Sunday, October 4, 2015

A "Committee" of Foxes Appointed to Guarantee Safety of the Henhouse

The bishops held a conference yesterday to assure all of us of the integrity of the Synod.

Don't worry folks: They have assembled a Committee to ensure it will not be manipulated!

Anyone with any experience with internal corruption knows what that means. They have stacked the Committee with people who will deliver the outcome and they want to give the appearance it's an innocent and honest pursuit of truth!

Same old tricks.

Hillary White says it better than I can:

In other words, the committee which is supposed to give us confidence that no manipulation is taking place includes the very men most implicated in the manipulation.


I remember my first encounter with the phenomenon of a stacked 'committee'. It's a little bit of a story, but it's worth explaining for those who have not experienced it.

My experience was back when they couldn't own up to the real of cause of the sex scandals, i.e., their 'respect' for the actions of their priests taking male lovers without getting into the nitty gritty of how old the recipients of priestly lust actually were.

Instead of owning up to the real problem of addictions, investigate their own priests to find out who was sleeping with whom and take corrective actions, they came up with the sleazy idea to bring in a Kinsey sex program that explains to children (starting in kindergarten) detailed pornographic stories of parents and trusted relatives performing rapes upon them -- and placed the bishops as people who were here to protect them from their pervert relatives.

They are always there to lend the family a helping hand!

There was not a single story of the priests putting hands down their pants or luring them into a sexual relationship and the good ole boy network that 'respects' it!

I can't get into details about how this 'fix' materialized, but suffice it to say Richard McBrien gathered a group of gay priests in the Archdiocese of Boston and held meetings with Adultery with Dignity, women priests groups who simulate sacraments, "Reverend" Debra Haffner, former CEO of SEICUS which promoted masturbating your newborn infants, encouraging children perform sexual acts upon each other as young as kindergarten - and the like. When the chaos started, they attempted to convince the bishops to use this program to 'protect the little children'.

A group of parents in Boston whose children were sexually demoralized by the same priests had been tailing them, going to the meetings as moles and documenting what was going down. These meetings took place long before the sexual debauchery hit the newspapers. (Several of the law firms that later became players attended some of these meetings.

They did not know the specifics of what was going down, but they knew these priests were working on a major project that would a) help them to come out of the closet, as Fr. Krysztof Charamsa did this week; and b) implement the catechetical agenda going down at the Synod (at the diocesan level).

Richard McBrien, of course, was living with his female lover. There was a small element of heterosexual priests who had lovers or wanted to take lovers also involved in the mutually beneficial 'fix'.

I had just started blogging as a mother who encountered poor catechesis at several parishes. The number of people who contacted me to give me information on what was happening in their parish and on the diocesan level was overwhelming. I would get big huge packages of paper trails delivered to my doorstep a few times a week.

I had no idea the situation was this bad. I spent a year or so trying to help people report and manage these situations, trying to keep up with the six foot waves of documentation, picking what to blog, how to make good use of my time, how to manage my own chores as a single mother.

When the Kinsey program was getting traction in the Chancery, I eventually reduced the materials to an inch thick of documentation, created binders and contacted them. Cardinal Law was the Archbishop when I first met with Chancery luminaries. I had several years of contacting him about shenanigans at the parish level. Through the years, without exception, whatever was happening would be stopped within a week. People removed.

I knew Cardinal Law as a man serious about his duties, a good shepherd. I showed him the materials and he knew what it was right away. But he was gone within a few weeks and I had to make an appointment with the next Bishop, Bishop Lennon.

I was a self-employed single mom, took a day off from earning money for my children, spent four hours in traffic getting to the Chancery. When I got there, I was told I was meeting with somebody from the Chancery staff. I met with him, went through the binder.

I was told they were...wait for it...putting together a committee and had the honor of being an appointee!

As I was trying to process what in blazes was going on, I was able to collect myself enough to say: "This doesn't need a committee. I need a half hour with the bishop to show him what is going down and then he needs to take corrective actions to prevent children from the trauma of being subjected to being told their trusted relatives are rapists and given pornographic stories about what we're going to do to them. The problem is you have priests having sex with lovers and you are not monitoring or taking actions when reported to you. These reports go all the way up to the Vatican and the only thing the whistleblower gets is slander and bullying. I don't see any stories about that in these materials."

I asked who else was on the 'committee'. When he told me, I said: 'You want me to leave my family, waste money and time for months coming to meetings, when we all the know the decisions have already been made, the committee is stacked and you want my name published on a consensus that implements this perverted and damaging program.' He had the decency to nod his head yes.

After all of the voices we raised in the public square about the scandalous synod, I am positively mystified as to why they would perform this magic trick.

Do they not know how they repeatedly demonstrate they are not acting in good faith?

Do they think we are stupid?

Do they think parents are going throw their children's salvation into the toilet and go along with their clap-happy friends with benefits policy, when the pope tries to sell it to us as a welcome to the Catholic Church program?

TA DA!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

We are from the Vatican and we are here to help

The week we have been dreading is finally upon us.

I had a good laugh when I came across Hillary White's Live Blogging the Apocalypse

I totally get why she quit and know several other Catholic journalists who just couldn't stand the dishonesty and cultish cover ups. 

Oakes at Mahound's Paradise has an outstanding post on the demise of Catholic journalism.   Actually First Things would never own up to it's Catholic identity. I suppose it just never felt right while shilling to put contradictions to Church teaching into practice.

I'm glad to see Hillary back to take on this project.

A few other interesting little tidbits as we await the Holy See helping us all out by introducing heresy and asking our children to practice it instead of the tools that give them Sanctifying Grace.

First, Austin Ruse is reporting that Pope Francis himself initiated the meeting with Davis.

This is really interesting.

If true, that would make Fr. Lombardi a significant player in the lavender mafia.  I guess I am at the point where nothing will shock me... But Austin's version makes the pope an impotent party in an uncontrollable coup. In reality, if Fr. Lombardi spoke for the lavender militia, a pope in control of his see would terminate him from his position and give him a brush to clean tourist toilets.

That's all it would take.   "You're fired dude.  This is my show and I get to calibrate the talking points.  You don't take orders from anyone else.  Here's your new digs in the dungeon and your toilet brush."

Like children, the first one you do it to, the others realize a line in the sand has been drawn and they won't step over it.  

After the scandal of pedophiles controlling the power, I find it hard to believe the pope has no control over the corrupt.  Yet, I think Austin's sources could be right on the money.

Whatever the story, it's clear there is something insidious afoot in the chambers of the Holy See.  Some of the players have shown their face.   Others are working covertly.    With several years of listening to what the Pope said and hasn't said, if he isn't with them, he might as well be.

Now we suffer the indignity of watching them parade heretics before the world and instruct them to follow their ideas instead of Church teaching.   Compounded by the morons telling us the Holy Father didn't change Church teaching so it will have no impact upon the people we love, it's going to be a tough week.

Keep calm and stay close to the Sacraments.


Yesterday, we learned a priest in the CDF, Fr. Krzystof Charamsa, declared his homosexuality and demanded Church teaching change.   

This morning we learn that he's been relieved of his duties in the CDF.

Take note of Fr. Lombardi's statement:

With regard to the declarations and interview given by Msgr. Krzystof Charamsa it should be observed that, notwithstanding the respect due to the events and personal situations, and reflections on the issue, the decision to make such a pointed statement on the eve of the opening of the Synod appears very serious and irresponsible, since it aims to subject the Synod assembly to undue media pressure. Msgr. Charamsa will certainly be unable to continue to carry out his previous work in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Pontifical universities, while the other aspects of his situation shall remain the competence of his diocesan Ordinary.

Here's your toilet brush. Sacking him was exactly what was needed.

The guy even announced he had a lover and had written a 'sexual minority' liberation policy.

Charamsa, 43, and a Polish theologian, announced he was gay and had a partner in a long interview with Italy's Corriere della Sera newspaper on Saturday.

He later held a news conference with his partner, a Spanish man, and gay activists at a Rome restaurant. They had planned a demonstration in front of the Vatican but changed the venue several hours before it was due to have started.

He must have been dating his Spanish Lolita openly in Rome and they turned a blind eye until he called the newspapers to make a circus out of it. Same old disgusting lack of accountability.

Check this out:

The Vatican said Charamsa's dismissal had nothing to do with his comments on his personal situation, which it said "merit respect".

That's right. Priests sleeping around with their male lovers 'merits respect'. So long as they don't call the newspapers to disclose it. Had he kept his sleeping around under the radar, everything would be all right.

Some things never change!

UPDATE Here's another article regurgitating Fr. Lombardi's statement that the Holy See is ok with the sexual debauchery of priests, it was the timing of this bloat's press conference that infuriated them:

It was the timing of Charamsa's action rather than the substance of what he said that infuriated his superiors.

In its statement, the Vatican said "the decision to make such a pointed statement on the eve of the opening of the Synod appears very serious and irresponsible, since it aims to subject the Synod assembly to undue media pressure."

This leads me to wonder if they are checking IDs to ensure the recipients of the lust of their priests are at least of age.

Let's hope his removal is an indication that this year's Synod will be different. It's a fabulous kick off.

No pun intended.

One thing is certain: There has never been a greater need of prayer for the Holy Father. God only knows what is going on. Whatever it is, it isn't good.

Fasting and prayer!

Friday, October 2, 2015

"Vatican" says Pope Francis Meeting with Kim Davis Doesn't Mean He Endorses Church Teaching

I waited to comment on this story because I had a feeling the beezlebubs would clarify that the Pope doesn't endorse Church teaching on material cooperation with sin.

They proved my gut instincts to be correct.

Fr. Lombardi said Pope Francis didn't know who she was or what happened and whether the Pope wants to make sure everyone knows his meeting doesn't mean he endorses Church teaching that Catholics shouldn't enter into gay marriages or materially cooperate with them.
Ms. Davis — the Rowan County, Ky., clerk who defied a judges orders and refused to grant a marriage licenses to gay couples — was among the guests ushered into the Vatican’s embassy for a brief meeting with him, the Vatican said.

“The pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis, and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects,” the Rev. Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, said in a statement released on Friday morning.

Ms. Davis’s case has become a focal point in the debate over the tensions between religious liberty and marriage equality in the United States.

This is complicated theology, but at this point it could be said that the people who are lured into the lascivious traps he is setting for them, are not fully accountable. By omission and commission, they are being deceived directly from the occupant in the Chair of Peter.

I don't have time to review this statement on the plane, but it seemed to me at the time to be saying people believe all kinds of stuff and should have conscience protection rights. He seemed to be keeping a distance from the substance of same sex marriage.

I keep going back to that initial invitation of Kasper and Pope Francis' endorsement of all Kasper's peculiar and heretical skullduggery and the suggestion we all endorse their asshat theology too.

When pigs fly brother.

More on this later.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

In my entire life...

I have never observed a bigger bunch of bleepholes.

Scroll down to the second picture on this page and look at this moron.

When I would see them do something so profoundly stupid and profane, I used to ask myself "what is the matter with these people?".

I don't ask anymore.

These pictures are worth a thousand words.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blogger's Fast for Synod

Our friend Aged Parent is encouraging Catholic bloggers to fast for the synod.

An outstanding idea - more on this later.

The Pope Francis Glide into Facism

I listened to the speech today. It was the dalai lama.

Several minutes after leaving Obama, he announced he would veto any bill that defunds murderers of unborn children. Minutes after leaving Congress, the Senate blocked attempts to defund human atrocities at planned parenthood.

The opportunity to save hundreds of thousands of lives existed and the Holy Father deliberately and willfully talked about the death penalty, the air and Dorothy Day.

There is something really strange about his quote on the family.

It's a little ambiguous and could be taken out of context and twisted, but it seems a legitimate acknowledgment of the heretics in the Church and the diabolical disorientation in the culture. But then there is the synod, where he is the internal threat he is referencing. Very strange.

This article on the ride into facism is an interesting read.

Deference to a pope comes readily to Catholics. We are groomed for it. Within legitimate bounds, there is grace in that. But the boundaries are not totalizing. Outside of them, obeisance falls prey to forces that do not serve the church. Neither do they lend succor to a civilization painfully wrought from endemic tyrannies and universal poverty. Far, far from it.

There comes a moment when deference glides into collusion. At that point, we all become Good Germans. Fascist-friendly. Trust in respected authority curdles into a thing entirely different—a willed blindness to something dark in the particular voice commanding assent. Decent and dependable, we incline toward the beckoning circle of connivance.

The Che Guevara thing was an eye-opener for me. I knew the show was bordering socialism and communism but I secretly hoped he would prove us all wrong.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Isn't this the kind of rhetoric from a state-controlled communist counterfeit church?

Pope Francis told Obama his worries are about air pollution in this time in the history of civilization.

WASHINGTON — Pope Francis quietly but forcefully made his priorities clear during his first full day in the United States on Wednesday, urging in a pair of speeches a renewed emphasis on tackling global poverty, confronting climate change, caring for migrants and providing a welcoming church that is pastoral rather than doctrinaire.

No doctrine/no Sanctifying Grace.

No Sanctifying Grace/no people in the pew and no salvation.

There isn't a dime's worth of difference between a communist counterfeit church run by the state and this pathetic rhetoric.

Then, astoundingly, he told bishops that it is wrong to be silent on the victims of abortion.

If he is silent on abortion while repeatedly telling the world the mission of the Church is air pollution and not doctrine, nothing the rest of us say has any efficacy in any forum. From the family, a parish, a diocese or the leaders of our nation.

Let's just suppose for a moment that Congress legislated the legality of killing unwanted immigrants and got caught removing their body parts while alive to sell them.

How would righteous people feel about a pope laughing and joking beside him and expressing he is encouraged by Obama's leadership because of actions he's taken on 'air pollution'?

It was a disgusting display and I am not looking forward to today!

Holy Father Jokes about Suggestions He is a Communist. Nobody with children is laughing.

As Cardinal O'Malley was revealing they are gaga over Marxist terrorist Che, Pope Francis joked with reporters over suggestions he is a communist.

He suggests we're a bunch of old crazies who reached our conclusions because he is not wearing red shoes and said the show he has been putting on that replaces Sanctifying Grace with poverty is the social doctrine of the Church.

Maybe I have given an impression of being a little bit to the left,” the pope conceded. “But if they want me to recite the creed, I can!”

Sure, recite the creed.

Then spit on us and tell us it's raining.


Treating social service as the absolution of sin is not a witness to Church teaching.

Nor is the appointing and empowering of deceivers who promote adultery and sodomy.

Sunday, September 20, 2015