Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pope Francis rottweilers want exclusive rights to publicity stunts

The synod is sinking and the rats are coming out of the woodwork.

Didn't Pope Francis initiative call for open and honest discussion of Kasper's heresy?

If you can distance yourself from the emotional baggage that comes with the empowerment of the thugs who sell heresy, this is fascinating to watch.

Pope picks heretic to teach his see heresy and tells us all to openly discuss the pros and cons of embracing it.

When Catholics who will never embrace heresy openly and honestly discuss the cons, Pope Francis army of mercy and justice tell us to STFU.

The duplicity is too weird to be of human origin.

Get this: After the Holy Father tells us to discuss the very public, well-orchestrated circus of deception and heresy at the synod, this Cardinal tell us not to conduct a debate about the synod through the press.

Priests should not conduct a debate about the October Family Synod through the press, Cardinal Nichols has said, following the publication of a letter signed by hundreds of priests, urging the synod to issue a ‘clear and firm proclamation’ upholding Church teaching on marriage.

They want exclusive rights to conduct publicity stunts.

I don't think so fellas.

Remember when Pope Francis said he wanted discussions about the crud in the Relatio to be transparent?

Here we see the policy on transparency starting to shape up:

Every priest in England and Wales has been asked to reflect on the Synod discussion. It is my understanding that this has been taken up in every diocese, and that channels of communication have been established,’ the statement said.

‘The pastoral experience and concern of all priests in these matters are of great importance and are welcomed by the Bishops. Pope Francis has asked for a period of spiritual discernment. This dialogue, between a priest and his bishop, is not best conducted through the press.’

Get it?

Any discussion was supposed to be privately discussed with the heretics trying to implement it.

Good one.

Next time we have a complaint, let's waste our time and call up the foxes they put in the henhouse.

There is something really creepy about communication in the administration of this papacy. In every conceivable way.

Right is wrong and wrong is right. Error is evangelized and truth is silenced.

It's the stink of sulfur.

We need to be careful because it is everywhere and demons specialize in capitalizing on naivete and stupidity.

But everywhere this agenda is being promoted, the liars and thugs storm to silence and destroy catechesis and truth.

We've all taken several bites of the apple now and it is rotten to the core.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where there is no mercy, there is no justice

Pope Francis said earlier this week with another homily about his favorite subject: Catholics who practice living in a state of Sanctifying Grace every day are rigid corrupt hypocrites without mercy.

Speaking of the Scribes and the Pharisees who took the adulteress before Jesus, Francis said their hearts were corrupted by rigidity: “they thought they were pure because they observed the law” (…) but they did not know mercy” he said.

“They were not saints, they were corrupt. Because this kind of rigidity leads one live a double life: on the one hand they were condemning these women, and on the other they were seeking them out for a bit of fun. The description used by Jesus for them is hypocrites: they had double standards.”

And the Pope referred to those within the Church who judge and condenn others, saying they too have double standards. “With such rigidity – he said – one cannot breathe”.

I guess we're supposed to break the Commandments every once in a while. When temptation comes along, we're supposed to say yes to the devil so we don't stiffen up.

Celebrant: Do you reject Satan?

Parents and Godparents: When fidelity isn't stifling my breathing.

Celebrant: And all his works?

Parents and Godparents: Not all his works.

Celebrant: Do you reject sin, so as to live in the freedom of God's children?

Parents and Godparents: Not rigidly.

Celebrant: Do you reject the glamor of evil, and refuse to be mastered by sin?

Parents and Godparents: We accept the glam of sin when we need to limber up.

Celebrant:Do you reject Satan, father of sin and prince of darkness?

Parents and Godparents: Not always. Is this going to take much longer??? Your questions are making us uncomfortable and seem mean spirited.

With the devil harvesting souls, the Romans gathered to brainstorm solutions. The fix is in. The time has come to encourage Catholics to loosen up and sin.

They are getting serious about mercy and justice.

Earlier this week, Dave Pierre circulated macabre details of an incident involving mercy and justice that took place at the Immaculate Conception School in Revere.

Cardinal O'Malley fired a beloved custodian for going peepee in the potty.

Beloved school administrators and teachers were also terminated for letting him use the potty.

Like many urban Catholic schools, Immaculate Conception School in Revere (on the working-class outskirts of Boston) lacks adequate space, so it had been a "common practice for a number of years" in the school for adults to use the student restroom so long as there was not a student already in there.

Well, at some point at the end of last year, a mother called the school to report that her kindergarten-aged son felt "uncomfortable" walking into the restroom and seeing the school's 64-year-old custodian using a urinal. (The restroom was just steps away opposite the janitor's office.) [Addendum, 3/18/15: The Revere Advocate reported in late January that the janitor used the bathroom in question "for upwards of 17 years without incident."]

At no time did anyone ever report or even suggest that anyone had committed any behavior in the least bit sexual or criminal. Never.

In other words, the boy walked into the restroom and saw what anyone would see if he walked into any public men's restroom – such as at the theater or Boston's Fenway Park.

The school was at a loss at how to respond to the mother's phone call, but at some point, someone came up with the idea that the concern should somehow be reported to law enforcement. Big mistake.

Overreacting, Cardinal O'Malley and the Archdiocese of Boston immediately forced the resignations of three employees of the parish and its school: Father George Szal, the popular parish priest; Alison Kelly, the school's principal; and an unnamed second-grade teacher.

The Cardinal's reason for forcibly removing the trio was that the group had somehow failed to report the issue to law enforcement and the archdiocese "in a timely manner." Shockingly, the archdiocese reportedly gave the three "an ultimatum – resign or be fired."

There have been dozens of innocent priests swept up into farcical accusations made by hysterical women subsequently removed by the mercy and justice of Cardinal O'Malley.

They were treated with breathtaking cruelty, their reputations and vocations ruined, slandered and abandoned, left to financial, emotional and spiritual ruin.

Dave Pierre has done a fabulous job indexing gross injustices in a book ironically called "Double Standard"

Perhaps Dave should send the Holy Father a copy and ask him to explain his own hypocrisy.

Juxtaposed against the public publicity stunts as crusaders of justice and mercy, it's been tough to stomach.

But to the best of my knowledge, Cardinal O has never given a lay person a dose of his justice and mercy before.

Branding an innocent man, someone's husband and father, a pervert for using the men's room.

Yet even after both local police and the local district attorney investigated the case and discovered that nothing even remotely criminal had occurred, Cardinal O'Malley still would not reverse his impetuous decision. The lives of four innocent people (the trio plus the custodian) would remain tarnished.

This is their idea of applying mercy and justice.

Disgusting. Just. Simply. Disgusting.

It is hard to articulate how upsetting this is to the righteous, just and merciful Catholics. Our hearts break for the custodian, Fr. Szhal, the teacher and others who are victims of hysterical and cruel nutters.

I've never understood why men line urinals up along a wall and go tinkles in front of each other. A custom left over from the Roman empire? Custodians and school administrators are not accountable for the custom, which is practiced in every public building in America.

It was clear nothing inappropriate, perverted or sexual happened.

If you work in a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Boston, you better get yourself some diapers.

To me be as it pleaseth God.

Most highly favored Lady, Gloria!

Thank you for the many times you have my back, your guidance. counsel and love. especially the times I wasn't the least bit interested, for your leadership and dispatch of Christ's army of angels, for your intercession and favors granted, for connecting your consecrated to each other for support and encouragement.

Update on Bishop Bootkoski's Fatwa on Jannuzzi Family

Maggie Gallagher has more ugly details on Bishop Bootkoski's fatwa on the Jannuzzi family.

It is not enough, apparently to fire a Catholic school teacher for defending the faith. The diocese has to sully her good name by pretending it has never done any of those things, and implying she’s a liar. This gets worse and worse.

Nor is it just on marriage issues that Catholics are being attacked. I learn from Anne Hendershott that last week a priest in the diocese of Scranton apologized for showing an anti-abortion film to Catholic students, after some parents protested to the media. The CCD teacher resigned.

Instead of showing people the door who complain about Catholics teaching the Catholic religion in Catholic apostolates, they kill the prophet.

Again, I'm really surprised these kinds of stories seem like a new phenomenon.

Maggie asks:

These scorched-earth tactics work: How much of Catholic teaching are Catholic bishops willing to abandon to get out from under bad publicity?

The whole thing.

They're willing to lose every soul in their diocese.

And when will they learn they cannot manipulate this media in their favor? The truth will come out.



They have been manipulating the Catholic media for decades. The National Catholic Register has even joined the bishops' mafia.

Exposing their dirty deeds is a brand spanking new experience for them.

A handful of Catholic apostolates and parents with blogs have ended the charade.

They are floored.

They can't believe their eyes.

They are still testing the water. That is why it is extremely important that each little ugly incident tars and feathers the bishop, the priest, the lay person - or sadly a pope - engaging in thuggery.

They are just learning that their slander and threats is no longer an effective weapon against whisteblowers.

They are just learning that their enablers at the National Catholic Register and Patheos have lost the ability to damage control.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bishop Bootkoski's larceny of Catholic moral theology

Catholics teachers in Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Boston have been prohibited from teaching moral theology for quite some time now.

About 1/2 dozen lesbians who enrolled children at Catholic schools complained and threatened when moral theology was taught to children of practicing Catholics and that was the end of that. We even had one muslim family at a local school initiate a somewhat successful campaign to eliminate the offensive word "Christmas".

When Bishop Bootkoski placed an award-winning teacher Patricia Jannuzzi on administrative leave for saying (on her private facebook account) that no genetic source has ever been found in the DNA of homosexuals and healthy families with a mother and father is important to humanity, I was surprised by the shockwaves in Christendom.

Bishop Bootkoski issued a statement saying it was inconsistent with Church teaching and placed her on administrative leave and is testing the waters to fire her.

Michael Hitchborn has written an outstanding response in an open letter to Bishop Bootkoski.

Not knowing much about Bishop Bootkoski, I did a google. The first four queries are as follows:

Bishop Bootkoski address
Bishop Bootkoski gay
Bishop Paul Bootkoski
Bishop Paul Bootkoski gay

I was not shocked.

A very timely homily from Fr. Paul Nicholson

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Who are the Doctors of Church Law?

The Remnant has a funny video up about Pope Francis recent statement discrediting the doctors of Church Law. The video is in response to the "year of mercy" in which Pope Francis tells us the Church has to stop acting like doctors of the law.

In praxis, a doctor of Church Law is a parent, grandparent, relative, friend, neighbor, priest, bishop, cardinal who uses the Deposit of Faith to bring healing to wounded souls with Sanctifying Grace.

We are the people who teach our children the reasons why we don't live in a state that is inconsistent with the reception of Sanctifying Grace and the theology of salvation.

We are the parents who teach our children the reasons why shaking up with their sexual lovers is living in constant state of mortal sin.

We are the priests who teach the distinction between right and wrong, sin and virtue so that souls will seek absolution and have access to the Sanctifying Grace that gives us the tools to recognize and reject the wiles of satan.

We are the bishops and cardinals who take the raping of souls and larceny of salvation more seriously than raping physical bodies.

We are the Popes that preserve, govern and sanctify with Church Law.

The doctors of the law are the physicians of souls.

It is impossible for an ordained man to teach souls not to apply Church Law to make judgments on right and wrong, there is virtue in sin and to live their life in an objective state of mortal sin and heal the soul.

We can't see souls but they are a physical thing. When a soul is afflicted with mortal sin, it is terminal. In the state of a walking dead man, the soul loses the ability to instruct the intellect on right and wrong, good judgment and bad judgment. A soul in this state suffers from the consequences of their bad judgment. They are cut off from their salvation.

Pope Francis is suggesting the practice our vocation by leading and leaving souls in this state is a version of 'mercy' that was missed by 2000 years of Doctors of Church Law.

The Holy Father is living his vocation by teaching there is no discernment of spirits, no consultation with Church teaching be made to inform right and wrong when a desire comes along.

The Doctors of Church Law include St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict, all the saints and doctors of the Church.

What was the matter with the Holy Father's request we embrace the theology of virtue in sin and admittance of divorced and remarried to Communion?

The theory can't be limited to the divorced and remarried. It has to be applied to all.

Either a soul has to be in a state of Grace to receive the Eucharist or their logic applies to everyone who rejects Church teaching and breaks any Commandment for any reason.

People who have refused to apply for an annulment and civilly married are no different than anyone else living a life in a constant state of mortal sin.

Men picking up drunk and lonely women in barrooms for one night stands, couples living together, everyone in a civil marriage, the guy who robbed the bank, the pedophiles, a mass murderer.

Church law is based upon logic that is woven into every Commandment and teaching in the Catechism that feeds Christ's descendants Sanctifying Grace.

The Pope asks, 'how many times does a person living in a state of mortal sin run into closed doors at the local parish'?

I'll tell you something right now.

I did, once - back when my first child was born and I brought her to the local parish to be baptized. I had lived there for several years and rarely stepped foot in the place. Still rebelling against Church teaching on contraception, had my nose out of joint on what I perceived as the mistreatment of women.

The priest asked me who I was, how long I had lived in the parish, told me he had never seen me before. He explained that as a priest, he couldn't give out the Sacrament of Baptism unless the parents were upholding their promise to bring their children up in the Church. He asked me to recommit myself to that promise or he could not Baptize my child.

That man gave me a gift which will be forever in his debt. It was the beginning of my conversion. He saved me from myself and gave my children a mother who upheld her promise to Christ.

Had he cheapened the Sacrament and passed it out like the guy selling me lattes at Dunkin Donuts, I would have missed out on intimacy with Christ, decades of right judgment, the counsel of the Doctors of the Church and Law.

The Holy Father wants to rob us of the counsel and practice of Doctors of Church Law and physicians of souls and call it mercy?

Another turkey that will not fly.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sure looks like Cardinal Dolan ordered his goon Joe Zwilling to have Michael Voris manhandled.

Do you have anything to say to faithful Catholics scandalized by what you are doing?

Nah. Come on in, we'd love to have ya.


What comes after a Papal edict to teach and practice heresy and what do we do in the meantime?

Hillary White wrote an article at the Remnant that I highly recommend reading, thinking and praying about.

I don’t have any answers for the questions I will pose below, but I think, with less than eight months to go before the next installment of the Synod to End the Family, now might be a good time to at least open the discussion: what do we do when the Cardinal Kasper’s New Paradigm is officially in place?

Simply put, can a Catholic in good conscience continue to attend a parish where the priest has agreed to go along with the New Paradigm? And if not, what then?

Ultimately, I believe we are in a situation in the Church so dire that only the long view of history is going to be able to determine what is really happening. But this is not to say that we who are living in it are unable to discern what our duty is here and now. I propose, therefore, only to start the discussion by asking some obvious but painful questions, and to perhaps illumine it with a few easily verifiable facts.

I'm going to tell you the exact moment I knew our beloved Holy Father would ask us to embrace and practice heresy.

It wasn't his disrespect and condescending insults of 2000 years of practitioners and praxis.

It wasn't the absence of Church teaching on moral theology.

It wasn't the now hundreds of off-the-cuff statements he made that conveyed to listeners in every corner of the world that Church teaching on breaking the commandments should be ignored in practice because they're antiquated, the people who practice them are rigid, creed-reciting sourpusses who are afraid to dance.

It wasn't the numerous instances when he discredited, obstructed and dismantled Traditionalists.

It wasn't even when my own children cited the Pope's encouragement of immoral conduct, making them skeptical of 30 years of painful Catechesis in the world pulling them away from it. Though admittedly, that was the moment he became anathema to me. The long battle of keeping their moral compass straight through the many priests who tried to lure them into the pit, the many parishes I fled to find them a faithful pastor - or at least one who wouldn't lure them into heresy - the day they regurgitated what the Pope is teaching and expressed their skepticism, perhaps for the rest of their lives -- that is the day I wanted to punch Pope Francis in the nose. I've wanted to punch him in the nose every day since. But it still gave him the benefit of the doubt that it was not his intention to lead Christ's Church and people to embrace and practice heresy.

The day I knew was the day he appointed Kasper to lead the Synod on the family and asked us to embrace and practice the heresy Kasper teaches.

There we have it straight from the horses mouth.

There is no miscommunication or misunderstanding possible. He appointed a heretic and asked the Church to embrace and practice it. The end.

The deceptive and sleaze around the Synod and the Relatio confirmed the moment Pope Francis appointed a heretic and asked the Church to embrace and practice it, in spite of it's contradiction to 2000 years of theology.

We don't have to wonder about whether he is going to do it. There it is in all it's glory.

So, what do we do now?

Same thing we've always done.

Find a pastor who will remain faithful. Find the remnant. Practice and teach our religion in the cavern. And take every opportunity to resist and trip them. Like the Conference of Polish Bishops, like bloggers, find a mountain and witness that under no circumstances will we teach and practice their heresy. We are going nowhere. We will stay and muck up everything they try to roll out until they retreat. In every diocese, in every parish and every apostolate.

We are two generations of parents and grandparents whose children have been raped and robbed. They have no idea what that means and what they are up against.

The show in Rome is more of a threat to us than the muslim crusaders ethnically cleansing Christians with the help and support of the President of the United States and politicians whom they idolize, adore and honor. They are not going to lead our children into immorality and sin as the devil rises out of the abyss to kill us.

You want to know what we're going to do? Give Russ Steinback of the MA Knights of Columbus a call. He'll give you an earful. Tell you all about how Pope Francis and Cardinal Dolan were a witness to parade souls into clapping fornication and tell you the reasons why he couldn't get it executed.

You want to know what we're going to do? Call Fr. Rosica. He'll tell you that every time he publishes or tweets the propaganda, we will use his own words and actions and demonstrate how the errors lead our people into Sodom and Gomorrah. When he bullies and threatens us, we intends to pull together and fight back with masses of Catholics whose children they robbed. We expose every attempt to tell us to STFU and then end up drinking their own poison. By the Grace of God.

We're going to go to Mass, daily if and when we can. We're going to do what it takes to stay in a state of Grace every day. We're going to teach our religion. And we are going muck their agenda up from now until the October Synod, and afterwards if we have to.

Let's acknowledge the elephant in the room.

Let them go back to Rome demoralized and tired and knowing that if they do it, we will reject the authority of the Pope and there is going to be a big fugatz. A lot of commotion. We don't know how it will play out. But there's one thing we do know. Even a pope is not going to separate us from the Chair of Peter of which he is a temporary occupant. We will, somehow, put the rubber ball on his nose and the noses of anyone who utters the agenda and we will carry on until the smoke rises again. We'll see plenty of ugly and cowardice. The boys will be separated from the men.

I believe informing the Holy Father what will happen is an act of charity. Maybe he will reconsider and his papacy will be spared the nightmare ahead of him. But I am not the least bit worried about whether he will or won't. Other then dreading the work ahead of us if he does. Whatever happens, happens. We will rise to the occasion.

Worthy is the Lamb.

I do not give a flying, flipping turd that the Pope doesn't like Catholics who are going to hold his feet to the fire to pass on the religion that gives our children a daily dose of Sanctifying Grace. I'm not losing any sleep over it. Rock on dude. Rock on.

So long as they know there is no way and no possibility we will teach our children the commandments can be ignored, breaking them can be virtuous and all the other farcical and diabolical concepts he has floated through the heretics he has appointed.

It is not happening and there will be some kind of earthquake that leads a huge divide in the fault, come the Synod.

We are going to stand as a witness on the opposite side of the Pope. We will retain the Chair of Peter and the Deposit of Faith. We will say to our children "look, this is the Chair of Peter and the Deposit of Faith. The Pope is not in it. " We will be in the faces of every bishop and priest, right in the pews on on the internet. There will be plenty of priests who will be with us. Enough refuges for our children. We have Christ's promises.

That's what we'll do because at the end of the day, our children will be reluctant to jump over into the Roman Sodom and Gomorrah. That is my job above everything else. To be a witness to the truth to the children in my care. Those are promises I have made to Christ. I am not breaking them. For any mortal. Even should a pope ask me to do so.

God will heal the division at some point in the future.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

For once, I think John Allen is right on the money - Pope Francis does NOT care about luring a million or even retaining what's left of Latin Rite Catholics

It isn't often I disagree with Fr. Z (and I've never disagreed with his faithful right-on-the-money articulation of Church teaching), but I thought my perspective was worth sharing on this post.

John Allen has written an article about Williamson and SSPXers that basically states SSPX the Church isn't interested in investing resources to lure one million pigheaded terrorists back to the Church, but they would like to lasso the power to ordain.

They'll put millions into resources to lure 100 eight-year-old apostate nuns but a million SSPXers is like the dirt that comes off the bottom of their shoe.

Fr. Z is astounded by Allen's chilling tone and content. But, one would be hard pressed to come up with any evidence to contradict Allen in this papacy. Every shred of evidence suggests that not only does Pope Francis not want SSPXers back, he wants to get rid of anyone attracted to or practicing TLM that is still on the Ark of the Covenant.

I don't think the ride on the end of the Holy Father's shoe is limited to Latin Rite Catholics - it's anyone unwilling to sign their children up to Kasper's heresy. But, he's spent the first two years of his papacy attacking, discrediting, dismantling and sabotaging TLM Catholic families.

Is anyone surprised that Williamson is watching the nuthouse and getting a fleet ready to collect those who will undoubtedly despair when the Synod unravels?

It was predictable.

It's kind of shocking for the press to say it out loud, but let us face it: Allen is absolutely right. LOL

Cardinal Dolan's Pride is Bustin' Out as Grand Marshall of St. Patrick's Fornication Parade

Take a look at this horses patoot leading his people into Sodom and Gommorah with his shillelagh.

Arron collecting his applause at the bottom of Mt. Sinai, telling us his pride is busting out all over.

What's not to be proud of?

A Pope has arrived proclaiming the sacrament of fornication. The great division is here. Rome has fallen again. Cardinal Dolan is the Grand Marshall of the celebration of victory through the streets of New York.

We should have dressed up as Nero and played the fiddle behind this madman.

Can you imagine anyone trying to come in after Pope Francis who tries to lead Christ's people out of the Roman entrenchment into the diabolical?

Good times ahead.

If you are not signed up for Fr. Rutler's weekly homilies, you are missing out on the observations of a valuable historian and prophet. (You can sign up HERE on the right 'subscribe to Fr. Rutler's weekly column)

I highly recommend his weekly good dose of reality. This week's is below.

My family was never a fan of leprechauns. Their images were never used or encouraged in our homes. They loathed the stupid big hats and drunken, pagan celebration our Catholic Feast day had become in America.

We wear a green carnation with a green ribbon with a medal of St. Patrick. We go to Church. We would make a boiled dinner, soda bread and connect to talk about our ancestors and their lives in Dublin, their immigration to America, their settlement in Roxbury near St. Pat's on Dudley Street.

When I saw the video of this bleephole, I thought about my grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, now all deceased - and hoped they are praying for us in this valley of tears.

March 15, 2015
by Fr. George W. Rutler

Maewyn Succat did not have an easy time embracing the Faith. Although his father Calpurnius was a deacon, Maewyn indulged a spirited youthful rebellion against what he had been taught, and it was only after being kidnapped by superstitious people called Druids that he realized the difference that Christianity makes in the souls of men and the character of cultures. This was in the fifth century, and Maewyn, probably born in the Cumbria part of England near the Scottish lands, was roughly contemporary with the bishop Augustine in North Africa who watched the decay of the Roman Empire. Maewyn eventually became a bishop in Rome where Pope Celestine I re-named him Patricius, the “Father of His People.” His people were to be in the land of Eire where he had suffered in virtual slavery.

Patrick was neither the first nor the only one to bring the Gospel there. Foundations were also laid by such missioners as Palladius, Ciarán of Saighir, Auxilius, Secundinus and Iserinus. One reason Patrick was sent to Ireland was to stem the spread of the Nestorian heresy, which misrepresented the “hypostatic union” of Christ as true God and true Man. A couple of centuries later, Nestorians in the East would influence Mohammed’s misunderstanding of Christ. Patrick was not subtle when it came to the truth: “That which I have set out in Latin is not my words but the words of God and of apostles and prophets, who of course have never lied. He who believes shall be saved, but he who does not believe shall be damned. God has spoken.”

If Patrick, whom the archdiocese of New York is privileged to invoke as its patron, could witness what has become of his feast in the streets of our city, he might think that the Druids were having their revenge. He certainly would decry the notion that his feast was merely a celebration of an ethnic identity which was not his, or of a conviviality not rooted in Christian moral reason. This Saint Patrick’s Day, Maewyn/Patricius would bond more instinctively with the beheaded and crucified martyrs in the Middle East and Nigeria (whose official patron is Patrick) now spilling their blood for Christ, than with some revelers on Fifth Avenue who pantomime his name while spilling beer. There is a difference between martyrs and leprechauns.

This is not to dampen good spirits and rightful celebration, risky though they are in these Forty Days when the shadow of the Cross looms larger daily. But it is a reminder of the cost of discipleship in a cynical culture, and of the heavy cost of succumbing to the threats of the morally bewildered who, with adolescent petulance, would intimidate the Church that carried the Gospel across the Irish Sea. Patrick said when he braved the dark pagan groves: “If I be worthy, I live for my God to teach the heathen, even though they may despise me.”