Thursday, August 27, 2015

When Archbishop Chaput Hires Heretics to Teach on the Family, in his mind, the "Destruction" is people who write about him.

When minds and souls of the children are being destroyed in Philly, people are not writing about it in a useful way.

He didn't find the long index of heretics very useful.

That's too bad.

I'll tell you who did find it useful: Catholic families who would no nore attend a family in a conference that would pervert their minds than they would flock to a conference featuring pedophiles.

If the Archbishop trying to find something useful in the Chancery, he is going to find himself limited to toilet paper.

Why don't the bishops try something completely different and for once in their life, own up to their own malpractice and apologize for the scandal.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

What do I do if surrounding parishes are so bad, I can't bring myself to go to Mass?

A reader asked me to write some survival tips when you are surrounded by fruitcake priests misleading and endangering souls (and the bishop is an absent father).

We went through a rough spell here in Boston for a while. A decade or two of seminary graduates from the St. John Paul II papacy has cleaned things up quite a bit. Having good blogs to expose the nutty conduct also helped to squish the bugs.

I couldn't count the number of Masses I walked out of during that time. We had a priest here who threw trash in the Sanctuary and shot off blanks in a gun in the Sanctuary. I kid you not. They were completely out of control.

My children heard and saw so much damaging stuff, my resentment from the inability to correct the misunderstandings given to them by priests was so hot, there was a time when I couldn't bring myself to go. I remember kneeling in prayer or sitting in the pews with the children hoping and praying the priest wouldn't say something heretical. When they did, I'd have steam coming out of my ears. I wasn't able to prayerfully enter into the mystical prayer to Golgotha. I'd come home, send emails, make phone calls to the Chancery about what transpired. Spiritually, I was worse off when I went then when I stayed home.

My tolerance for nonsense grew to be extremely low. The pinnacle was the time I walked out of two Masses in one day, children in tow, and I almost walked out of the third. A good friend pointed out that I had to learn to discipline myself to let the little stuff go. And he was right.

I can't think of an example of the little stuff that would set me off, but our TTC friend wrote something about seeing a pic of Pope Francis in the Church being enough. This is a good example of the spiritual post-traumatic stress syndrome that develops in a family that experienced toxic behavior of priests and parishioners who don't want practicing Catholics around. That is a big part of the story, isn't it. The shocking abusive conduct towards a family that came to Church to have what they are teaching at home affirmed. (otherwise the children think we are teaching our own values which even the Church doesn't believe.)

When they bring an ex priest living with their lover to come and talk to the CCD class about how wrong Church teaching is on moral theology, we are the last people they want around. We're going to call the Chancery and the program is going to be cancelled. I won't get into the details of the toxic conduct from the heretics - suffice it to say, they make it clear they don't want us around and they make a point to tell our children their parents are bad people.

This is really the crux of the problem with Pope Francis, isn't it?

His conduct is that of the typical pastor who wants to bring in the heretics to teach our family, and when we point out the spiritual malpractice, he's written a book of insults to give witness to our children that we are antiquated sourpusses who can't enjoy a little clapping fornication. He has shipwrecked thirty years of catechesis in the family and parishes trying to help us navigate through the clapping fornication they are drilling into children at schools and the culture. On top of the bozo the clown act, he is surrounding our children with the clapping fornication show and culture of death and applauding it on the sidelines.

An absolute shipwreck that will take a generation to recover -- some of our own children will be swept away and he's fixed it so there is little we are able to do.

I digress.

I did rebuild my tolerance for the liturgical nonsense, so long as the Mass was valid. I remain intolerant of heresy and to this day, make the phone calls to the Chancery, follow the protocol all the way up to the Holy See, expose it on the blog so others can avoid the danger.

All this is to say - I am very familiar with your situation.

The most important advice I can give you is, you have to let the little stuff go and concentrate on mystical prayer. You are most likely overreacting to stuff you should be able to tolerate to receive the Divinity of Christ and Sacraments.

Find a priest in a parish who is the least dangerous - find a good prayer book, bring your Rosary and learn to return your concentration to the mystical prayers of the Mass - the presence of the Angels and Saints and what is happening to Christ, the gift He brings. Use the Sacrament of Confession each time you feel like you want to punch them in the nose. Then try again. Keep at it.

I would also look in small hospital chapels or orders for a good priest. There is always a few hiding under the radar.

Under no circumstances should you take your family to a disobedient priest holed up in a hotel room or some other facility, saying a Latin Mass. Those individuals, including SSPX, do not have faculties to absolve sins and most of them will simulate that Sacrament.

Remain anchored to Christ's Church come what may.

These are my early-Sunday morning thoughts and hope they are helpful.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Petition asking Pope to cease and desist the destruction of catechesis and the family

If you have not done so already, I would like to ask you to take a moment and sign the petition.

I can't believe we are in the position of having to plead to a Pope to cease and desist from his planned kookery and preserve the Magisterium during the time he has the honor to be the centurion, but here we are.

It isn't the first time and it won't be the last.

Most recent Tom Foolery between Voris and Bishop Schneider, the Remnant, et al.

I did not follow the most recent dust up closely but I did read Bishop Schneider's statement that SSPX has done nothing 'weighty' to warrant the removal of their faculties and alienation from Christ's Church, blah, blah, blah.

I was really disappointed in Bishop Schneider. I thought he had more going on for himself.

Does SSPX have legitimate gripes about the catechesis and liturgical abuses by Vatican II nutcases?

Some of their gripes are, of course, legitimate. But with other gripes, they go right on into kookoo land themselves.

At the end of the day, there is nothing in the watered-down catechism that changed doctrine. It is pablum but the substance did not change or contradict Catholic theology.

Consequently, there was no 'weighty' reason for them to have ran off like petulant children. They have to admit to sufficient facts that they have been wrong and express their acceptance of the substance in the Catechism.

SSPX has been operating without faculties, simulating sacraments, performing illicit ordinations and episcopal elevations.

The fact that they won't accept the substance in the Catechism and they are off creating their own shtick makes them every bit as dangerous as the nuts who left the Church because they reject the substance of moral theology in the Catechism and are performing licit transubstantiations with puppets in the Holiday Inn.

If Bishop Schneider had penned a piece about the Holy See having no 'weighty reason' to continue to excommunicate 'women's ordination' groups, Bishop Schneider wouldn't have a sane person rushing to his defense.

The problem is, the Holy See should have pulled the trigger years ago and excommunicated SSPX. Just like the pedophiles and heretics. they let it ravage the vineyard. They are standing by frozen in fear, letting SSPX simulate sacraments and cause confusion and great harm.

Bishop Schneider's poophooing of the material and spiritual problems with SSPX was outlandish.

I have scratched the man off of the list of lucid shepherds and I would advise you to do the same.

The Bishop is smart, brave and has said many things that ring true in the absurdity of a papacy lining up heretics to spoon-feed us heresy from the counterfeit church they have built in Germany. But, he has blinders on and has used his pulpit in bad faith on this one. If he does it with this subject matter, he is not a reliable source.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Jesuit Priests at Boston College entrap students into murdering babies at Planned Parenthood.

A few days back, Crisis Magazine exposed how much rope the hierarchy of the Catholic Church have given Jesuits at Boston College during their 50 year reign of slaughtering souls.

In fact, at the same time Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley, OFM Cap, Chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities of the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), issued a statement decrying the “throwaway culture” that has “enslaved the hearts and minds of so many” through abortion and the selling of “fetal tissue” at Planned Parenthood, students enrolled in the sociology internship course at Boston College, one of Boston’s premier Catholic colleges, were encouraged to apply for internships at the Planned Parenthood League of Greater Boston.

I'm sure you have all watched the most recent video exposing Planned is so upsetting that I actually struggle to find the right words here, but our worst fears are true. The children are alive when Planned Parenthood employees plunge scissors into their tiny bodies to take their brains and organs.

Planned Parenthood's body parts business trains people to harvest organs from babies that are breathing and moving.

And the Jesuits have set up an internship programs at Catholic schools to ensnare students into the barbaric murders of children.

This really brings the asinine priorities of the Pope Francis papacy into the light, doesn't it?

I mean, with the library of complaints of corruption and malpractice against the order of Jesuits, this guy is running around trying to rid the Church of religious orders who say the Latin Mass. With the library of videos of the government funding the torture and dismemberment of live babies and the body parts business - the crusades of his papacy are against litterbugs.

After watching these madmen and infidels in Christ's priesthood slay souls for decades, the Holy Father has put peacock feathers on them for clapping fornication pride parades in St. Peter's Square and has spent two years asking us to clap with them.

Weeks away from explaining to our children, once again, that they need to listen to the prophets of this fifty-year diabolical poop show, he tells the press he doesn't have the faintest idea what the gripes against him are all about but he plans on listening to see if he can do something about them.

Please.  You are talking to people with mothers who taught them that actions and inaction speak louder than words.  You gave the demons jet fuel and set them loose in our families and homes and Church and world.

You want to do something about it?

Make a pit stop in Boston and stop by Morrissey Boulevard to pick up Boston Globe reporters before you go to Boston College to physically escort Fr Leahy out of Boston College.  Tell the press the era of liars and murderers forming minds and souls at Catholic Colleges has ended. Tell them the internships murdering babies was Fr Leahy's Waterloo. Tell them the salvation of souls means more to you than the dirt under your feet and the plight of bumble bees. Tell them it is safer to leave children in the hands of rapists than a priest who lures them into a life of unrepentant sin and murder. Tell them the reception of the Eucharist in this state physically feeds sin and strengthens the bonds to the devil and you will not rest until you remove every blasted one if them because that is your job.

Then get on the plane and change up the family circus you have planned in front of our children's eyes. Make every word that comes out of your mouth and the mouths of the people you appoint, lead them to sanctifying Grace. We don't want to hear another syllable about your edicts about caring for plants. Keep your commie ideas and your gaga for commie leaders out of our country and Church.

That is what you can do.

The Jesuits are luring students into internships to murder babies alive to harvests brains and the Chairman of your prolife committee has been in charge of his supervision and granting him license with the good old boy nudge and wink network and the inaction is your crown of accountability.

Boston Planned Parenthood Protest this Saturday August 22nd

From CJ

This Saturday, August 22, 2015, more than fifty pro-life organizations in nearly 300 cities across America will rally for a National Day of Protest, to demand that the gruesome butchers and callous organ harvesters of Planned Parenthood be de-funded, investigated, and prosecuted. Here in Boston, local pro-life groups will gather in front of the Planned Parenthood abortuary at 1055 Commonwealth Avenue in Allston, between 10am and 12 noon.

Among the organizations participating are Operation Rescue: Boston, 40 Days for Life/Boston, and the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts. Guest speakers will include Representative Jim Lyons (R-Andover); Father Michael McNamara; Bill Cotter, President of OR: Boston; Rita Russo, Campaign Director of 40 Days for Life; and C. J. Doyle, Executive Director of the Catholic Action League.

C. J. Doyle made the following comment: "We knew that Planned Parenthood embraced the ideology of Margaret Sanger. Now, we have confirmation that it employs the methodology of Joseph Mengele. With these horrifying revelations of Frankensteinian practices, the mask has been torn away. The veneer of respectability has been irretrievably shattered."

"For three quarters of a century, Planned Parenthood has carefully cultivated the elites of American society: U. S. Senator Prescott Bush, Katharine Houghton Hepburn, Mrs. Barry Goldwater. The facade has, finally, been demolished. The abattoir has been exposed. Now, when the evil name Planned Parenthood is heard, no one will think of the country club gentry. Instead, they will conjure images of the depraved, perverted physicians who committed hideous crimes in Nazi concentration camps and Japanese prisoner of war camps."

"What pro-lifers always knew, the rest of the world is beginning to perceive through the fog of media and government disinformation: that Planned Parenthood is a collection of moral monsters and mass murderers who destroy for profit innocent children on an industrial scale. Let us use all lawful means to put an end to this demonic entity, which wages ceaseless war against the Author of Life."

Please join us this Saturday from 10am to noon!

For more information, call Rita Russo at (781) 762-4391. A bus will provide transportation from Norwood and Dedham. For bus pick-up times and locations, please call Anne at (781) 769-5398, or email

Monday, August 17, 2015

Failure to preach Humanae Vitae has destroyed marriages and endangered children.

Outstanding assessment by Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons

It is difficult to understand why the Holy Father failed to cite in his recent statement the outstanding, merciful contribution to assist these families from St. John Paul II.

One of most challenging and painful aspects of my clinical work as a psychiatrist over the past forty years has been that of attempting to help youth, young adults and loyal spouses who have been severely traumatized by divorce. Psychological science has documented the life-long damage from divorce, particularly to young males who demonstrate difficulties in giving themselves successfully in school and in work.

The Holy Father’s additional criticism of the Church and her priests of causing harm for these youth by “additional weight beyond what the children in this situation have to bear” is completely unclear and inconsistent with my 40 years’ clinical experience with such families.

That's right. If it weren't for the 40 years of evidence from priests and bishops stacking the demons on the backs of families and children, Pope Francis ideas might get some traction within the ranks of catechized and practicing Catholics.

Who would look around at the state of the world and say to himself: "Gee, I know how to fix this. Let's march in the nutters to say adultery is virtue and silence what is left of teaching the tools for salvation"?

Oh wait!

The guy is up against the hand that rocks the cradle.

I wish him a lot of luck.

It should not go without notice that the opposition to Pope Francis' circus is coming from Catholics with impeccable reputations for faithfulness to Christ's Church and the Magisterium.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pope Francis Ushers in Another Era of Theological Skullduggery and Sissies

It's hard to keep up with, nevermind process the theological skullduggery of the weenies, isn't it?

I'll sometimes read a title of a story and my soul screams please don't feed me any more rat poison!

Pope Francis empowerment of this cretin to peepee on the Magisterium does not go without notice.

And, with more details coming out about the Holy Father's slithering about to empower the antiCatholic Cuban communists, the disgust of righteous Catholics can hardly be contained.

And the hoodwinking about sin continues to march on. I think we need to stop calling the gathering and empowerment of theological perverts 'the Kasper proposal'. It was the Kasper proposal when Kasper was proposing all by his little onseys in Germany. When Pope Francis called Kasper and told him to propose the proposal, it became the Pope Francis proposal.

Our friend Janet seems thinks the exposure of Maradiagas' heresy could lead to its removal. I hope she is right.

I have my reservations.

Pope Francis picked this guy because he liked his ideas and wants our children to assume them. That is going to take coming out of the proverbial closet and letting the agenda rip publicly.

If you recall, Pope Francis himself said plans were long in the making and all were aware they will receive resistance but they are going to do it anyway.

They have been waiting for this moment for decades. The closer we get to the synod, the more they will pull apart the curtain and the rats will stampede.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Souls of Aborted Babies (Fr. Nicholson)

This is a topic that has come up at TTC over the last week or so.

Fr. Nicholson explains Catholic theology on the souls of aborted babies.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cupich pish poshes murders of 54 million babies

Imagine living in Germany during the Third Reich and having a few handfuls of people in the country crying out to the bishops to say something about the murders and some bleephole of a bishop responds by saying "I saw the videos of Auschwitz. So what, there are people who can't afford to get their teeth fixed.

And when the Holy See hears it, the Pope brightens up and says "This man I simply must have on my team to shape Catholic families in the future".


Hardly a day passes when I don't find myself wanting to say Sit down and shut up.