul to a state of Sanctifying Grace.

That is how a Pope 'honors' grandparents.

Pope Francis reportedly refuses audience to Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano

"The real problem of the Church in Paraguay is the crisis of faith, life and morality, which was further supported and extended by poor training of clergy, together with the laxity of the shepherds," wrote Bishop Livieres to Cardinal Ouellet.

If this report is true, I'm here to remind you that this is a man who not only agreed to grant audience to two of history's most notorious collaborators of the execution of unborn children and Christians all over the world, he agreed to stand beside them for a photo op.

This is a man who stood on a plane and told journalists seeking clarification about the teachings of the Church as they pertain to the sexual activity among homosexuals and his response was, who is a Roman Pontiff to make a judgment about Church teachings as they pertain to the Sixth Commandment of God.

I could go on and on.

There is more than ample evidence to demonstrate what Pope Francis message is about Church teaching - he has silenced it and is persecuting and removing those who try to teach it, and filling that void with statements that lead people to commit sin.

I am sorry to say it.

The failures to articulate what we all know is happening before our very eyes only sends a message that our intention is to go along with this charade and destruction through silence.

Decades ago, I read a story of a Jewish man standing before a pit filled with bodies with his executioners whose last words were - I see what you are doing and God sees it too.

No way should any person or persons who knows what is happening sit in silence as the persecution we have all experienced in our chanceries, schools, apostolates - is rolled out from the Chair of Peter.

Are you actually going to sit quietly as you watch these men be persecuted through the Pope's hand?

What kind of service is this to Christ and His Church? His people? Our relatives, friends, people we love?

I'm also here to remind you that if you don't think public exposure of what we are all saying behind closed doors is effective, one should sit before the Blessed Sacrament and think about the big ole long pause after the announcement of the Pope's intention to remove Cardinal Burke. While you're there, meditate upon the past twenty years of the effectiveness of publicly exposing error.

This blogger has not come this far working to preserve the deposit of faith for my family to sit in silence while a Pope takes a hammer to it - or all of us.

St. Faustina, Messenger of Divine Mercy Play

If you are a lover of the Rosary, are Eucharistic - the Divine Mercy devotion is a great addition to our powerful tools of intercession.

There is a local group teaching about the spreading the devotion through a play about St. Faustina. The trailer or the play is here.

I'll be attending Friday's performance in Duxbury and will be signing autographs.

LOL - just a little joke to entertain myself about how some bloggers think they're a celebrity.

Seriously, the full schedule is below.

Friday, October 3
7:30 pm

Duxbury Performing Arts Center

73 Alden Street, Duxbury, MA 02332

Admission: $8.00 Each - Suitable for Ages 13 & Up

Tickets & Information: Jeffrey Bishop
781-585-5294 or

Full local schedule below:

Wednesday, October 1 at 7:00 p.m.
St. Pius X Church
44 Elm Street
Westerly, RI 02891
Free-Will Offering
Contact Information:
Sande Bristol
(401) 322-1617
Preceded by the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 6:30 p.m.

Friday, October 3 at 7:30 p.m.
Duxbury Performing Arts Center
73 Alden Street
Duxbury, MA 02332
Contact Information:
Jeffrey Bishop
(617) 957-4651
Sponsored by:
Plymouth Bay Parish Collective

Saturday, October 4 at 7:00 p.m.
St. Ann Parish
School Hall at Pope John Paul II Academy
239 Neponset Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122
Donation of $10 each or $25 per family of 3 or more.
Priests, religious, seminarians, and students free.
Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy
(617) 288-1202 ext. 114
Sponsored by:
Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy

Sunday, October 5 at 7:00 p.m.
St. Faustina Feast Day Performance
St. Joseph Church
153 South Franklin Street
Holbrook, MA 02343
Barbara Gorman
(781) 767-4107

Tuesday, October 7 at 7:00 p.m.
St. George Catholic Church
74 School Street
Framingham, MA 01701
Individual - $12.00
Family of 4 or more - $35.00
Youth 16 & under - $10.00
Contact Information:
Leslee Willitts at St. George Church Office
(508) 877-1950 ext. 3

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Gates of Hell

I really love how this priest expresses his faith, his experiences, his observations.

Joan told me she was planning to go to Oklahoma City on September 21, to be at the site of the Black Mass. She wanted to be there to be with Jesus at the foot of Calvary. She told me she didn't want Him to be alone. When I saw the pictures of this brave woman, so passionately in love with Jesus Christ, I couldn't restrain my tears, as I knew that her efforts were not for human success or glory, but rather to console the Heart of Jesus, so bitterly offended.

What a splendid woman Joan is. She has inspired others by her contagious faith -- the great Linda Gibbons of Toronto, and Mary Wagner of Vancouver. In our day we have a shortage of great and holy souls like Padre Pio and Mother Teresa. But there are little souls being forged in the furnace of the Sacred Heart. They are not celebrated by the world; in fact, they are despised and rejected. But they are the victim-souls of our day, carrying the Cross with Jesus to the peak of Calvary.

May we all be infected with the divine madness of love that lives in the hearts of these little ones.

Made me cry just reading it.

By the way, Catholic Familyland is a spectacular place to bring your family once a year to meet and be with other families who are practicing our religion with fervor. It's a long boring drive from the East Coast but so worth it. No other place like it. Check it out.

They usually sell out. Hundreds of families rocking the place with zeal for the House of Our Lord and His Magisterium.

Nobody can ever take it away from us. No vanities, no clapping fornication parade, no bishop or Cardinal or even Pope obstructing and silencing Church teaching could touch that fire. It is too hot. It's fuel is Sanctifying Grace.

The enemies of Church teaching have absolutely no idea what they are up against.

They are positively clueless.

We're the people who go to prison and talk up the truth until you have to kill us to shut us up.

They're going to teach our children our religion or it is going to get mighty ugly from the rectory in St. Patrick's Cathedral to the Chair of Peter.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pathetic Theology Needs Alpha Men

Fr. Nicholson is quite a gift to God and His Church.

It doesn't get any better than that!

Cardinal Burke Suggests Media Undermining Synod

Our beloved Cardinal Burke has suggested the media has a rumor mill churning and is fueling expectations that impossible changes will be made to Church teaching.

And then Cardinal Burke said: What elephants?

Oh come on!

It is Cardinal Kasper who is running the rumor mill and fueling expectations that the Pope is going to make impossible changes to Church teaching.

Pope Francis isn't helping.

Don't they remember what happened at "Vatican II"?

A couple of handfuls of clowns took talking points out of context and completely destroyed Catechesis and the Liturgy in every classroom and parish in the United States.

Saying it's impossible is really naive.

It doesn't have to change doctrinally to do it's damage where it matters the most.

The Holy Father has Cardinal Kasper out saying irresponsible statements on his behalf for close to a year now and when the synod happens, he's going to use the opportunity to do what this crowd has been waiting to do since they were singing Puff the Magic Dragon with Peter Paul and Mary.

It very much is going to happen and our children and children's children will be drinking the poison from Pope Francis synod long after he is dead and buried under St. Peter's Square.

Cardinal Burke stated:

“That’s why it’s very important for those who are in charge to be very clear,” he said

God bless and protect him and the others for writing a crystal clear book on Church teaching on the family.

But after a year and a half of Pope Francis and the people he appoints to get his talking points across, I do not believe he is capable of being very clear, even if that were his intention.

In the 57 years of being a Catholic, I never observed or heard anyone who could muddy up Church teaching better than Pope Francis.

Color me a pessimist. I think the synod is going to be a train wreck.

I hope he proves me wrong!