Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Laity role with an elected Pope who contradicts Church Teaching

A few noteworthy things over the past few days.

A story materialized a few days back, wherein a mother claimed she told the Pope her son didn't go to Mass, and he reportedly told her not to worry about the Ten Commandments so long as her son is a "good kid".

A few months back, I would have thought this to be an exaggeration, but this is consistent with his shtick: When Christ's heirs are committing adultery, skipping Mass, lying, bearing false witness, using contraception, killing, the role of Christ's priests is to find the good in it.

How many times have we brought our families before a priest so they could substantiate, affirm, confirm and enlighten about the beauty and necessity to judge our own conduct in accordance with Church teaching, only to have the man undermine and rob them of it?

My prayers are with that poor woman. Can you imagine the impact of watching the Pope rob your family of it all, knowing this moment could affect generations?

Don't get me wrong, the adverse effects of depriving a generation of catechesis and turning the Sacred Liturgy into Sunday morning religious entertainment they think people are going to get up our of bed for is a conundrum. You can't drag your children to Mass, but when we very much need the support of a priest to enlighten , encourage and support us in our quest to give them the tools for salvation, what is the purpose of saying something that unravels them from the Deposit of Faith and the Sacraments, perhaps for the rest of their life ?

Why not compliment him, help the mother find a place where he can contribute his gifts and feel connected to his spiritual home?

When a mother approaches a priest with her family to seek his help, the hour has come for him to reign in the soul. There is never a time to convey the Commandments are legal mumbo jumbo impertinent to salvation.


In another development, the Pope contradicted the Deposit of Faith on the death penalty, suggesting the Charlie Mansons of this world should be set free as life imprisonment is a death sentence to mass murderers.

Yet another example he considers himself to be the crusader who leads Christ's people away from the slavery of the Catechism.

Russ Douthat wrote a brutally honest assessment of the problem we have with this Pope: he is contradicting Church teaching. Catholics who pursue their lives trying to live in a state of Grace - and that is not a small group - are about as likely to introduce his ideas to our children as we would introduce Joan Chittister as a role model for feminine fashion.

Russ stated, and I agree, that when the Church is burdened with a Pope who contradicts Church teaching, the role of the Church is to resist his errors.

But if he seems to be choosing the more dangerous path — if he moves to reassign potential critics in the hierarchy, if he seems to be stacking the next synod’s ranks with supporters of a sweeping change — then conservative Catholics will need a cleareyed understanding of the situation.

They can certainly persist in the belief that God protects the church from self-contradiction. But they might want to consider the possibility that they have a role to play, and that this pope may be preserved from error only if the church itself resists him.

A few stories at Fr. Z's are worth commentary.

First, Fr. Z is a bit ruffled by the timing of SSPX threatened excommunications.

I don't have the empathy Fr. Z does for SSPX and my own diligence found documents from the CDF stating SSPX Masses doesn't fulfill Sunday obligation. There is no place in the world where SSPX is permitted to administer Sacraments.

However, it is duly noted that a week after we are told Pope Francis wants the Church to be a welcoming place for apostates who spent decades teaching defiance to Church teaching (and millions have died in that state), actions are taken to excommunicate victims who fled from the danger and scandal.

Finally, there is this jewel about the story at Buzzfeed stating Cardinal Burke did not say the Pope is harming the Church.

Cardinal Burke corrected the record to relate the literal message was:

Here is what Cardinal Burke actually said:

“I can’t speak for the pope and I can’t say what his position is on this, but the lack of clarity about the matter has certainly done a lot of harm.”

What BuzzFeed reported:

“According to my understanding of the church’s teaching and discipline, no, it wouldn’t be correct,” Burke said, saying the pope had “done a lot of harm” by not stating “openly what his position is.”

Are you kidding me?

If the Pope has been in office for a year and a half and his pontifications have left Christ's people confused, and that lack of clarity is doing harm - who do you think is the party responsible for his lack of clarity and the harm it is causing?

The Pope.

Who is the responsible party to mitigate the harm being done?

The Pope.

I don't see any correction on Cardinal Burkes reported words that the Pope giving us clarity was long overdue.

While I get why the calibration of Cardinal Burke's point was upsetting to the Pope, what it is exactly everyone is pretending was supposed to be the conclusion?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Pope is the Problem

As most of you have probably read by now, Phil Lawler wrote a piece wherein he goes into painful details about the scattered bodies from the train wreck of this papacy and then makes an astounding conclusion that the Pope isn't the problem, the problem is "traditional" and "conservative" Catholics are not "listening".

First of all, educated and informed Catholics have to stop using the caricatures of the uncatechized and ignorant.  There is no such thing as conservative and traditional when we are speaking about a fiat involving Catholic Church teaching.

What Phil and others are really talking about is faithful and unfaithful Catholics.  

Faithful Catholics accept Church teaching and when temptation arises, they use the Sacraments to resist it.  If they fall to sin, they know their soul has digested a poison that is lethal and will continue to flow through the system of communication between our brain and our soul and erode judgment.   The effects weaken and eventually erodes our ability to control impulses, emotions, thoughts, resulting in further sins.    The sin, even one of them, is a product of the devil that is a living force which consumes internally.   When we receive Communion in this state, there is, literally, a clashing of the living properties in the Body and Blood of Christ and the properties of the devil in the sin.

This battle which rages within, takes place in the intellect and causes great harm.   Consuming the Eucharist and then committing sin was the cause and effect which drove Judas to his betrayal.  His remorse was not related to his betrayal to Christ, so he did not seek Christ's forgiveness.  This predicament further decayed the wiring between his soul and intellect and his thoughts drove him to his own suicide.

Unfaithful Catholics are a product of sin.   Their is faulty wiring between the intellect and the brain.  They have reached the point where they are giving themselves the license to sleep around, steal, kill, lie, by concluding Church teaching is wrong and they are right.  These folks have stopped the process that removes and cures the poison of the devil which they repeatedly ingest into their soul.  They are convincing and luring others to live this way.

Being a faithful Catholic is not a tradition.  

Pursuing a parish where a priest will not defray Sacramental Grace in the Sacred Liturgy with the human who believe themselves to be the reason people should come to Church and the product they should receive is not conservative.

Phil seems to be taking up the position that the Catholic religion has a number of what he describes as "bents".


There is no such thing.

A battle is waging between the forces of angelic and demonic forces and the forces are harvesting like they never have in a 4000 year history.

The idea that faithful Catholics have some kind of a listening problem is, quite frankly, cocammamy.
The Pope is a problem and it is not a little problem.
Prude and rational Cathics were obsessed with listening to Pope Francis every word.   When he contradicted 2000 years of Church teaching, we listened to our own children regurgitating his instructions that they no longer have to make judgments that are symbiotic to Church teaching. 

We related what we heard to Church Fathers, including the Pope, and we kept our ear low to the ground to listen for the relief we begged for on behalf of our children.   

The Pope used that opportunity to tell them their parents were not keeping up with the modern world and Church teaching is obsolete.

We listened to his appointments to relay the theology through the people he hand picked at the synod and we watches his sneaky attempt to obstruct the majority of Bishops from releasing their statements which straightened the crooked paths he is laying before our children and the damage he is doing within  our family to ever teach the truth with efficacy.

We listened to his Relatio. The Relatio was his product. He reviewed and approved its contents and in fact gave it out to the press before the Bishops, whose words were twisted and obstructed, had the chance to review it.

If anything, we were obsessed with listening.  He has revealed himself to the point where it is undeniable.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Michael Voris' Clarification


Another peculiar development in Christendom.

The substance of Michael's condemnation is so unsettling one hardly knows where to begin.

Was he willing to twist Cardinal Burke's selfless sacrifice to speak the truth knowing he would be persecuted by the enemy forces now in control in the Vatican into a matter for the Confessional out of a knee-jerk reaction to Verecchio or because a donor threaten him?

Whatever the reason, it is stomach turning.

It's funny, when I read Verrechio's post I thought it was cheap and started a blog post I thankfully wasn't able to finish before Michael published his "clarification".

I highly doubt Michael is not in the loop with sources that now confirm Pope Francis' agenda is intentional, sneaky and catastrophically dangerous to the salvation of souls and unity of our 2000 year old Church.

It is one thing to make a decision that he personally is not in the position to sacrifice it all for the truth.  I respect discernment on everyone's  delicate balance of the good they can continue to do going 3/4 of the way or letting go of the money donors use to cover up the corruption on every level of everything.

I've been in this "business" for 20 year.  His logic is so twisted, it has the stink of a donor.

But to take up arms against the people who have the highest level of sacrificial love for a handful of cash is as cheap as it gets.

Michael has been a tremendous help to us here in Boston and I have valued and defended his apostolate over the years.   My initial reaction to this development was this is so far over the line, my own spirituality is calling me to distance myself from throwing Cardinal Burke under the bus with a screed indicating he is doing it out of holiness and respect for Christ's Church is too much for me.

Out of respect for him, I do not want to go into any more details on the reasons why, but much like he  is distancing himself, I need to do the same.

He and all at CMTV have my prayers.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ok, who gave me the flowers and didn't attach a card?

My children only leave me laundry, dirty dishes and notes asking me to babysit or what's for supper, so it wasn't them.

There was a candy corn with my name and a smiley face so that probably rules out Pope Francis trying to make up with me.

You don't suppose it was somebody who read my sarcasm in my synod posts and someone came to now my lawn and cash in?

Mike Voris for today's lame vortex?

Whoever it was thank you for your thoughtfulness!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Boston Priest Advances the Mercy of Pope Francis

We really know how to pick them here.

Boston priest Tony Medeiros  is out in the public square advising a terminally ill woman (and all who read) that there is no more judgement in Christ's Church,just the divine mercy of walking with you, so go right ahead and kill yourself .

This is a classic example of the agenda being 'pushed' by Cardinal Kasper, Marx and Pope Francis.

A woman is faced with a life-threatening crisis affecting her body, mind and soul and there are two forces at work.

In a beautiful example of Christian charity, another terminally ill woman, Kara Tippetts, has issued a passionate plea asking her to reconsider killing herself.

What does that provoke from the team of Pope Francis who wants to advance the divine mercy of accompanying us on our journies to self-destruction?

According to the Boston Herald, Father Tony believes God has given Brittany free will “to do anything she wants. She can take those (life-ending) pills, or flush them down the toilet. It is completely up to her.” But he wants to support Brittany with hope and compassion, not judgment.

I never heard of the priest before, so I did a little diligence and found he is associated with Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary. I never heard of that before and figured it was Protestant, but alas, here is a picture of Cardinal Sean in the middle of the group of seminarins wearing shirts and ties in a formal seminary pic with the Cardinal.

The seminary describes itself as such:

Redemptoris Mater Seminaries are a fruit of the Second Vatican Council and an inspiration of the Servant of God, Pope John Paul II. Redemptoris Mater is Latin for "Mother of the Redeemer."

The fruit of the Second Vatican Council? What is that supposed to mean?

Jesus didn't speak to their souls like the 2000 years of other men he called to ordination, a council whose theology robbed people of sanctifying grace which then emptied the pews, inspired them.

Anyone know what this seminary is? Is it the neocats?

If so, I had no idea they were this dangerous.

There isn't a dime's worth of theological difference between Fr. Medeiros failure to respond to the terminally ill woman in crisis and the agenda of Pope Francis who is asking Christ's priests to stop teaching the faith, show people the good side of their spiritual suicides and accompany them as they carry it out.

Not a dime's worth.

I found this post by Fr. Ray Blake,outstanding.

It is a very transparent and accurate picture of the internal schism, the elephant that has been in our Sanctuaries for decades and is squatting in the Chair of Peter.

Something happened in Rome during Pope Bendict's reign and it was overcome. I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories but it is painfull obvious, at least to me, that Cardinal Kasper and Marx were involved in the coup.

I echo Michael Voris Vortex from yesterday -- let's just say for the sake of argument, it's all true we have a bad pope, etc - so what?!! The Pope cannot change the deposit of faith and we wait him out. He is up against daily Mass goers whose prayers are lifted in the Holy Sacrifice. I wish him a lot of luck. He has my prayers!

The Language of Dissent

With the recent unveiling of plans from Rome to confuse the flock, our  friend and catechist Kevin Lents has written a very timely and important book for the days ahead of us in the next year. 

The Language of Dissent:  Answering Those Who Distort the Catholic Faith

I would anticipate a resurgence of  "The Voice of the Faithful" type initiatives to advance the agenda on the diocescan and parish level.   These folks have run their course and are pretty washed up, but vigilance and action is going to be required, i.e., watching for the meetings, attending and defending the faith, making sure what was said in the event is published on the internet  etc.

You know the routine!

I really like his intro

As a Catholic, can you answer these misleading statements about the Catholic faith? +Jesus did not know He was God. +There are errors in the Bible. +Adam and Eve are merely legends and myth. +Jesus really did not multiply the fishes and loaves. +The Catholic Church no longer teaches the doctrines of purgatory and Indulgences. If not, then there is good news. The Language of Dissent was written just for you and it will equip you with all the answers you need against those who distort the Catholic faith.

Kevin's book is organized into several sections - the papacy and magisterium, Sacramental theology, moral theology, Scriptural inerrancy and hermeneutics, and really dives into dissent and confusion and arms the reader with outstanding theology and responses.

It is a great tool for yourself (especially if you frequent patheos) , your parish priest, CCD teacher, Bishop and Pope.  (Ooops, there I go again!)

I would encourage all to check it out, pick up a copy and have it on hand. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Is it me, or is Pope Francis trying to replace "Church Teaching" with "tradition" in Pope Francis Urban Dictionary?

It's called doctrine not tradition.

If God's people can be convinced doctrine is merely tradition, everyone can just change the furniture.

It becomes a matter of style and taste, which is precisely the way he pitched our Catholic fiat at the sham synod.

Come to think of it, since the day of his elevation, he has not uttered a syllable that didn't paint the faithful practice of our religion as the antiquated fringe trying to cling to the old chestnut of resisting temptation to sin in our clothes that went out of style in the 60s.

In his swan song at the sham synod, he pigeonholed "traditionalists" as a group that needs to work on their inflexible hostility to renounce the baptismal vow of rejecting satan's lies.

Someone mentioned in the comments section below that the pope referenced a revolution at the 2015 synod.

I don't remember that and will have to read context, but I do remember him saying the sham synod was only his first push and his post synod homilies indicate he is not able to read the writing on the wall, throwing hints out there that that the world has morphed into Caligula and God is surprising us with the new definition that family is whoever you're sleeping around with.

I think his redefinitions bear watching and frisking.

The plan is to brainwash the uncatechized in the pews. We need to be right there to unravel, frustrate, undermine the language of deceit during this upcoming year.

He wants a revolution, he's got one.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Does Pope Francis think our Baptismal Promises are Obsolete?

This jabberwoky said a few very interesting things on 20/20:


First, I was shocked he described Pope Francis as "cunning" in this context.  It came across to me as though Pope Francis suffered a setback to thwart and pervert Church teaching, the Pope is a conniving fellow and he will go back to the drawing board to see if he could do it without the fallout of a schism.

Good luck with that.

That ought to help the unity he has broken for the first time in 1700 years.

Though this professor is clearly on the side of the counterfeit church, he actually makes some astute observations.

Like, Pope Francis is toast to Catholics faithfully teaching our fiat and we basically are going to hunker down until he moseys on down the road.  This is the first time in centuries, he says, that bishops and Cardinals do not have confidence in the Pope.

He  also is pitching the story line that Pope Francis' agenda to "welcome" cohabitating couples, divorced and homosexual Catholics and respect abortifacients suffered a defeat.

For the life of me, I can't figure out what this means.

I didn't know people committing adultery were not welcome, did you?

This is a dilemma.

How do Catholics get to the Confessional box if we can't come into the Church without a welcome?

Is there some kind of a mind reading process I've been excluded from?

Do they stop people at the door?

I never saw this shake down before, have you?

How do people know what kind of sins have been committed?

This explains why the Holy See didn't invite this blogger to their frufru blogging event!

I never knew there was a welcoming process, did you?

Is it secretive?

Seriously, isn't it farcical for the Pope to suggest there is a welcoming process that we have been excluding people from for 2000 years?

Does he think inflexible hostility to priests who mislead and confuse people with lies, errors and omissions is something he was born to ensure is welcomed into Catechesis?

It seemed like his bullet points in the closing synod homily conflates those who are inflexible to breaking our Baptismal promises with the list of things he wants to fix in the 2015 synod.

Are we supposed to reject satan's lies or teach and tolerate them in the name of charity?

The Pope was still at it today, asking us to adapt to changing society because God isn't afraid of new things.

We are not following you down that road. Give it a rest.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pope Francis Manipulates Process to Include Rejected Paragraphs of Relatio

Good News - in fact great news: The dissident push embracing adultery as a good and precious vocation of family life in the Church and sacrilegious Communion was officially squashed.

Michael Voris states, and I agree, the shove to the push back seems to have had an effect. As it always does.

The victory won't last long. Though the disturbing paragraphs were voted out of the Relatio, the Pope ordered the Relatio to be published as if the vote and removal never took place.

Supposedly: as for the rejected paragraphs, they will still be sent out (!) as part of the entire text to dioceses around the world for "discussion" in preparation for next year's assembly. Yes, even though they were rejected...

In the end, this was going to be released with perverted content and distributed to every soul, come what may.

(There is an effective plan for this which we can discuss later.)

I'm very interested in the dissecting of the Pope's final message.

He indicates those hostile to consider embracing adultery and sacrilegious communion are not listening to that wee little voice inside of us that tells us evil is good and good is evil - that is surprisingly God, you see. He wound up that train of thought with the insult that modifying our conduct according to Church teaching and using the Sacraments to strive to resist sin is a temptation of scrupulous, solicitous zealots and...brace yourself...

and of the so-called – today – “traditionalists” and also of the intellectuals.

Then he gave a kick in the pants to the wolves:

The temptation to a destructive tendency to goodness [it. buonismo], that in the name of a deceptive mercy binds the wounds without first curing them and treating them; that treats the symptoms and not the causes and the roots. It is the temptation of the “do-gooders,” of the fearful, and also of the so-called “progressives and liberals.”

and he didn't forget himself:

The temptation to neglect the “depositum fidei” [the deposit of faith], not thinking of themselves as guardians but as owners or masters [of it]; or, on the other hand, the temptation to neglect reality, making use of meticulous language and a language of smoothing to say so many things and to say nothing! They call them “byzantinisms,” I think, these things…

The temptation to come down off the Cross, to please the people, and not stay there, in order to fulfil the will of the Father; to bow down to a worldly spirit instead of purifying it and bending it to the Spirit of God.

His concept of Church seems a wee bit off of the reservation. When everyone gets in a room, those who malign Church teaching and mislead God's people are not erring. They are not confusing and misleading our children and parents should not find it a source of discord.

This is the Church, our Mother! And when the Church, in the variety of her charisms, expresses herself in communion, she cannot err: it is the beauty and the strength of the sensus fidei, of that supernatural sense of the faith which is bestowed by the Holy Spirit so that, together, we can all enter into the heart of the Gospel and learn to follow Jesus in our life. And this should never be seen as a source of confusion and discord.

A big tent with Joan Chittister and me in a room under and with a Pope, children don't need the direction from a Catechism. The truth is found in the battle of the wits.

However, I could not agree more with this:

Many commentators, or people who talk, have imagined that they see a disputatious Church where one part is against the other, doubting even the Holy Spirit, the true promoter and guarantor of the unity and harmony of the Church – the Holy Spirit who throughout history has always guided the barque, through her Ministers, even when the sea was rough and choppy, and the ministers unfaithful and sinners.

The gates of hell never prevail against It.

Fr. Fessio had some extremely interesting observations on the readings of the Office as all of this was going on.

Outstanding job to all those who spoke out against the prevailing wind. Most especially Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Muller, Cardinal Pell. Worthy is the Lamb.

Final Message from Synod Fathers: An invitation to walk away from Church Teaching with them.

I'd say its a synopsis of different situations where people have strayed from Church teaching and it isn't clear to them what their role is.

What's a Pope to do when the whole world is sleeping around and clinging to boats in the middle of the ocean.

When darkness is growing to the point of becoming a dense shadow and when evil and sin is working into the heart of the family, what's a see of bishops to do but to point out the precious value in the evils and dense shadows.

Too much of a challenge to remain faithful to conjugal love. Indifference, money problems and stress create failures. We find new lovers to sleep around with and everyone down at your local parish and chancery is too much of a coward to point out the choices that are faithful to Christ. Now with a coward in the chair of Peter, there is nobody all the way up the ladder who is willing to show you your choices. That leaves people sleeping around with choices that are not obvious to them.

Everyone is wandering in the desert, so not having any idea what Church teaching is, you and the person or persons you are sleeping with have become the authors of truth. They intend to continue to impovish us all. They are replacing the deposit of faith with the evils that have arisen from their starvation of Church teaching.

Here is their prayer:

Father, grant to all families the presence of strong and wise spouses who may be the source of a free and united family.

In case it isn't clear what I think about the 'final message' of the synod fathers, it looks to me like they're inviting us to walk with them for the next year as they walk away from Church teaching.

It's the biggest bunch of hooey this side of those three days in Woodstock.

Do check out the comment on the link to the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston's newspaper from a man who is the fruit of the people lighting the way.

He states:

Please mention the use of contraception after procreating 4 children.
secondly, the continuing education of young and newly married couples in the Faith.
Thirdly, what about accepting gay couples into our church community?

Poor ignorant and misled man doesn't get it. They are not going to inform his ignorance or explain away the perversions he's been taught or is teaching to others.

They are going to let him stew in his own urine and tell him it smells like roses.