Monday, July 21, 2014

Somebody want to drop a dime?

Found in blogosphere:

"A good example of this irrational block is a discussion of transubstantiation. A Protestant who is ignorant of the teaching might think Catholics believe that the bread and wine are transformed physically into human flesh and blood."

Anyone want to venture a guess as to what Father thinks is irrational about that?

I wonder what he is explaining as happening?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A prolife reader asks, where is Cardinal O'Malley?

As legislators are furiously trying to overrule the SCOTUS and write another piece of unconstitutional legislation that gives a patrolman in a cruiser the power to jail and fine Eleanor McCullen $10,000, everyone has been asking the question - Where is Waldo?

Since Eleanor McCullen is a fairly decent benefactor to the Archdiocese, one would think the Cardinal would speak out against the character assassination of her prayerful and gentle work saving lives and souls and the retaliation tactics of the politicians who have a stake in the killing of babies be as they don't have any desire to give shelter, formula and diapers to American unwed mothers.

Who knew, all this time the government would be willing to put up six thousand dollars a month to give food and shelter to a needy child?

Who knew Cardinal O'Malley would zoom in front of a camera to help advocate food and shelter for children so long as they are not American children.

"I can help with housing, medical — we work with St. Elizabeth's, just down the road, and everything is free," she says, walking with the women as they approach the door.

Martha Coakley and the sled dogs of a government whose answer is to murder children rather than give them free or cheap stuff they need don't wan't people like Eleanor McCullen and Bill Cotter offering women the help they need. They don't want them to know help is out there.

Planned Parenthood invents all kinds of boogeymen that the police are not able to find. The reality is, these are people, most are retired or clergy, who are offering women help and praying.

Here's the 'threat' to 'public safety':

"Good morning, Jesus loves you," said Mary O'Donnell, an 82-year old woman carrying rosaries and pamphlets who arrived at the center at 7 a.m.

Why would the Cardinal sit silent as these heroes are being maligned as violent thugs who need to be fined $10,0000 and jailed at an arbitrary judgment of a patrolman who receives a false allegation?

The United States Chairman of the Prolife Committee is nowhere to be found on this critical battle in the saving of lives and the constitutional rights of Catholics.

Yesterday, while standing in line at an amusement park in New Hampshire, I got a phone call that there was a sighting.

Cardinal O'Malley was on television with Governor Deval Patrick.

I know what you're thinking.

Was he advocating for housing, formula, diapers and other things necessary to stop Deval Patrick and Martha Coakley from killing the children?

Was there a big announcement on a collaborative effort to feed, house and clothe the children and their mothers?

No. Eleanor will go to jail and the poorhouse, the children will be put to death and their mother handed over to the devil without a peep from Cardinal O'Malley.

He was on television helping Barack Obama find housing for the invasion of illegal alien to advance the collapse of our country.

Boston Catholic Insider has said everything on the subject matter that needs to be said.

I encourage all to read it.

Helping Deval and Martha find homes for illegals are more important than stopping them from killing American children who are protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Living in a state of mortal sin and considering yourself in a "personal relationship with Jesus"

An outstanding piece on the problem of living in a state of mortal sin whilst considering yourself in a blissful personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Several years ago, Cardinal O'Malley cherry-picked a group of priests to develop a blueprint for the 'new evangelism' he wanted to see promoted in the Archdiocese.

I always smell a rat when I heard the words 'new evangelism'. It seems to always turn out to be the trajectory away from teaching the Catechism, giving people the tools they need to live in a state of sanctifying Grace to enable Christ's Properties in the Eucharist to flourish in your soul and intellect and bring you to the mystical place where Christ resides and reigns.

Being somewhat familiar with those he cherry picked to put the plan together, I had a feeling future Boston Catholics were going to be robbed. And, sure enough, when the plan was unveiled, it was a cheap welcome wagon contest wherein the archdiocese would arrange to have secret shoppers visit each parish and score on how 'welcoming' each parish is, and they would keep a scoreboard somewhere in the Chancery.

A counterfeit church where dogma and doctrine is forbidden and replaced with a battalion of washed up women and sissified men constantly distracting you from your pursuit of entering into deep mystical communion with Christ. These people don't have any idea what the whole thing is about. While we are running into the building where we put everything else out of our minds to concentrate on going to the mystical world where we are met and greated by angels and saints, Our Truine God, the Blessed Mother and we immerse ourselves - they're trying to find ways to plug into each other and grab something to help them overcome the sick feeling they have in their soul from sleeping with somebody they're not sacramentally married to. They've been coming to the parish for years and the priest has never told them what that feeling is all about and the only way to get rid of it.

Every time I hear or see people trying to turn the City of God into that, I think about Archbishop Fulton Sheen who would startle the welcome wagon types by asking them what sin they were holding onto.

Isn't this what the Pope is turning our religion into?

Attracting with a welcome wagon, withholding and undermining doctrine and the tools to get people into a state of Grace, ridiculing doctrine and dogma and turning it all into a welcome wagon so people can find a personal relationship with Jesus on Sunday morning after they roll off of their lovers?

There's nothing like a Sunday morning breakfast after having your adultery affirmed by your local Catholic priest. That kind of a 'personal relationship with Jesus' really gets your juices going for the week.

I found another interesting quote from a celebrity in this CRISIS piece written by Dr. William Oddie that captures the essence of the spirit generated from the messages of Pope Francis.

Jane Fonda, who tweeted last year “Gotta love new Pope. He cares about poor, hates dogma.

Actually a reasonable and accurate conclusion drawn from the shtick.

This is the fruit of the cheap grace of making doctrine an enemy of your people. It always has been and it always will be.

Everyone indignant about the articulation of what is now painfully obvious to all of us is hanging on by the thread that it all may be an unintentional outcome. We do not know whether the Pope intends or does not intend for listeners to receive the twisted messages.

This is true.

But somebody may be a bad driver, drive through the doors and CVS and kill people standing in line, unintentionally. Whether intentional or unintentional, the Registry of Motor Vehicles is going to take the keys away.

Truth be told, when somebody does something over and over again, it's never been a sign to me that signals the outcome is unintentional.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter to me whether the outcome of his messages are intentional or unintentional. I'll give him the benefit of my doubt. What I am focused on is the irrefutable outcome, how it affects the people I love and what do I need to do about it.

Dr. Oddie is yet another faithful Catholic who is expressing discouragement caused by the herald of the new edict from the Vicar of Christ that doctrine and the people who teach it are the enemies of the Church. He also mentions the reality that most responsible, lucid Catholics have already expressed about their blogs and other tools they've been using for years to talk about doctrine, evangelism and the challenges inside and outside of the Church - what do we do now?

I share their concern, but what I do with the blog is really not my main concern. My main concern is about how to get my own children/grandchildren/relatives/people/friends around the larceny.

I'm feeling kind of resentful 'bout 'dat.

For years, when Fr. SoandSo encouraged dissent and I flew the coop with them, I always had a Pope to point them towards to explain the mess on the ground and give them the ability to mentally process how to apply doctrine to the judgments they make every day when faced with temptations.

It has all been turned upside down for them.

That is what I am upset about and what I am focused on. The Pope has ripped my children from the intellect and sound judgment of Christ. Possibly for the rest of their lives. I couldn't be any more disgusted and upset about it.

When I think about writing on the blog right now, I'm thinking...

That I dug my key into the side
of his pretty little souped up 4 wheel drive,
carved my name into his leather seats...
I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights,
slashed a hole in all 4 tires...
Maybe next time he'll think before he speaks.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Should Catholics take a chill pill about Pope Francis?

Our friend Mike Voris is suggesting the proper response to Pope Francis style of saying every thought that comes into his head no matter how unwise or unsound is to wait a few days until the Vatican can crack the code and tell us what he meant.

Here is a transcript.

Even if Catholics ignore a year and a half of the consistent messages that moral theology and commandments can be violated and will not result in a judgment and adjudication from Christ, evangelism should be about what should be done with money, the economy, lonely people, teenage unemployment and making sure trees (not women or children)can bear fruit without exploitation, Fr Lombardi has already confirmed that the scandalous things reported captured the essence of what Pope Francis said though is not a precise translation.

Michael seems to be swimming in the river of denial.

Further, and more importantly, how does Michael propose parents explain this new method of catechesis to their children?

Yes honey, I heard the Pope telling the world that the Catholic Church should not make judgments about homosexual sex and other small-minded rules about adultery, contraception, abortion and I know you have not heard him teach any of the things in the Catechism I have been teaching at home, and I know this appears to confirm what Father so and so preaches in the Church we fled -- but we must wait a few days or a few years until Fr Lombardi sends out a press release.

What exactly does Michael think has happened inside of every Catholic home after a year and a half of having Fr. Lombardi say, Ya, that is basically what the Pope said but not a precise translation?

Suggesting to parents that the right action inside of their homes is to ignore and continue to contradict the Pope and their children will get the tools they need for the rest of their life for the salvation of their souls is farcical.

There is a reason why there is a 2000 year history of Popes who adopt the style of not saying every thought that pops into their heads.

With every single vocation each of us accepts, there comes change.

We can no longer be who we are when we accept a vocation.

A woman who takes a husband has to come home and put a meal on the table instead of grabbing a salad and going to the gym. Even though going to the gym after work is very much who she is.

When she becomes a mother, she prepares herself by studying the best practices, she reads, observes, studies and she takes on an entirely new set of habits, discipline and sacrifices.

A man does the same as a husband and a father.

Is Michael now suggesting that vocations do not require the discipline and change that make them succesful?

Pope Francis is teaching us all how to be loosey goosey when we enter into a vocation and we should not inform our children and the people we love about how that road leads to a train wreck?

A priest spends years learning how the sacrifice of celibacy creates an intimate and powerful connection to Christ and how to use the connection and power to crush Satan's head. He surrenders who he is when he lays on the floor on the day of his ordination. He practices the art of discipline and sacrifice.

A priest who finds himself elected to the Chair of Peter requires the ultimate sacrifice of who he is. This change is so ginormous, Christ memorialized it with the practice of changing His Vicar's name, and telling him he is about to be chained and dragged to a place he will not want to go.

Cheapening this vocation as something a man could accept while continuing to act as he pleaseth no matter what the cost is to catechesis, salvation and unity is a terrible disservice to Christ and His Church and needs to be rejected.

We have a duty to preserve the vocation of a Pope, most especially when a current occupant wants to turn it into the adventures of Forest Gump.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Holy See Posts Scalfari Interview on Vatican Website as if it's part of the Magisterium

I thought this was insidious the first time they did it but was somewhat relieved when they pulled it down after the fallout from the irresponsible statements reported by Scalfari on the first interview.

After the third interview and fallout, they have put the interview back up on the Vatican website, as if the buffoonery is part of the Magisterium.

Ok, it is getting pretty impossible to hold onto the charitable thought that it is all unintentional.

I am beginning to equate what is being done by the Pope to the people I love and our religion with the feelings I have for Joan Chittister.

With all due respect to Fr. Z, the idea that the Pope has nothing to do with the outcome of three interviews he himself participated in, with full knowledge of what happened each time - is know, ludicrous.

It's like saying Tom Fox has nothing to do with content of the National Catholic Reporter - it's all just booboos of the people he has around him who have their own agenda which he is incapable of stopping.

Come on!

Mass Legislators File Another Unconstitutional Buffer Zone Bill After SCOTUS Ruling

Another shining example of what the unannounced dictatorship under Barack Hussein manifested itself in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts lawmakers delivered another kick in the gut to prolifers earlier this week when they announced they intended to trump the ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States striking the buffer zone with a new piece of legislation creating a 25 foot buffer zone.

The new bill would allow police to issue a dispersal order if at least two demonstrators are found to be blocking patient or staff access to abortion clinics. Such an order would bar protesters from coming within 25 feet (7.6 meters) of the clinic's entrance for a maximum of eight hours.

You can read the bill HERE.

I know what you're thinking!

Why didn't the SCOTUS ruling making it clear Massachusetts lawmakers had enacted an unconstitutional law by creating a buffer zone stop them from creating another law creating a buffer zone?

This is what lawlessness looks like in an unannounced dictatorship. The dictator uses 'executive powers' to unconstitutionally 'create' law and lawmakers at the state level just go ahead and do what they damn well please, knowing it takes years and years to go back to SCOTUS.

The lies being told about prolifers who prayerfully gather and peacefully offer alternatives and support to desperate women have saved thousands of lives and souls. Their peaceful and prayerful support has been slandered as violent behavior - though they do not have one shred of evidence to back up their lies.

Feel free to cruise photographs of these heroic men and women here.

Claiming these people are violent or threatening is so full of... crap.

NB - Although the Massachusetts Police Commish is quoted as though members of his police department have been involved or even eyewitnessed any of the conduct he appears to be appalled by, on direct questioning, he appeared to admit that nobody in his department had eyewitnessed or been involved in any altercations. He said 'somebody told them about them'.

Somebody like Martha Coakley and Marty Walsh who also has never been there?

Give us a break.

Killing children is big business. The Commonwealth's interest to keep children from receiving the charity by killing them makes Planned Parenthood their perfect bedmate.

I am curious to know what, if anything, the USCCB Prolife Chairman, who praised the SCOTUS ruling (but did not lend a helping hand to the initiative) had to say about the violation of constitutional rights of prolifers.

I can't find anything on google.

Finally, Popealooza was too much for even Phil Lawler to spin

What's wrong with the Pope's latest interview...

We should not or must not speak in any way, shape or form of an interview in the normal use of the word,” Father Federico Lombardi, the director of the Vatican press office, tells us. Yet he says that the Pope’s conversation with Scalfari was “very cordial and most interesting”—taking time to refer to Scalfari as an “expert journalist.” Father Lombardi says:

It is safe to say, however that the overall theme of the article captures the spirit of the conversation between the Holy Father and Mr. Scalfari while at the same time strongly restating what was said about the previous “interview” that appeared in La Repubblica: the individual expressions that were used and the manner in which they have been reported, cannot be attributed to the Pope.

What are we to make of that paragraph? The Vatican spokesman says that the article in La Repubblica accurately “captures the spirit of the conversation,” but any given statement attributed to the Pope might be inaccurate. Yet he does not correct any inaccuracies. Having said that the article is “most interesting,” he leaves readers to sort out truth and error for themselves.

And thus the Pope expects children and uncatechized to sort through the irresponsible, misleading and heretical outcome of the shtick of his papacy and make judgments about truth and error for themselves.

And, they're doing it.

What parent, husband, wife, brother, sister, friend and responsible Catholic would (or could) remain indifferent or silent as he ushers it into our homes, parishes, schools and culture?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Patheos Starts Another War - This Time its...(drumroll).......Pewsitter!

Pewsitter uses word "Admits", potty-mouth woman writes screed saying 'to hell with you pewsitter'.

Musta been a dull day in Christendom at the covan.

Then she passed the crack pipe to Fr. Longenecker.

I've noticed something about Fr. Longenecker. It seems to me he goes on a roll with some really decent stuff but takes a quantum leap into Lalaland when ditzy women get their britches in a twist. I'm betting he was quite a ladies man in his prime!!

I normally don't link when the vultures are feeding at patheos, but you just have to check this one out.

Fr. Longenecker took issue with criticism of the sissified letter the UK Bishops sent to the Anglicans on the invalidity of matter (women!) with respect to the Sacrament of Ordination.

While the point of the statement was to state clearly that the Anglicans had erected a yet more grave obstacle to unity, the bishops’ statement was diplomatic in the usual terms, expressing thanks for the progress made over the years in discussion and the warm affection many Anglicans and Catholics share.

I found it strangely negative and sour therefore to find that the new hounds over at Pewsitter created a headline that was cynical and seemed to undermine the Catholic bishops.


Fr. Longenecker comes across to me as strangely negative, cynical and quite the sourpuss himself! Right back atcha there kiddo.

Those of us who find an act of reckless misfeasance in Catholic Bishops expressing thanks and warm affection to a feckless group of episcopal wizards hoodwinking Christ's people into their macabre world of apostasy are getting under Fr. Longenecker's skin.

Fr. Longenecker is mystified. He asks:

What did the folks at PS expect from the English bishops?

Put your thinking cap on dude.

How about they dust off the Code of Canon Law and start exercising Its principles of Law?

How about they put their nose back into Scripture and take good notes on Christ's behavior when it came to heretics and apostates and start acting like Him?

Or, how about you pull It out and see if you can find Christ penning a sissyboy letter to Caiaphas expressing thanks for the progress made in discussions and warm affections the Apostles shared with him.

Where do these people get their ideas???!!!

The barkle does end with a lucid moment:

I’ve gone off track.

Amen brother. Amen.

Israel and Palestine

Over the course of the last twenty years or so, Catholic pilgrims visiting the Holy Land have come home with stories of Christian persecution from both the Jews and Hamas. It has been crystal clear from these stories that the overwhelming majority of the cruelty and persecution of Christians in the Holy Land is coming from the Israelis. The cruelty is unbearable.

Given this state of affairs, I've had a tough time ginning up empathy for Israel, though my gut instincts repeatedly tell me I should.

I don't claim to be a historian on this situation. Catholics have been preoccupied with their own persecution inside and outside of the Roman Catholic Church. But, from what I have read and observed: I get that the Jewish people were living there and were targets for the terrorism of muslims. And, let us face it - the terrorism of muslims through the centuries is insidious and well known to Christians. There is no living in peace with them.

The muslims want us dead. Both Christians and Jews.

I've never actually found peace in the displacement of Palestinians, making them refugees from their own homes to create the state of Israel. But when I cut to the chase, the Jews were struggling to survive in a place where they lived. It simply was not possible because of the terrorism. There is no living in peace. There is no chance of survival. We have seen it with our own. The Jews fought back and won a homeland where they could survive, pass on their heritage and practice their religion. The muslims have continued to throw bombs, kill and terrorize.

We've never had to live with the kind of unceasing terrorism that finds three of our teenage sons murdered in cold blood as a political message from the muslims who live next door.

At the end of the day, those wounds run deep and the situation causes people to behave in ways they ordinarily wouldn't. Each time they are dragged to the negotiation table, it seems that Israel tries to be reasonable.

Here again, we see Israel accepting a cease fire and Hamas defiantly telling them they will continue the terrorism and massacre. As Israel lays down its weapons, Hamas continues to bomb and murder.

Where is nobel peace award recipient Barack Hussein?

In six years, they have reduced centuries of leadership of this once great nation to rubble.

All he could muster was a public announcement asking Israel to exercise forbearance as the muslims throw bombs and murder their children in cold blood.

With the world watching the sissification of the POTUS, Egypt had to step in and take the lead. While he was having a supper with the muslims, Barack Hussein 'praised' the Egypt's attempt to stop the escalation in the conflict.

He either thinks the whole world is as stupid as the people who elected him or he just doesn't give a hoot how his passive-aggressive jihad is playing out.

The Canadian PM has already spoken out. Every American who has done their diligence has found out that Barack Hussein is funding and behind Hamas.

I have to wonder, is the Obama-funded ethnic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East now so victorious that they are well-positioned to attempt to conquer and ethnic cleanse the Jews?

Are our people so dead and gone, the Jews are next on the agenda?

Deos enim religuos accepimus, Caesares dedimus

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pope Francis thinks celibacy causes pedophilia and 1/50 priests are pedophiles?

...says 90-year-old Scarfali who doesn't take notes.

According to Scalfari, who is an atheist, Pope Francis called the Catholic Church’s priestly celibacy a “problem.”....“There are solutions and I will find them,” the pope allegedly said...

The response from the Holy See is underwhelming: Kinda what the Pope said but not precisely.

In a statement in response to the interview, the Vatican respectfully questioned Scalfari’s memory, saying the journalist may have relayed “the sense and spirit of the conversation between the Holy Father and Scalfari,” but that the article is, ”the result of his memory as an expert journalist but not of a precise transcript of a recording nor of a revision from the part of the interested, to whom the words are attributed to.”

Celibacy is to the vocation of priesthood as monogamy is to the vocation of marriage.

Celibacy is the rocket fuel for intimacy with Christ and efficacy of prayer.

It is the ultimate in a fast offering. A thousand times more powerful than a fast from food.

The Pope thinks this is a problem for which he intends to find a solution?

Does he also believe this most efficacious form of fast from sex is causing pedophilia? It's a bit unclear from the article.

How would that work?

A normal man who is attracted to women offers Christ monogamy and that turns him into a pedophile -- and 1/50 priests are now pedophiles?

This...absolute lunacy captures 'the sense and spirit of the conversation...but not of a precise transcript"?

How close was it?

I would think such a quote would be so far out of sync with the convictions of a Pope on celibacy, it could safely be said that it bears no resemblance.

It does not go without notice that Pope Francis has absolutely zippo on the record about the powerful and magnificent, prayerful fast offered to Christ in celibacy.