Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I've changed my mind. I want his phone number.

Say it to his face.

When a priest disagrees with his bishop or when bishops disagree with each other, they must air their differences -- even loudly -- but never talk behind each other's backs, Pope Francis told the group of bishops and priests. A transcript of the pope's remarks was released by the Vatican July 27. "Say it to his face," the pope recommended.

"You're a man, so if you have something against your bishop, go and tell him. There may be consequences, but pick up your cross, be a man!"

A mother and grandmother has a lot more at stake than a celibate man.

I've got a glass or two of lemonade I'd like him to swallow.

Pope Francis Ten Tips for Happiness - Folk Wisdom from Dalai Franka

Pope Francis doozy to the Pentecostals shed some light on his canard about happiness.

I thought to myself, "Oh,I get it. He's giving out advice to make people feel good about themselves when they're in a state of mortal sin."

And brother, are the poor uncatechized slobs of this world ever going to need it.

This is brutal, isn't it?

If the translation is accurate, in the Pope's speech to the Pentecostals, he actually announced heresy, apostasy and the separation of countless immortal souls from Christ's Church should be 'celebrated' as 'diverrsity'.

It's clear Archbishop Chaput is troubled by the dissatisfaction with the folk wisdom of Dalia Franka.

Through the years, Archbishop Chaput has forged a special bond with Catholics who know true happiness and peace of mind and spirit can never be found outside of a state of sanctifying grace.

I'm sure he is getting an earful from people for whom he holds a great deal of respect.

There is one flaw in Ab Chaput's thesis that I have found repeats itself when people try to urge mothers to accept the antidote of watching the faith of their children unravel in the switcheroo from Sanctifing Grace to cheap grace.

They keep trying telling us that Pope Francis believes in the teachings of the Church.

Nobody sound and rational is disputing that Pope Francis himself is faithful to the teachings of the Church.

What they don't seem to get is, we are not interested in his personal set of values and his personal practices. Our dissatisfaction is related to his actual job: teaching our children and the people we love what to believe.

So when the Pope suggests the worst thing to do is evangelize the teachings of the Church or we should let apostasy live and let live or 'celebrate' the 'diversity' of the people we love moseying on down the road to a protestant church - and all the other nonsense that has been the fruit of lo these 500 days, we take no comfort in the proposition that Pope Francis knows his own way to Heaven.

God bless him, I hope he makes it.

But I am beside myself about he is teaching our children to believe is the path to their salvation.

If Archbishop Chaput believes there is some place in Heaven where prelates who have misled souls reside, I do not join him in that delusion, but where Pope Francis goes for his eternal place of rest is not on my radar.

If over the course of 500 days, the Pope taught our children faithfulness to teachings of the Church, these ten suggestions would be benign. They may actually be welcomed.

Even if he said nothing to instruct our people how to make judgments on the deposit of faith, the ten suggestions wouldn't stand out like a sore thumb.

But Pope Francis has repeatedly and consistently given our children the message he's come along to show us all the key to happiness is poopoohing 2000 years of judgments in the deposit of faith and focusing on what everyone does with money. You can sleep around, take contraception, murder your children, go to the protestant church -- so long as you donate time and money, you are on the path to salvation. Anyone who is honest has to agree this is the message of this papacy.

Pope Francis has painted himself as the white horse who is going to save Christ's Church from the faithfulness to Christ's teachings which is making the world miserable.

Unrepentant, murderers feel emotions that might temporarily lift their spirit when playing with their children and could in fact spend 24 hours of their day following the Pope's 10 suggestions, but they are nothing but distractions. The state of their soul controls their intellect which in turn controls their emotions. Outside of a state of grace, those wires are frazzled.

Leisure is not going to fix the problem any more than the drugs the shrinks are passing out like candy.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fr. Pepe's Dirty Dancing

The only better name for him is Fr. Poopoo.

In new interview, Pope Francis caricatures Communism as Christianity.

The Pope has put himself into the spotlight again with another "interview" and the first reports indicate it is another doozy.

The oppressive, immoral, atheist political science whose goal includes apartheid of Christianity helps poor people he said, and so that makes it Christian.

This reminds me of grammar school at St Mark's when the class clown would hijack a lesson by yelling out something he thought was clever or funny.

There was no need for the mass tranquilization of children with Ritalin when the nuns were allowed to pull them out of class by the shirt and tell them to knock it off.

I saw the pic of Pope Frank tooling around in the cafeteria with workmen wearing blue shirts.

I could imagine myself in that predicament... thinking to myself "on no, here he comes".

How long do you think I'd last before I would say, "Begging the pardon of His Holiness, while I'd love to sit and shoot the breeze, every time I see your face I'm reminded of my children and the people I love who now think the principles of Catholic moral theology are only followed by kooks on the fringe - so I'm going to mosey on over to another table to each my tuna sandwich and chips. Pray for me and have a great day. "

Before its over,I wouldn't be surprised to see pics on instagram of him coming out for morning coffee in his robe and slippers without his dentures.

You know, the regular schmoe code of conduct for future men elected to chair of Peter.

Reports are beginning to surface on the agenda for the Synod. If they are accurate, in the chaos of Captain Quigg worrying about the strawberries, the City of Rome has been hijacked by madmen.

The tailspin from the alleged proposed theologically asinine agenda will be irreversible. We ain't seen nuttin yet.

We just ain't seen nuttin yet.

The real pity is watching the nightmare unfold and realizing there isn't a single person in Rome who has the courage to yank him out by the shirt and tell him to knock it off.

UPDATE: The consistent and disturbing theological message from Pope Francis should be recognized in this outstanding article on "the fundamental option" which (evidently) grew out of the theological turmoil following "Vatican II".

Fundamental option separates specific moral actions from a more general – fundamental – orientation of life. It holds, therefore, that specific sins do not bear on the status of one’s soul, or on the destination of one’s soul after death. All that matters for salvation, in this view, is that one “fundamentally” lives for God rather than evil.

This is precisely what our loved ones are regurgitating from Pope Francis jumbled messages.

The author does a great job quoting St. John Paul II condemnation of 'the fundamental option'.

With every freely committed mortal sin, he offends God as the giver of the law and as a result becomes guilty with regard to the entire law (cf. Jas 2:8-11); even if he perseveres in faith, he loses sanctifying grace, charity and eternal happiness.

I had never heard of 'fundamental option' before, but instinctively recognized the problems in the execution of judgment and spiritual practices each time Pope Francis invites journalists to publish his thoughts and remarks.

The author also articulates, I think succintly, the same thoughts and questions I have - we all have:

The sheer menace of fundamental option and its patent disregard of Church teaching spark some pressing questions. What would possess someone who should know better to teach this most dangerous and most destructive distortion? What benefit does the teacher gain by proffering a bogus path to salvation? Surely he knows that he himself will not be the arbiter of his students’ eternal fates. Why, then, teach his own theory of salvation when he could teach the means taught directly by the Judge Himself?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Obama Agrees to Revise Mandate to Outsource Providing Putana Pills

Obviously, this is a week I probably shouldn't be blogging!

The rules, which are still being worked out, will provide an "alternative way for objecting nonprofit religious organizations to provide notification," according to the White House.

We can't sign any stinking form that entraps others into doing what we know results in a spiritual suicide or physical homicide.

It isn't rocket science: Let the government notify them they can go right down to CVS, pull five dollars out of their own wallets and buy their own contraception.

Fr. Pavone expresses the level of trust Obama has earned with Catholics:

But Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, told LifeNews that he doesn’t trust the Obama administration to adequately accommodate pro-life groups that object to the mandate.

“The Priests for Life lawsuit against the HHS mandate is the next to be decided, having already had oral arguments in the nation’s second most influential Court, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. At the crux of the issue is that our completion of the form required under the “accommodation” given to religious non-profit groups constitutes cooperation in the very evil that the form says we are objecting to,” he told LifeNews.com.

He said, “If the government just kept us out of the process altogether of either triggering, authorizing, or in any fashion being the gateway for employees to receive coverage for objectionable practices, that would satisfy our concerns. Of course, we would have to carefully examine any changes the Administration makes to its current policy, in order to verify that what our faith considers immoral cooperation is completely excluded.”

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Bishops Doth Protest Too Much

Reading the news, the world is really in a free fall, isn't it.

Obama's army of Christ killers are marking the homes of Christians in the Middle East for the planned executions as the son of beezabul vacations on the Vineyard.

It took a long time to get to this point in time and as far as I am concerned, the Bishops have as much blood on their hands as the Democrats. The Bishops are worse because though they knew the truth, they collaborated in the subversion of it. They traded the salvation of their people for a seat at the table with corrupt politicians. They continue to do it to this day.

As the cronies of the agenda were brainwashing our children in schools, parishes, as civil law robbed us of the constitutional right to refuse to do harm to the soul or physical body of another human being, they honored the politicians, sat silent through the slaughters or worse, maligned Catholics who attempted to save Christ's people from it - including the people we loved. They stood at arms length from it all, thinking they had no accountability for people they had set up for spiritual suicide.

Their pious exchanges and publicity stunts with politicians and their cronies is their coup de grace to their uncatechized and wounded countrymen.

Ecce Homo.

I know more than I ever want to know. It was like having a front row seat to the USCCB seated beside Nero in the stadium chomping on grapes and escargot as they tortured and killed Christians below.

The most compelling example was the outsourcing of abortions. Many years have passed and I still can't get over their willingness to deliberately entrap hundreds of thousands of souls into killing other people. I knew in that moment we were toast.

Up until this point in time the situations didn't really put their own hands-on the gun to pull the proverbial trigger but I knew the day would come.

They are all in a dither and a dather over Obama's executive order.

I couldn't agree more with Janet.

It was ok when teachers and doctors and nurses and cabdrivers and pharmacists and priests and children had to carry out the orders, contracts and edicts they negotiated with politicians.

As the policies start circling their own wagons, the crybabying from the USCCB has finally commenced.

Cry me a river.

Last Christians Alive Flee Iraq

These headlines claim that Barack Hussein remains silent as the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Iraq is in its final hours.

He helped supply the guns and is behind the murderers.

That is his statement.

New Bishop of Rochester Blowing Off the Stink of Mattie Clark

Priests give homilies, lay people sit in the pews.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Somebody want to drop a dime?

Found in blogosphere:

"A good example of this irrational block is a discussion of transubstantiation. A Protestant who is ignorant of the teaching might think Catholics believe that the bread and wine are transformed physically into human flesh and blood."

Anyone want to venture a guess as to what Father thinks is irrational about that?

I wonder what he is explaining as happening?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A prolife reader asks, where is Cardinal O'Malley?

As legislators are furiously trying to overrule the SCOTUS and write another piece of unconstitutional legislation that gives a patrolman in a cruiser the power to jail and fine Eleanor McCullen $10,000, everyone has been asking the question - Where is Waldo?

Since Eleanor McCullen is a fairly decent benefactor to the Archdiocese, one would think the Cardinal would speak out against the character assassination of her prayerful and gentle work saving lives and souls and the retaliation tactics of the politicians who have a stake in the killing of babies be as they don't have any desire to give shelter, formula and diapers to American unwed mothers.

Who knew, all this time the government would be willing to put up six thousand dollars a month to give food and shelter to a needy child?

Who knew Cardinal O'Malley would zoom in front of a camera to help advocate food and shelter for children so long as they are not American children.

"I can help with housing, medical — we work with St. Elizabeth's, just down the road, and everything is free," she says, walking with the women as they approach the door.

Martha Coakley and the sled dogs of a government whose answer is to murder children rather than give them free or cheap stuff they need don't wan't people like Eleanor McCullen and Bill Cotter offering women the help they need. They don't want them to know help is out there.

Planned Parenthood invents all kinds of boogeymen that the police are not able to find. The reality is, these are people, most are retired or clergy, who are offering women help and praying.

Here's the 'threat' to 'public safety':

"Good morning, Jesus loves you," said Mary O'Donnell, an 82-year old woman carrying rosaries and pamphlets who arrived at the center at 7 a.m.

Why would the Cardinal sit silent as these heroes are being maligned as violent thugs who need to be fined $10,0000 and jailed at an arbitrary judgment of a patrolman who receives a false allegation?

The United States Chairman of the Prolife Committee is nowhere to be found on this critical battle in the saving of lives and the constitutional rights of Catholics.

Yesterday, while standing in line at an amusement park in New Hampshire, I got a phone call that there was a sighting.

Cardinal O'Malley was on television with Governor Deval Patrick.

I know what you're thinking.

Was he advocating for housing, formula, diapers and other things necessary to stop Deval Patrick and Martha Coakley from killing the children?

Was there a big announcement on a collaborative effort to feed, house and clothe the children and their mothers?

No. Eleanor will go to jail and the poorhouse, the children will be put to death and their mother handed over to the devil without a peep from Cardinal O'Malley.

He was on television helping Barack Obama find housing for the invasion of illegal alien to advance the collapse of our country.

Boston Catholic Insider has said everything on the subject matter that needs to be said.

I encourage all to read it.

Helping Deval and Martha find homes for illegals are more important than stopping them from killing American children who are protected by the Constitution of the United States.