Tuesday, December 12, 2017

"Alpha" = Another BirdBrained Catechetical Program

Readers tell me this program has made the rounds in the Archdiocese of Boston.

This," Byrnes asserted, "really reflects the genius of something like Alpha ... We're giving really just the essentials, and it's not Protestant essentials, it's not even Orthodox essentials, it's not Catholic essentials — it's the essentials of being a Christian."

In other words, Catholic essentials are not "the essentials of being a Christian."

I wonder if this is the program that defined the Blessed Trinity as "Two men with beards and a bird"?! When I heard about it, I remember calling the evangelization office to tell them what they should already know and they told me the program was 'meeting people where they're at'.

If people are signing up for catechetical programs, they're not doing to it remain 'where they're at' - they're trying to kick 'where they're at' up a few notches.

Nobody this side of the moon wants to hear that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is two men with beards and a bird.

Medjugorje Update: You can fly to Bosnia to go to Church.

I was surprised to read the latest comments from the Francis team at Medjugorje a few days back.

Speaking to Aleteia last week, Archbishop Henryk Hoser said: “Today dioceses and other institutions can organize official pilgrimages. It is no longer a problem.”

He also said: “The devotion of Medjugorje is allowed. It’s not prohibited, and need not be done in secret.”

I would think before a local bishop could make a statement in a newspaper, we would first get the changed status from the Vatican. I hate to say it, but I concluded this was just another screwball contradiction of the Magisterium. I mean the real Magisterium.

But the bishop backtracked today. I had to read the message a few times to crack the code. He's articulating the current position of the Church: If you'd like to organize a pilgrimage to Bosnia to go to Mass, knock yourselves out - the 'seers' and their "messages" are forbidden - we're all waiting for the shoe to drop - and it isn't "if" but "when".

So it appears he misspoke. There's a lot of that going around

Save yourself the money and work, get in your car and go to your local parish.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Jerusalem, herald of good news!

I absolutely LOVE watching the Crucifix lifted high in the air come down the aisles in procession at Mass.   Christ, Triumphant, in all His Glory, going out before les miserables, leading us.  I am reminded how many warriors, martyrs and saints walked behind the Crucifix lifted high on their way to do something heroic, in Christ's Name, in times of persecution.

Yesterday, our Iraqi brothers and sisters were very much on my mind as I watched Christ Crucified leading His Priests and people.   A year after ending of the Obama administration, Iraq has been liberated from the Obama-financed-and-supported ISIS ethnic cleansing of Christians.

Christians have returned.  Here they are at Mass.

I couldn't hold back the tears as I thought about how they felt as Christ Crucified made His way to His Altar.

And the readings yesterday hit the bullseye.  As they always do.

Comfort, give comfort to my people,
says your God.
Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and proclaim to her
that her service is at an end,
her guilt is expiated;
indeed, she has received from the hand of the LORD
double for all her sins.

A voice cries out:
In the desert prepare the way of the LORD!
Make straight in the wasteland a highway for our God!
Every valley shall be filled in,
every mountain and hill shall be made low;
the rugged land shall be made a plain,
the rough country, a broad valley.
Then the glory of the LORD shall be revealed,
and all people shall see it together;
for the mouth of the LORD has spoken.

Go up on to a high mountain,
Zion, herald of glad tidings;
cry out at the top of your voice,
Jerusalem, herald of good news!
Fear not to cry out
and say to the cities of Judah:
Here is your God!
Here comes with power
the Lord GOD,
who rules by his strong arm;
here is his reward with him,
his recompense before him.
Like a shepherd he feeds his flock;
in his arms he gathers the lambs,
carrying them in his bosom,
and leading the ewes with care.

Pretty amazing.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Boston's Pastoral Planning Advisory Board Presents Findings to Priests

I have to confess that as soon as I come across an article with a title like "Boston's Pastoral Planning Advisory Board Presents Findings to Priests",  I immediately say to myself "this is going to be a doozy". And it never fails to disappoint.

Consisting of seven laypeople and one priest, the PPAB was founded in 2014 to evaluate the implementation of Disciples in Mission.
SEVEN lay people and ONE priest.  Are ya kidding me???   Why not seven deacons and one priest?

Disciples in Mission is the archdiocesan revitalization/evangelization program while closing and merging parishes.  A tough job under any circumstances.  Still, I remain perplexed by the things Archdiocesan leaders think, do and say.

The Disciples in Mission program would be successful if priests saw conversions, increased numbers in the Sacrament of Confession, Christ in the Eucharist with an understanding of what it's all about. How is it possible they thought its leadership should be seven lay people and one priest?

The article goes on to describe the feedback from priests across the diocese:

  • About half said since becoming a pastor of a collaborative, there has been less time to pray and connect with parishioners
  • About 90 percent said that in multi-cultural parishes, it has become more difficult to retain relationships with parishioners.
  • A little over half of the pastors said Disciples in Mission has had a negative impact on their physical and mental health, and they have experienced more stress, anxiety, and less free time.
  • Over half of the pastors said it is now harder to maintain personal relationships with friends and family, and most pastors said their relationships with parishioners have suffered. However, they noted that relationships with staff are strong.
  • Many pastors also listed financial restraints, as well as time restraints, as having a large impact.

Other than that Mrs. Kennedy, how was the parade?

Here comes my favorite part of the article:  The feedback from Archdiocesan officials.

John Straub, chief financial officer (CFO) and chancellor of the archdiocese, noted that Disciples in Mission has been successful.

After an initial financial drop-off, he said, parishes in collaboratives have seen, on average, a two percent gain in collections.

The program's success is measured on the money, the money, the money.   If the priests have no relationships with the people, there is no knowledge or interactions between them and the priests are curled up into a ball from exhaustion and stress, this is not a benchmark that tells you how the program is going.

And, after the Cardinal listened to priests tell him how they feel, he said he's got some thinking to do:

Responding to concerns over personal health, Cardinal O'Malley pointed to a recent study by the archdiocese's Clergy Funds, which indicated that overall, priests are healthier, in part thanks to a number of new mental and physical health programs the archdiocese provides.

The study "seems to show our health seems to be a little better, actually,"  (WUT???!!)  the cardinal said, although he made it clear that he also would be taking the feedback into consideration. (Ya think?)

It's the age-old question that bewilders luminaries who work in a chancery:

Is it the people you've convened to produce a 'study' that tells you what you want to hear or the priests actual descriptions of what's happening to them when their feet hit the floor - which one elucidates factual information?

Another unsolved mystery in a Chancery.

More importantly, why wouldn't it occur to them that their job is to provide solid spiritual health programs for priests who are out to steam?   They are not an extension of the local gym or mental health clinic.

I have to admit that the dishonesty is getting to me, especially when it comes from within.   Sometimes I spend way too much time going back and forth with people who are unwilling or incapable of unraveling the dishonesty.   Sometimes, I do it to back the dishonesty into the corner until all observers, excepting the advocate, see it is absurd, but how low the advocate is willing to sink into dishonesty and chicanery is exasperating.    I'm not out of steam, but the older I get, the less I want to spend my time and energy subjecting myself to it.  

Fr. Rutler describes the dishonesty in his weekly column this week as Orwellian insanity.   He also reminds us of the service and duty to Christ.   I'm doing the best I can but, admittedly, some days and some situations, I just don't have the bandwidth!

Father Rutler's Weekly Column

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

As a chaplain in a state mental hospital, I quickly learned two things. First, sometimes it was easy to mistake a psychiatrist for one of the patients. Second, and more importantly, the mentally ill can be highly intelligent. If one begins with an illogical premise, one may convincingly make a fallacy seem cogent. An unfortunate man in a locked ward who thinks he is Napoleon Bonaparte can almost convince a visitor that he is there because he lost the battle of Waterloo.

Insanity is not a lack of brains; it is a lack of judgment. The Second Sunday of Advent focuses on the right use of reason, in preparation for the coming of Christ the Logos, the source of all creation. He is the Righteous Judge because he is supremely logical, and it would be a form of madness not to expect the Logos to be so.

Our society has employed cleverness to justify moral madness, rationalizing a radical overhaul of social order as “hope and change.” George Orwell anticipated this in his “doublethink” which means holding two contradictory beliefs simultaneously and accepting both of them, so that, for instance, ignorance is strength, war is peace, freedom is slavery. Currently there are those who call censored speech “freedom of speech” and redistribution of wealth “income equality,” and who varnish anarchy as “resistance.” Infanticide is responsible parenthood, infidelity is independence, decadence is progress, common sense is bias, and natural law is hate speech. When the modern moral collapse euphemized as “sexual liberation” redefined vice as freedom, defective judgment unleashed a host of contradictions, so that the very institutions that promoted libertinism affect to be scandalized when celebrities are revealed to have done precisely what the euphemizers wanted. Like Casablanca’s Captain Renault they are “Shocked! Shocked!”

“Doublethinkers” cannot cope with the consequences of their manipulation of logic. Immature students riot when a professor disagrees with them, and voters scream at the sky when an election does not go their way. Their intolerance calls itself tolerance, but it is the false kind of tolerance which, as Chesterton said, is the virtue of the man without convictions.

The same people who ask “Who am I to judge?” judge right judgment to be tactlessly judgmental, and they politicize the judiciary to appoint justices who will usurp the function of legislators. Certainly, our Lord forbids any attempt to judge the human heart or the fate of a soul (Matthew 7:2), but blurring the line between right and wrong, which the theologians call antinomianism, turns an entire culture into a raucous asylum.

“If I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand” (Ezekiel 3:18).

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pot, meet the Kettle.

As you no doubt know, over the last few days, the Holy Father said nobody before him was smart enough to notice the Our Father was incorrectly translated and everyone has been saying the Our Father wrong for 2000 years.

Suddenly, he's worried about correcting theological misunderstandings. If he would only get to the long list of his own.

In any event, the Pope said the Our Father has been teaching 2000 years of Catholics to believe God tempts us to sin by leading us to debauchery - and we have to ask him not to.

I don't know anyone who thinks that, do you? Who are these mysterious people?

One would have to be completely ignorant of the nature of God to believe He, and not the devil, is the force behind leading us to break Commandments.

The Our Father doesn't need a sophisticated theological scholar to understand. I learned the prayer at 3 and I was capable of grasping that "lead us not into temptation" asked God, who is the Good Shepherd, to counsel and guide us when we encounter the wiles of...wait for it.. the devil.

Temptation is the spiritual marathon that develops and matures love, trust and the tools the soul and intellect need to guide us to salvation. It's in the category that "all things work together for the good of those who love God".

Bishop Sheen gives a good explanation of temptation in the Life of Christ. He reminds us that Christ and the angels pass through temptation as an act of choice to prove love because words are not enough.

"The defenses of the soul are seen at their strongest when the evil which has been resisted is also strong. The presence of temptation does not necessarily imply moral imperfection on the part of the one who is tempted. In that case, Our Divine Lord could not have been tempted at all. An inward tendency toward evil, such as man has, is not a necessary condition for an onslaught of temptation. The temptation of Our Blessed Lord came only from without, and not from within as ours so often do. What was at stake in the trial of Our Lord was not the perversion of natural appetites to which the rest of men are tempted; rather, it was an appeal to Our Lord to disregard His Divine Mission and His Messianic work. The temptation that comes from without does not necessarily weaken character; indeed, when conquered, it affords an opportunity for holiness to increase. If he was to be the Pattern Man, He would have to teach us how to gain holiness by overcoming temptation....The tempter was sinful, but the One tempted was innocent.

It is part of the discipline of God to make his loved ones perfect through trial and suffering. Only by carrying the Cross can one reach the Resurrection."

It seems to me that the Holy Father, like many, is kidding himself into thinking the problems we face in the Church are about a sudden inability of people to learn their faith. But the reality he doesn't want to face is, ordained men don't want to teach it.

There are a host of reasons for that.

Over the many years of watching ordained men avoid the hard work of catechizing their people, absolving their sins and restoring their souls with the properties in the Divinity of Christ, every time they start 'leading people into temptation' with banality and heresy, I can't help thinking that cowardice and the sin of sloth is probably the least of their problems.

Some of them have taken lovers or wish they had. Most of them have abandoned their vocation to pursue their own insatiable need to be praised and adored. (Which is actually a sin against the First Commandment). We see the same fatal flaw in the vocations of mothers and fathers.

Of all the things ordained men incorrectly translate, the Our Father is very low on the list.

Take a look at this Act of Contrition found in missalettes:

Sinning is stripped of the consequences behind the choices we make: Hell. It fails to teach the absolution of sin once again gives the person the chance to live their eternity in Heaven.

Our people do not know, more than ever through this papacy, that Commandments are still in force and breaking them sends us to Hell and robs us of Heaven. All the sacrilegious communion he advises them to take does not change this reality.

If the Holy Father started working on correcting the misinterpretations of his own papacy, we'd be getting somewhere.

The irony in the Holy Father's statement does not go unnoticed:

"... it's not the Lord that tempts. It is not He that pushes me into temptation and then sees how I fall," Francis said in Italian. "A father does not do this. A father quickly helps those who are provoked into Satan's temptation."

Exactly. And I think the question on everyone's mind is, why do you do it?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Catholics Who Live with No Firm Purpose of Amendment

Fr. Ripperger defines a recidivist.

I worry that the Holy Father's is sentencing future generations of Catholics with some of these characteristics

  • No intention to change his/her ways.
  • No improvement in avoiding sin.
  • No attempt to overcome and root out vice and sin.
  • No contrition for sin

As Father Ripperger brilliantly explains (as usual!), people living this way have no remedy for defects in their disposition.

Catholics following the instructions of Pope Francis are being brainwashed into following their sinful appetites.

What a curve ball in the decaying culture of death. I always anticipated that Christ's promises would mean the battles would be external and the Holy Father would help us preserve our children from the wiles of the devil outside of the Church. I'm stressing out that he's joined the chorus of brainwashing diabolical nonsense!

I've read where Ed Peters and others are finding consolation that the Holy Father's attempt to incorporate heresy into the Magisterium did not abrogate Canon 915.

I can't get any traction with the thrill.

I suppose they are thinking for those awake, alert and oriented, this gives them the Canonical license to reject the counterfeit "magisterium", without opening oneself to disciplinary actions?

Where the rubber hits the road, we have a solid 40% of priests who are unfaithful that will use the counterfeit 'magisterium' to mislead people we love. Maybe I'm underestimating how the canons will come into play, so please feel free to set me straight if there's something I'm not seeing - but I just don't see how that is going to help us. I suppose it means it will be all the more important to get out of parishes with priests who teach apostasy but an awful lot of people will be putting a lot of mileage on their cars.

Monday, December 4, 2017

My Thoughts on Red Rose Rescues

I never heard of Red Rose Rescues until this weekend when a post came across my Facebook page of Fr. Imbaratto's arrest. He was apparently arrested in September for a similar incident.

Fr. Imbaratto is an associate of Priests for Life, but sources have explained that Fr. Imbaratto is doing this independent from Priests for Life (which is not surprising).

Here's a description of Red Rose Rescues.

In a nutshell, the people involved are going into the waiting room of abortion clinics.

Once inside the clinics, small teams of pro-lifers peacefully approached mothers seated in the waiting rooms and offered them red roses as a symbol of life. Attached to each rose was a card which on one side read,”You were made to love and to be loved … Your goodness is greater than the difficulties of your situation. Circumstances in life change. A new life, however tiny, brings the promise of unrepeatable joy.” The card also contained phone numbers of local pregnancy help centers.

These rescues did not involve the blockading of abortion center entrances or procedure rooms. When police officers arrived on the scene, pro-lifers attempted to continue conversation with women or sat on the floor praying quietly or singing hymns until they were placed under arrest, organizers said.

“Those involved in the “Red Rose Rescue” talked to women scheduled for abortions, extending to them words of encouragement and offering material help. In addition to reaching out to the mothers, the rescuers chose to remain in the clinic as an act of solidarity with the unborn children scheduled to be killed by abortionists. The rescuers, like any others who recognize an urgent situation, responded to dire circumstances of imminent peril in a spirit of intervention on behalf of innocent babies and beleaguered mothers,” organizers informed LifeNews.

Organizers say they have a legal right to rush onto property to stop a man from beating his wife or killing a person, so they believe this legal right then extends to stopping women from having abortions.

I'm not sure what lawyer would give that opinion, but I hope they didn't pay for it!

Assault and battery and killing people outside of a womb are illegal acts. There is no corporation whose business is killing people outside of the womb. Abortion clinics, unfortunately, are conducting the business of killing unborn babies legally - so no right exists to enter the lobby of the business and undertake the actions described above. In some cases, one could trespass onto the property of a business owner to stop the criminal activity of its employees or customers.

I spoke to advocates at length and they seem to take the position that everyone who has any conviction that contradicts civil law has the right to come onto private property and interfere with your constitutional and civil rights to lobby your clients or attendees.

Using their own logic, they would approve of giving the same rights to abortion activists to talk about abortion options in the lobby of prolife pregnancy centers. Gay couples to burst into Catholic Sacrament of Marriage? The possibilities about this 'right' are endless and we do not come out on the winning team.

Setting aside for a moment that this conduct is criminal and unconstitutional, the real problem is, this gives proaborts the ammunition they need to broaden "safe zone" areas in front of abortion clinics. The consequence of this is: The boots on the ground in front of clinics are pushed too far to make a difference in saving lives. Meaning more babies die.

Advocates say buffer zones were 'struck down' by the Supreme Court. But that is meaningless. The reality is, the country is in control of activists who are anarchists. Here is what happened in Boston after the Supreme Court ruled buffer zones violate the First Amendment.

We are in a worse situation than we were before Supreme Court ruling. And just like Romneycare, this tyranny has the potential to be put into place when activists give them the ammunition by breaking laws.

Prudence is a virtue.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Has the Pope Responded to the Dubia with an act of Formal Heresy?

I believe its really important to remind everyone that the sneaky and deceptive way the Holy Father is handling the response to his errors is dishonorable--and this has done irreparable harm to his unity with Catholics who oppose the 'ministry' of  the encouragement of mortal sin by ordained men.

There is no reason why an honest, pastoral person acting in good faith would not and could not respond to the dubia.

There appears to be another passive-aggressive development.

his week, the Vatican's organ for promulgating the Official Acts of the Apostolic See, Acta Apostolicae Sedis (AAS), has published its October 2016 issue, containing Pope Francis' infamous Letter to the Buenos Aires Bishops. AAS not only published this letter, declaring that there are "no other interpretations" ("No hay otras interpretaciones") of Amoris Laetitia other than those of the Buenos Aires bishops, but it also published the full Buenos Aires guidelines themselves, which permit Holy Communion in some cases for couples in a state of permanent and public adultery who are not committed to living in complete continence.

Most significantly, AAS upgrades Pope Francis' private letter to the Buenos Aires bishops to the official magisterial status of an "Apostolic Letter" ("Epistola Apostolica") - AND it includes a special rescript as an addendum by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State. This rescript declares that Pope Francis expressly intends that BOTH documents - the pope's letter and the Buenos Aires guidelines themselves- bear the character of his "authentic Magisterium", and that the pope personally ordered their publication in AAS and on the Vatican website.

Under Canon 8 § 1 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, the AAS is the regular method by which "universal ecclesiastical laws" are to be promulgated: “Universal ecclesiastical laws are promulgated by publication in the official commentary Acta Apostolicae Sedis, unless some other manner of promulgation has been prescribed in particular cases.” While most papal documents appearing in AAS lack canonical or disciplinary force, the Pope's rescript at the hand of Cardinal Parolin is clearly intended to give the Buenos Aires Guidelines a significant level of Magisterial authority in the interpretation of Amoris Laetitia.

The pope's use of the term "authentic magisterium" is especially troubling because it appears intended to trigger Canon 752, to purportedly require "religious submission of the intellect and will" to the Buenos Aires guidelines' overturning of the traditional teaching of the Church:

Can. 752 Although not an assent of faith, a religious submission of the intellect and will must be given to a doctrine which the Supreme Pontiff or the college of bishops declares concerning faith or morals when they exercise the authentic magisterium, even if they do not intend to proclaim it by definitive act; therefore, the Christian faithful are to take care to avoid those things which do not agree with it.
In paragraph 6 of the Buenos Aires guidelines, now explicitly to be treated as belonging to Pope Francis' "authentic magisterium", the allowance for communion in cases of couples in a state of adultery without living in complete continence is made explicit...

Read the rest at Rorate Caeli.

I believe this is a checkmate.

Can't forsee how any legitimate faithful theologian and canonist who could find a defense from a charge of formal heresy.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Cardinal O'Malley's Bromance with Political Predators

Below, our friend CJ Doyle has more news for us on Cardinal O'Malley's endless bromancing of proaborts politicians. Sometimes, I can't tell the difference between his events from the South Shore branch of NARAL.

I wonder if Cardinal O'Malley realizes that what he's doing is a more serious spiritual crime than honoring sexual predators?

Cardinal O'Malley is one of the worst offenders of this spiritual malpractice.

What kind a of spiritual mentor of priests would recruit Marty Walsh as the featured speaker of an event whose purpose is the "Celebration of the Priesthood"?

Do you mean to tell me there isn't one person in the Chancery with the spinal fortitude to say, "Your Eminence, the theme of this event is holiness. We want the men to leave the building with talking points that focuses on the mission of salvation, prayer, Sacraments. Marty Walsh is not an appropriate motivator of the virtues we hope to cultivate and inspire in the celebration of the priesthood. Let's scratch him off the list and consider dynamic spiritual leaders like Monsignor Charles Pope, Fr. George Rutler, Fr. Chad Ripperger, as they are the right pool of speakers for this event. Let's get a list together of people who can talk about holiness, good Liturgical Music and homilies."

Even Bishop Barron, whom I admit derails from time-to-time, would be lightyears ahead of Marty Walsh on my guest-speaker list to celebrate and motivate priests.

I don't understand the dynamics in a Chancery. There is nothing outside of the universe of proabort politicians and frumpy post-menopausal women who dole out pablum. They haven't had a fresh idea in thirty years. The culture is so fiercely protected by modernists that its been impossible for people of good faith to shepherd any project towards the real work of spiritual renewal.

For example, here is some coverage of their latest leadership conference.

'There's no silver bullet in forming intentional disciples,"

"spoke about the importance of having a vision for your parish. We need to have a vision and know why we exist as a Church. Quoting Pope Paul VI's Evangelii Nuntiandi, he said the Church "exists to evangelize." Once we know that and set about our task of evangelization, Vidal added, we'll begin to see the fruit of our evangelization efforts when we start seeing disciples springing up in our parishes, each discovering their charisms and living out their vocations"
"Working to develop a culture of discipleship bears spiritual fruit in our parishes, but it also bears financial fruit. "When we spend our energy and efforts to call forth discipleship in others, they will take care of our (parishes) because disciples give generously,"

He then talked about mission, saying the mission of the parish is three-fold. First, parishioners need to hear Jesus' call to be his disciples. Second, once we hear the call, we need to decide to give our lives entirely over to Jesus. And third, then we share in his ministry.

With all due respect to people of good will who organized this conference, these clich├ęs, proverbs and euphenisms do not leave a single attendee with a single solitary idea on what in God's Name you are talking about.

They want to know how to circumvent the demoralization of their children by teachers at public school.

They want to know what the latest effective resources and programs are for keeping young adults connected to the Church after Confirmation.

They want to know what resources and programs are effective in teaching people to pray better, stay connected to the Sacraments.

They need to be shown what benchmarks to capitalize upon to reconnect disconnected Catholics - what to look for, what to do and say, what programs to have in place.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Every year, disconnected Catholics come to us and we are not recognizing, nor capitalizing, upon these opportunities.

Disconnected Catholics:
  • Register their children to receive Holy Communion.
  • Register their children to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation
These two things alone represent significant numbers of people we need concrete ideas and programs to reconnect these families to their faith.

Disconnected Catholics:

  • Call when their relatives are dying
  • Call when their parents tell them they won't attend their wedding unless it's a Sacrament of the Catholic Church
Parish leaders need specific ideas on resources and programs to draw in these disconnected Catholics, how many people it takes to run the program and what kinds of qualifications/gifts to look for in volunteers assigned.  

Organizing a conference of parish volunteers to tell them the Church exists to evangelize, we need people, and people will hear the call, then we'll share in a ministry, is a colossal waste of time and missed opportunities.  They cannot crack the code.

We've got to do better than this.  Worthy is the Lamb.

Here's CJ's Update:


(617) 524-6309


I. More Church platforms for proponents of abortion and sodomy

Catholics in Political Life, the 2004 statement by the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said: "The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions."

The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, declared, consistent with Divine and natural law, and the perennial teaching of the Church, that "abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes."

Despite the fact that the Archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Sean O'Malley, is the former Pro-Life Activities Chairman of the bishops' conference, this prohibition against honoring or hosting pro-abortion public figures is routinely ignored in the Archdiocese of Boston. As the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts documented in its June, 2017 Special Report, there have been, at least, eighteen violations of this policy involving the personal participation or authorization by Cardinal O'Malley since 2014.

The League recently reported two additional incidents in the last two months when Boston Mayor Marty Walsh spoke at the Celebration of the Priesthood dinner on September 28th and when the Cardinal held a joint press conference with Congressman Joe Kennedy on October 3rd.

The Cardinal, it would seem, is bi-partisan. He embraces not just pro-abortion Democrats, but pro-abortion Republicans also. Meanwhile, the episcopal betrayals of the pro-life cause continue and accelerate:

Cardinal O'Malley with Lt. Governor Karyn Polito

• On October 23rd, Cardinal O'Malley joined Massachusetts Republican Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito at the groundbreaking ceremony for Bethany Apartments, where a former dormitory building at the Cardinal Cushing Center in Hanover will be converted into 37 units of affordable housing. Polito is a supporter of abortion, marriage deformity. gender ideology, buffer zones, and the recently expanded state mandate requiring employers, including religious institutions, to subsidize abortifacients, contraceptives, and sterilizations. As a state representative, Polito received a 100% rating from both the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts and NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts. In 2015, Polito, who was first elected to the House of Representatives as a defender of traditional marriage, officiated at the "wedding ceremony" of state Senate President Stanley Rosenberg, 65, and his aide and paramour, Bryan Hefner, 27. As usual, the cardinal was photographed smiling with this proponent of child murder and depravity.

Mayor Marty Walsh at the Pastoral Center

• On October 25th, Cardinal O'Malley welcomed Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center (the high priced PR firm didn't like the term chancery) in Braintree. Walsh spoke at an archdiocesan sponsored addiction recovery workshop. Earlier this year, Walsh named a square in the city's South End after the notorious abortionist Kenneth Edelin, who was convicted of manslaughter in 1975 for suffocating a 24 week old infant after a failed saline abortion.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cardinal Burke's Latest Interview

I thought a lot about the end times during the Obama administration. Obama's support of the ethnic cleansing of Christians, the catastrophic increase of diabolical disorientation, the conquering of the Middle East by Islamic terrorists, the lawlessness, etc.

I almost feel like we've had a bit of reprieve during the Trump administration. Seems to me like we have a little more protection and the ground underneath the enemies of Truth is collapsing. (The outing of sexual debauchery are more bricks on the pile!)

It's weird that as the secular culture is in a 180, Pope Francis starts scorching the Truth inside of the Church.

Cardinal Burke said something thought-provoking in his latest interview.

When the foundation of the moral law is questioned within the Church, the cardinal said, “then the whole order of human life and the order of the Church itself are endangered.”

“So there is a feeling that in today’s world that is based on secularism with a completely anthropocentric approach,” Cardinal Burke continued, “by which we think we can create our own meaning of life and meaning of the family and so on, the Church itself seems to be confused.”

“In that sense, one may have the feeling that the Church gives the appearance of being unwilling to obey the mandates of Our Lord,” he stated. “Then perhaps we have arrived at the End Times.”

Ugh. You mean the circus hasn't even started?!

The idea that the Holy Father is ushering in the antichrist in the Holiest of Holies is not a very flattering one for Pope Francis.

Cardinal Burke also mentions the rumor that Pope Francis' Curia is working on a kangaroo ritual simulating Catholic Sacraments with Lutherans. I've said this before, but it bears repeating-I don't think Pope Francis is going to do anything that would bring about his removal. And simulating the sacraments with Lutherans would be the beginning of his end.

I keep meaning to read the Book of Revelation again to reacquaint myself with what happens inside of the Church. We know the basics follow Christ's Passion and Crucifixion, but now that its unfolding, its not exactly meeting with my expectations. I'm specifically interested in brushing up on the woman and the dragon.

I also remember something St. John Paul II said around the turn of the century, right about the time he released the Third Secret of Fatima. He said something about an uproar, that the time to flee into the desert was approaching and be not afraid. He very discreetly said it at the Angelus. A non-event in the Church and media. But, I remember being blown away when he said it.

A future blog post!

In any event, very interesting comments by Cardinal Burke.